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The Air Jordan 1 golf shoe is a departure from any traditional golf shoe but a nice nod to one of the most iconic sneakers in history.



My very first pair of real shoes was an original pair of baby Air Jordan 1s.  As babies do, I wore the hell out of the shoes and trashed them.  What truly makes this story sad is that these baby shoes were signed by a hot rookie guard from the Chicago Bulls whom the shoes were named after.  While this story is tragic, I firmly believe this was the foundation of my sneaker addiction.  I fully acknowledge the Jordan 1 golf shoe is not for everyone, but for sneakerheads like me, this is a treasure.



Right off the bat, the elephant in the room is that the Jordan 1 golf shoes are high tops.  I am positive people will claim they’re uncomfortable because they don’t like the extra ankle coverage, but I find them to be comfortable.  The collar of the shoe is plenty padded, and the midsole of the shoe is also padded for comfort.  Breathability is adequate, but not anywhere near a mesh shoe.  Again, the make or break for the Jordan 1 will be whether or not you can stomach wearing a high top while golfing.



This is really a tough, and even polarizing, question to answer.  Obviously the Jordan 1’s looks are not for everyone.  I don’t think anyone, even at Nike, thinks they are.  The Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers in history, so there will be fans of it, but the traditionalist sneakerheads will have to adjust to the thicker soles compared to the original.  I can already imagine someone from the older crowd taking issue with these “whippersnapper” shoes being such a departure from the accepted standard, but the youthful crowd will like the statement they’re making.  If the original Chicago colorway isn’t your cup of tea, there’s also an all white version.



Nike didn’t add the thicker sole to the Jordan 1 golf shoe without cause.  This sole gives the 1 good stability and strong traction throughout the swing.  Before you go knocking high tops in golf, you may want to consider their benefit as well.  These high tops provide ankle support but give enough flexibility to meet the demands of the golf swing.  More than just sneakerhead-appealing looks, Nike snuck in a really good performing high top golf shoe.



I know these Jordan golf shoes aren’t for everyone.  While I love these shoes, I can already imagine some people’s days will  be ruined by seeing these on the course.  I hope people don’t care.  I hope people that love their sneakers wear them anyway.  As we hear about golf needing to evolve so it can grow, it’s small things like this that could draw in a wider crowd.  Having fun is supposed to be part of the game and these Jordan golf shoes do just that.  They’re good shoes for the player looking to have a little fun with their game.  I for one will wear mine with pride every time and gladly face whatever shade gets thrown at me.

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  1. The Air Jordan III will be the perfect sneaker to Retro into a golf shoe. It will happen to.

    • I think they’re going to have to lower the ankle a bit and modify the tendon guard to make it a bit more functional. I’m sure it will be sooner than later. We know they have the XI’s queued up.

  2. my problem with the white colorway in my possession is finding the guts to wear them. they look to good to get dirty. ..

    • Just save them for the right occasion! Being in Chicago, any playing we do right now is a little sketch so mud and moisture was an issue. Mine helpd up fine and we’re easy to clean. Your biggest concern is going to be the laces. Assuming the white pair came with a second set of white laces too?

  3. Chris Viducich

    First of all, I just threw up in my mouth a little that you trashed a SIGNED pair of Jordan 1’s. At least your parents should have known better!

    Okay, that aside, how were the weight on these? I found that the Chukkas felt like ankle weights so I was wondering about that when I saw these.

    I will say I’m happy to see a basketball inspired shoe coming into the golf world because I preferred the more rounded toe area versus the “traditional” pointy toe on golf shoes.

  4. Anthony Fairhurst

    Do these fit true to size or do they run big like a typical Jordan basketball shoe?


    • Matt Saternus


      Bill, who wrote this review, does not write for Plugged In Golf anymore, and I have not worn Jordan golf shoes, so unfortunately we cannot answer your question.



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