Aldila Tour Blue and Tour Green Shaft Review

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Aldila’s latest technology comes in two distinct flavors: Green for supreme stability, Blue for a smooth kick.  A proven Tour favorite with 5 wins in its first year.

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Of late, it seems that equipment companies are putting new products on the shelves almost before their tour staff can take the wrapper off.  With the Tour Green and Tour Blue, Aldila chose a decidedly different tactic: they got tour wins (plural) before they announced the shaft to the public.

With 5 PGA Tour wins, the Aldila Tour Green and Tour Blue don’t arrive with hype, they arrive with results.  So will the #1 graphite shaft on the PGA Tour also help you improve your results?  I tested them to find out.

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For fans of Aldila shafts, the Tour Green and Tour Blue will not disappoint.  The feel of these shafts, particularly the Green, brings to mind the feel of the original NV and the RIP with their focus on stability.  Neither of these shafts has a hint of twist-y, torque-y feeling to it, even when you really go after it.

Players looking for a little more kick will definitely want to opt for the Blue.  The Green is very stout and only gives a loading-unloading feel when you really attack the ball.  The Blue is responsive to more controlled swings.

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Both shafts are understated with a predominantly matte grey color.  The shades of green and blue, respectively, are very cool but hard to describe.  They are closer to matte than gloss, but they have a sparkle to them.  The circuit board graphics are very minimal, as is the branding.

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For this review, I tested both the Tour Blue and Tour Green at 65 grams in a stiff flex.  I found that the Tour Blue was a much better fit for me because the feel is closer to what I prefer.  With a stiff tip and a nice kick in the mid-section, I was able to produce really good launch monitor numbers and hit the ball very accurately.  I was consistently launching the ball around 13* with spin around 2400 RPMs.  More importantly, the shot shape was extremely consistent: a fairly tight draw that started just right of target.

I found the Tour Green to be a very consistent shaft, but not a great fit for my swing.  The Green is a great choice for people with very aggressive transitions, and, perhaps, more club head speed.  For me, the Green’s lack of kick made me feel like I really had to work overtime to square the club.  The launch monitor numbers for the green were still good, as was the dispersion, but not as good as the Blue.  The ball launched slightly above 14* and spin was just over 2600 RPMs.  Some will be surprised that the Green launched higher and spun more than the Blue, but this is the result of the club face being more open at impact.

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I believe that with the Tour Blue and Tour Green, Aldila will be a name that is, once again, on the tongue of equipment geeks everywhere.  The different models provide very different feels which will help to fit a wide variety of players, but the common thread is consistency and tight dispersion.

Price and Specs

The Aldila Tour Blue and Tour Green can be purchased for $249.

Both the Tour Blue and Tour Green are available in 65 and 75 gram weights and flexes ranging from Regular to Tour X.

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  1. Matt,
    I’ve been following you since I went online for FT Optiforce reviews.
    I’m gaming a 440 w the Diamana S+. I picked up the 460 head as well.
    I recently picked up a new X2 Hot Pro head. I also saw your reviw on the
    Fubuki ZT. My question is how would you compare the Tour Blue vs the
    Fubuki Z , both in stiff.
    Thanks, Jeff

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you for your readership.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test the Fubuki Z, so I can’t offer a comparison to the Aldila Tour Blue.



  2. Richard McKichan

    Matt – I recently purchased a Callaway X2 Hot Pro Driver with an Aldila ATX65 Tour Green Shaft(REGULAR). What does the 4.5 mean on the shaft? The shaft is supposed to be a midlow torque, so I don’t believe it means the shaft’s torque. Thanks for your comments on this question!

    Richard McKichan

  3. Matt,

    My bad. What I meant to say was I saw your review on Callaway’s
    Big Bertha, that comes stock with the Fubuki Z.
    However I understand you were reviewing the driver, not that shaft.
    Thanks for the great reviews!


  4. I currently use a Taylor-made burner super fast driver. I am looking to buy a Callaway x-2 hot driver but, i not sure about switching from a steel shaft driver to a graphite shaft driver. i am 61 years old and have a swing speed around 90. I would appreciate your feedback.


    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend just going to a store or range and giving it a try. Outside of telling you that graphite will be lighter, there’s not much I can say about the differences you will feel.



  5. Matt,

    Thanks for the review. I’m 59 with a mid-90’s SS, a 6 handicap, a quick transition and medium trajectory. Not sure where I’d be able to test these shafts so I’ll ask. The Tour Green stiff is probably too stout for me unless I go regular. But I’m concerned with ballooning on the regular Tour Blue.

    How stout is the Tour Blue stiff?


    • Matt Saternus


      The Tour Blue feels fairly smooth to me, but that’s obviously personal. If you find a top end club fitter like Club Champion in your area, they should have these shafts available for you to try.



  6. I have a titelist 915 D2 with a Diamana 60 gram Reg shaft and was offered a Aldila Rogue 70 gram Reg shaft 3.7 and 95msi. Iplay off 6 and have a highish ball flight, will I loose distance or will the heavier shaft still be good

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know is to try it or to get a fitting. Anyone who tells you that they can answer that question over the internet is delusional at best.



  7. Michael Drakakis

    I have a Tailor made M2 driver and I like the Aldila shafts I kept My trinity shaft 65g R and I wonder if is ok for the tailor made with a lighter driver head or I need to change to the later models like the tour Blue or Green your opinion will be very helpful.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Trinity will “work” in a lighter head, but you’ll have a lighter swing weight and the shaft may feel a bit stiffer.



  8. Scott Shelton

    Hi Matt, what is the weight (grams) of the Aldila Rogue Tour Green ATX 55 graphite shaft which plays at 45.75 inches? I’m guessing 55 but need to be sure. Thanks so much. Scott

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