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The Xcaliber Pro Series shafts are budget friendly options with solid performance.  The Pro TSL stands out as a super light option that can hold up to faster swings and more aggressive transitions.


Golf is expensive.  From clubs to balls to green fees, it’s a game that costs a lot of money, and it shows no sign of getting cheaper.  Xcaliber Shafts, founded by legendary designer Robin Arthur, aims to put a little money back in golfers’ pockets without sacrificing performance.  Their Pro Series shafts retail for $99, so I tested them to see how they compare to shafts with bigger names and price tags.

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The Xcaliber Pro Series of shafts share a common look built around a red, black, and silver color scheme.  In the logo up position, the focus is on the Xcaliber branding, highlighted by slashes of red on a black background.  Just below the midpoint, the shaft transitions to silver and highlights the model and flex in a small font.

Overall, I think these shafts look fine, but they don’t have the visual impact of some of the bigger names.  That said, I think a lot of golfers would probably sacrifice some visual appeal for the massive savings they get with Xcaliber.


The two Xcaliber Pro Series shafts that I tested for this review were the T6 and TSL.

Reading the description of the Pro T6 – “Designed for ball crushers – not the weak of heart” – I assumed it was going to be super stout.  I was surprised to find that it felt a bit soft below the grip, though it didn’t deliver a big kick during the swing.  There is some softness in the tip section, too, but nothing overly weak or torque-y.

With the Xcaliber Pro TSL, a super light shaft designed to handle stronger swings, I felt less movement.  From grip to tip, the TSL felt more stable to me than the T6.  It’s not overly rigid or stout, but there’s no discernible kick either.


When possible, I like to do shaft testing – at least a session or two – without knowing too much about the specs or performance claims.  I feel like this gives me a blank slate from which I can draw my own opinions rather than confirming a preconceived notion.  That’s what I did with the Xcaliber Pro shafts, and it led to some results I would not have predicted.

On paper, the pro T6 should be perfect for me.  It’s in my normal weight range, built for aggressive swings, and made to “eliminate the left side of the fairway.”  The Pro TSL is substantially lighter than what I game, which would normally make me leery about hooks and a lack of control.

What I found in my testing was that the Pro TSL worked really well for me.  It was stable, predictable, and put up excellent numbers on the Foresight GCQuad.  My best swings produced some of my longest drives of the offseason.

In contrast, I did not find a good fit with the Pro T6.  That’s not to say it’s not a good shaft – the numbers it produced were very respectable – it just wasn’t a fit for me.  The biggest issue was that I did not have a good sense of what the shaft was doing.  I would make a swing, shrug, and look at the GCQuad to see what happened.  More often than not the result was good, but I couldn’t take a club to the course without having a better feel for it.

The Xcaliber Pro T6 and Pro TSL shafts are both offered in three flexes: Regular, Stiff, and Tour Stiff.  The Pro T6 shaft weighs 65-67 grams, depending on flex.  The Pro TSL is much lighter, ranging from 49 to 51 grams.


Whether you’re looking to do some inexpensive experiments or find a better fit on a budget, the Xcaliber Pro shafts are worth considering.  At this time, there is no in-person fitting option, but you can message them HERE for an online consultation.

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  1. Joe Nitting

    Hi Matt. Always good to see a review of a relatively lesser known brand. Interested to hear your opinion on the performance of the Pro TSL vs something like Autoflex given both are much lighter than a typical shaft of the same category.

  2. Nice review Matt. I’ve heard from a few reliable sources now that the Pro TLS is one of those shafts that many different players seem to love. I’ve never even considered a 50g shaft, but I definitely feel the need to try one now.

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