2021 PXG Fall/Winter Golf Apparel Review

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The 2021 Fall/Winter Collection from PXG shows a return to the brand’s tried and true color palette.  Warmer materials for extending the season.


PXG has become a staple of my summer golf apparel.  Their lightweight, moisture-wicking polos are some of the best in the game.  Can they also take over my fall and winter wardrobe?  I tested some of their latest pieces to find out.

Check out PXG’s 2022 Fall/Winter apparel HERE


The 2021 Fall/Winter Collection sees PXG returning to a near 100% focus on black and white.  Where previous collections had a featured color, this shows off the essence of PXG: clean, timeless, unimpeachable black and white.

What the lack of color leaves more room for is a focus on textures and interesting designs.  Of course, I’m referring primarily to the Outline Fairway Camo Short Sleeve Top.  The seemingly random lines are actually the fairway shapes from Scottsdale National Golf Club.  I like the balance of a bold design with extremely simple colors – this same shirt in bold colors would be too much for me.  If you like this idea but need it toned down more, check out the Heroes Polo.

If you’re looking for staples, this PXG collection has that covered, too.  The Off Duty 1/4 Zip Sweater, above, is going to look good for years.  PXG keeps it from being just another black pullover with embroidered branding running down the length of each sleeve.


One of my favorite things about PXG’s apparel collection is the offering of both Comfort and Athletic fits in many of their tops.  So many brands have the reputation of being either “only for skinny guys” or “sized like garbage bags.”  PXG recognizes that golfers come in all shapes and sizes, so they have a fit for everyone.

I opt for the Athletic Fit in a size medium in the Ombre Polo (above) and Outline Fairway Camo Short Sleeve Top.  In this fit, the sleeves hit mid-bicep which keeps them out of the way of the swing.  There’s also a slight taper to the body so there’s no excess material around the midsection.

The Off Duty 1/4 Zip Sweater comes in one fit.  This piece is cut much roomier to allow for layering underneath.


In previous PXG apparel reviews, I’ve noted that they make some of the best hot weather gear in golf.  This makes sense for a company based on Arizona.  But what do they know about fall golf?  More than you might think.

The Ombre Polo has a heavier feel than the PXG polos I’ve worn in the past.  I’ve worn it for numerous rounds in high 50s and low 60s and been very comfortable.  As layering pieces, both the Ombre Polo and Outline Fairway Camo Short Sleeve Top are great because of their cut, ability to move, and moisture wicking.  No one wants a base layer that doesn’t breathe or gets soaked in sweat when the sun peeks out for a bit.

The Off Duty 1/4 Zip Sweater is a piece that’s almost too cozy to golf in.  It moves very well, but the larger cut and longer sleeves (I don’t have particularly long arms) aren’t ideal for golfing for me.  If I were to wear this on course, I’d probably size down to a medium as opposed to the large I typically wear in sweaters.  Off course, however, this has become a staple because of how soft and comfortable it is.


The latest from PXG shows that they have apparel for all seasons.  The 2021 Fall/Winter collection has timeless colors, a mix of bold and classic designs, and excellent performance on and off the course.


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