2021 Kinona Women’s Golf Apparel Review

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Kinona women’s golf apparel gracefully walks the line between fashion and athletics. Pieces can take you from the course to the 19th hole to a professional meeting, though ideally not in that order.


In a time that has forced us to recognize that the future is unpredictable, having flexible apparel is key. You never know when a positive COVID test will kick you from the course to the couch.

Kinona’s latest styles capture a wide range of apparel choices from traditional golf pieces to dressier tops and cozy loungewear.  Let’s face it. We’ve all settled into the cozy pants lifestyle, whether we’re on a Zoom call, watching true crime shows, or isolating ourselves from $1.7 million. Kinona provides confidence for the course and comfort for the couch.

Check out the latest from Kinona’s 2022 collection HERE


Kinona brings mainstream fashion to the course without sacrificing comfort and performance. I found this polka dot top to be so blousy, I threw on a blazer and attended my first board meeting as township trustee. It was an empowering piece, and no one could have guessed I was wearing athletic apparel.

Speaking of business, I have to give a shout out to the prevalence of pockets in Kinona apparel. The lack of good-sized pockets in women’s clothing is problematic, and this women-led company clearly acknowledges the importance of us being able to carry our own stuff. 


The pieces fit true to size, and while everything is comfortable, it is also shaped to flatter. Since I first reviewed Kinona apparel in 2018, they have made clear improvements to the fit of their golf dresses. The fabric is the same, but the cut gives everything more structure so the overall look is more polished.


Kinona is first and foremost a golf apparel company, but the clear winners in the performance section are the Apres 18 pieces, which can double as loungewear. I cannot say enough about the softness of the lining. As I write this in my home office, I am dressed in Zoom chic. By now, many of you know the look – a business casual top and Kinona Apres 18 Jogger Pants. I plan to wear them to sleep, but they look as sporty as anything you’d find on the golf course.


As we emerge from varying degrees of isolation, confidence and comfort are more vital than ever. Kinona offers versatile fashion for women of all ages, helping ease the transition to and from the course.

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