Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black Shaft Review

Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black (2)

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The new Aldila Rogue Black and Rogue Silver offer performance similar to the Limited Edition Rogue at a more reasonable price.  The two models are very similar.


No recent shaft or club has received the PGA Tour validation that the Aldila Rogue has.  If you have the game – and wallet – for the Limited Edition Rogue, the shaft that’s played on Tour, that is available to the public for around $800.  For players without superhuman swings who want to play something similar, Aldila has released the Rogue Silver and Rogue Black.

Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black (3)


The Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black both aspire to the Rogue’s unprecedented combination of stability and smooth feel, and both come fairly close.  They have the smooth kick of the LE Rogue, but are slightly lacking in the taut, stable feel.  That’s not to say that either is loose or inaccurate, they just don’t match the high standard set by their $800 brother.

In comparing the Silver to the Black, they are much more alike than they are different.  The sole difference comes in the tip section: the Black has a softer tip, the Silver has a stiffer tip.  What I like is that the Black offers the softer tip without also bringing a huge amount of torque with it.  The Black does feel a little more lively, but it’s not a torque-y hook machine like many softer tip shafts.

Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black (5)


The Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black both have the same graphics as the Limited Edition Rogue.  The Rogue Silver, in fact, looks nearly identical to the Limited Edition Rogue.  The Rogue Black has the same graphics but is black near the butt.  Overall, both are solid looking shafts, but not the biggest eye-catchers on the market.

Alilda Rogue Silver and Rogue Black LM Data


The numbers on these shafts are both really solid, and, just like the feel, very similar.  You can see that they both keep the spin fairly low while maintaining a reasonable launch angle.  My numbers with the Black were slightly better in terms of ball speed and accuracy, but I feel that on a different day, those numbers could easily go the other way.  The Black did produce slightly higher launch and spin, but the difference is not night and day.  Both shafts are well within the low or mid-low spin category.

What I liked most about both shafts is that there was enough stability throughout the shaft that I didn’t feel the need to “hold on” through impact.  I was able to make free swings without fear of hitting hooks.

Please note that the Limited Edition Rogue was tested with a different drive head, on a different date, so the numbers are not directly comparable.

Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black (1)


Usually I recommend avoiding “down market” options, but when big brother is the #1 shaft on the PGA Tour, little brother can still deliver.  The Aldila Rogue Silver and Rogue Black both perform really well and preserve most of the feel of the Limited Edition Rogue, but at nearly half the price.  Visit your local Aldila fitter to give these a try.

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  1. How do these shafts compare to the fujikura fuel ?

    • Matt Saternus


      The first thing to note is the price difference: these Rogues sell for around $400, the Fuel is under $200. Beyond that, the Fuel is softer in the butt, stiffer in the tip, so it’s more similar to the Silver. The Rogue and the Fuel are excellent shafts, if they fit your swing.



  2. Any thoughts on the rogue black vs tour green and tour blue? Thanks!!

    • Matt Saternus


      The Black is somewhat similar to the Blue, though much smoother in terms of feel. The Green is a very different shaft, more like old Aldila NV – stout and low launching.



  3. What is the difference between the rogue limited edition tour silver 70 125 msi and the tour rogue 70silver 125msi

    • Matt Saternus

      To my knowledge, that’s just two different ways to refer to the same shaft. The 125 MSI shaft is the $1,000, multiple-Tour winner.


  4. It would be great if you guys did a direct comparison between the 110 and 125 MSI. I think that’s what most of us would be interested to see.


  5. Hi Matt,

    My understanding is that Titleist is offering the 125 msi shaft for a $200 upcharge vs no upcharge for the shafts you reviewed. At that number I would consider the 125. Do you know if it comes in S and how would it compare to the silver and black?

    • Matt Saternus

      The 125 MSI Rogue is available in stiff. The higher quality materials lead the 125 to feel both smoother and more stable than the 110 MSI versions. The 110’s are not bad by any means, but the 125 feels better, in my opinion.


  6. Garrett Burns

    I’m torn between the rogue silver and black. I have a 105-110 swing speed. I’m already in the Xstiff shaft. I have the 10.5 titleist d2 driver. What would you recommend I play? Will the black launch the ball too high and lose yardage? Will the silver be too low?

    • Garrett,

      I’ll keep it short to let Matt provide the more in-depth response, but I am about the same as you describe except a 9.5º 915 D3. I tried both shafts in X and found both to be too extreme in their characteristics. Then I went down to stiff and found the Silver to be much better for me than the Black. Of course, my swing and your swing are likely totally different, and as always, I’d have to suggest you try them both out. Could be totally different results.



  7. Garrett Burns

    Bill, thanks for the response. When I tried the new club at the store, I used the X silver 60 and found it to be nice. I wanted to try the black but they didn’t have one to try. I have a mid to low trajectory as it is so I went up to the 10.5 which was a nice change. I just don’t know If the black will be “too high” with that head or if I should stay with the Silver low launch/spin head. With the silver X 60 I was averaging 305-320 drives.

    • Matt Saternus


      If I were “averaging” 305-320, I would go ahead and buy the Silver. I would never recommend buying a shaft you haven’t tried or been fit for.


      • Garrett Burns

        Thanks Matt. I wouldn’t say I hit 305-320 every time. But usually when I get a hold of one that’s my number range of total yards.

        I guess my concern is I currently have the 910D2 with a Diamana S Kai’li shaft. My shots really balloon quickly and it feels very whippy through my transition. I really enjoy how smooth and stable the silver feels. I was just curious how the black will compare for me.

  8. Edwin Yoon


    Thanks for the review and your analysis. Seeing that the Rogue Silver/Black and Diamana D+/S+ are offered as stock shafts for the Titleist 915, how do these shafts compare in your opinion?

    My swing speed is ~95-100 mph, and would think if I go with the Silver, I would stick with a R stiffness (and for the others, borderline Reg/Stiff).

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have much experience with the shafts that come stock in the Titleist 915. I expect that Titleist says they are the “real deal” shafts, but I haven’t tested them so I can’t say for sure. Similarly, I have very limited experience with the new Diamana Plus shafts. The best advice is to get a fitting and buy what works best for you.


  9. Hi, I was fitted for the 915D2 with the rogue silver 60 stiff, but I am planning on getting the new TM M1 driver, and need to try a stock shaft option because I can’t return a custom order, and the stock has a 30 day playability guarantee. So, I was wondering how you would compare the rogue silver 60 to the Mitsubishi Silver TiNi 60. I looked up the Mitsubishi and noticed the stiff torque rating is pretty high at 4.4, so I was thinking of trying the X flex, which has 3.3 torque, do you think I could handle the X with 106 Swing Speed and a moderate-aggressive transition?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’ve read my review of the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi, you know that it’s a very stout shaft, torque ratings be damned.
      As for whether or not it will perform for you, that’s a question I don’t answer online. Without a proper fitting, it’s all guessing, and I don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path.



  10. I was recently fitted into Silver 70X for M1 and i ordered the same setup with 8.5* head. Is there a big difference between the 125msi 70X and 110msi 70X shafts?

    I’m currently gaming Silver 70x in my TEE E8 Beta 3wood and it’s very stable and i like it a lot.

    Also is there a lower spinning and/or lower launching shaft than 110msi 70x?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the 110 MSI and 125 MSI are substantially different.
      Whether or not there is a shaft that will launch lower and spin less for you, compared to the 110 MSI, I have no idea. It’s not as simple as comparing spec sheets, you need to test them for yourself.



  11. Hi Matt,

    If you’re in a situation to choose between a stiff or an extra stiff Aldila Rogue Silver when both shafts are almost equally producing the same result ,which flex would you be inclining to? and why?

    btw what flex and weight were you testing on in this Aldilas?



    • Hi Zakir,

      Matt may have a completely different opinion, and will have to speak to the specs from his review, but I can chime in on being in between flexes with the Rogue Silver. I went through the very same experience myself last season.

      I found the Rogue to be a stout shaft, and with a 108ish swing speed, I naturally fall right on the border of Stiff and X. I initially tried an X Silver because I typically play x-flex shaft, and had unsatisfactory results. The shaft felt like a telephone pole and I just couldn’t play it to save my life. When I went down to the stiff flex, I had much better control, loaded the shaft better and found it to be a totally different animal. Ultimately it comes down to which you feel more comfortable swinging over and over if you’re experiencing identical results between the flexes, but I would be shocked if that were the case as well.

      You may even see a golfer with enough swing speed to easily swing the x-flex go with the stiff to get more “action” in the club, or you may see a slower swing speed opt to flex up because though they may be lacking some load and kick, they like the control they’re getting.

      Of course, as always, results are going to vary from individual swing to individual swing.

      Best of luck in your pursuit.


      • Hey Zakir, Bill,

        Adding my 2 cents. For reference, I swing a Driver around 110 with a medium to quick tempo.

        I’ve played the Rogue Silver 60X in my 915 D3 and hit many balls on a launch monitor with it and the TaylorMade M1 with the Rogue Silver 70X. I currently play the Rogue Black 80S in my 915F 3 Wood. I haven’t hit the Rogue Black in any of the X flexes, or Silver in S flexes.


        I had my 915D3 put on a freq analyzer and the Rogue Silver 60x in it measured 8.0 for butt freq (XX). Amazingly enough, the Rogue Silver 70x, which is supposedly lower torque and heavier, felt softer and I could comfortably load the shaft with no extra effort. Part of me thinks this is due to them being made in China and Quality Control reversed the batches, with the 60x being painted 70x and the reverse.


        Your tempo is really important to think about. If you have a quick swing and need ultimate control, the Silver in X is the straightest shaft ever. If you want to feel a nice kick, then go with the Black.

        The Black spins much more. With my 3 Wood, smooth swings are effortless power. Swinging harder and faster leads to more spin, not necessarily more distance. Hope that helps.

  12. I’m swinging the driver around 110-1113 mph and thinking about buying a M1 driver with the aldila rouge silver 70 xstiff, do you think that is a good choice or should i go with the kurokage silver?

    • Matt Saternus


      Both are quality shafts, you need a fitting to figure out which one is better for you.



  13. Have you compared the Rogue silver 110 msi 60 vs 70 ?

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I tend to just test 70 gram shafts because historically they fit better for me.



  14. Dick Schray

    Matt, I hit my drive approx. 240 in the air, with very little roll. i hit the ball at a higher trajectory than I like.
    My driver is a callaway X2 Hot pro, and the shaft is an Aldila Tour ATX55-s
    I can’t find specs on the shaft, but I’m thinking the Torque is around 4.5 or higher. I typically like a shaft with a mid bend point and a 3.2 to 3.5 torque.
    on a 9.5 loft driver.
    My club head speed is around 102MPH, I hit the ball straight, sometimes straight left, but usually straight. But, too high with too much spin is my guess. do you know if this shaft could be causing that ball flight
    Thanks for your time Matt.

    • Matt Saternus


      The shaft is certainly one of the ingredients that produces your ball flight and a change in shaft will change the ball flight somewhat. What no one can know is how or how much a given shaft might change the flight.



  15. Hey quick question.. My swing speed is around 110-120 range and was wondering which one of these 3 shafts I needed.. silver 70 stiff, black 70 X-Flex stiff, or black 60 stiff flex shift??? Or the difference between them 3…thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest finding a fitter. At that speed, the difference between a proper fit and a bad fit is a huge amount of distance.


    • BS must be good

      110-120? That’s a pretty wide range there pal. I know mine to the # and I can’t get it more than 1-2 mph faster. I call BS.

      But less BS than the dude averaging 305 – 320 :)

  16. I just got a Callaway Great Big Bertha 3 wood with a Aldila Rouge Silver 110 MSI …. 70-3.3-S

    Is this stiff or regular? According to Aldilas website the only difference from Stiff to Regular for this shaft is 76g for regular and 77g for stiff. Which to me is unidentifiable on the shaft.

    Is there something i’m missing on the shaft to identify mine as stiff?

    • Matt Saternus


      The “S” in “70-3.3-S” indicates that it’s stiff flex. Besides the weight, the flex of the shaft (CPM) will be different between regular and stiff.



  17. Hi matt,

    I wanted to know if this shaft really works for me… im low handicap, with fast swing speed and driving average 285. Im having lots of trouble with accuracy hitting From the tee. Can this shaft help me hit straighter? Black or silver ? how much weight do you recomend me?

    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know if this shaft will work for you is to try it in a fitting. It would be irresponsible of me to blindly suggest that it would or wouldn’t work for you.



  18. Soren Emil Dam

    Hello Matt,

    Getting new driver TM M1 driver, 3w + hybrid but have to choose shafts. I have below three options:

    Diamana Blueboard s+
    Adila Rogue Silver
    Kuro Kage silver TINI

    Any good advice on shaft Choose? Best Value for money?

    105 swingspeed / midlaunch / Handicap 5

    Pleased to hear?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest getting a fitting. No shaft is inherently better than another; it’s all about how the shaft works with the golfer.



  19. Can you let me know the difference between the Rogue Max vs Rogue black and silver?
    Thank you!

  20. Billy Baroo

    Matt, no need for multiple comments. Two statements: go get fit or I don’t know seem to be your standard answer. This is a form which conversation is mostly based on the joy speculation…just saying.

    • Matt Saternus


      This is a site that was founded to give golfers good and correct information. I’m not going to tell someone I know something when I don’t – there are plenty of people doing that 24/7 on the forums.



  21. Michael Drakakis

    Hi I have a TailorMade M2 2016 Driver 12* and i was thinking to by a Rogue black 70gr Regular shaft. I had a Aldila Trinity 65gr regular can you tell me if is a wise to move to 70gr shaft I do slice the ball often. Any opinions welcome

  22. Matt: my swing speed is approx 90. I have the adila silver 110 Reg shaft in a titleist 915. My distance is approx 230-240. Could I possibly get more distance with the softer tip aldila black 110 reg or not see any chance in distance.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re swinging 90 MPH, your optimal carry distance is 225 yards. If you say you’re hitting it 230-240, that’s pretty much maxed out.



  23. What’s the difference between the speeder 661 evolution tour spec stiff and the Aldila Rogue silver 60 3.4 S

  24. Matt,

    In your testing did you see a drastic change in spin and launch when comparing the 110 to the 125 (same stiffness). I have the 110 in a 70S with a 110 MPH and my spin is typically around 2700 so looking to knock it down slightly and that about jumping to the 125.

    • Matt Saternus


      I tested those a while ago and can’t recall how much difference there was between the 110 and 125. If you need to reduce spin, I would suggest working with a quality fitter.



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