Win an R-Motion Golf Simulator

Win an R-Motion Golf Simulator

While there’s still a lot of golf left in 2017 (we hope), it’s inevitable that winter is coming.  Don’t let your swing gather rust!  Enter to win the R-Motion Golf Simulator so you can golf indoors all winter and start 2018 with a bang.

Find our full review of the R-Motion Golf Simulator HERE

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment that includes your name and location.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Friday, September 22, we will contact the winner via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

REMEMBER: If your entry does not include all the required information, you will not be eligible.  Also, make sure you use your real email address when posting the comment so that we can contact you.

***Please note that your post will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.

Matt Saternus


  1. Whoa, this would be really cool! John Mullett, Mount Vernon, OH area.

  2. I’d love to win!
    Brandon C
    Oklahoma City, OK

  3. This sounds like it would be very cool this winter.
    Tom Duckworth
    Kansas City, KS

  4. Bret VR
    Sioux Center, IA

  5. Great prize. Thanks!
    Ken Mykietowich
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  6. I would never leave the house. Let’s do this!

  7. Hi I’m from The Villages Florida, survived the hurricane. I’d love to win. my name is Greg.

  8. Interesting concept! I just read the full review, very cool. For father’s day, my wife bought me a hitting net and mat for the garage. With R-Motion Golf Simulator, I could actually hit balls in the garage and make it fun!

    David Watkins
    Plano, TX

  9. Marc M
    Binbrook, ON

  10. I’d love to win. Dublin, Ireland.

  11. Chris Wallace
    Knoxville, Tn

  12. Cool prize and good for practicing. Love your reviews.
    Lyle B
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Awesome giveaway!
    Kevin Rea
    Rochester, New Hampshire

  14. Nelson Flores Laguna Niguel, CA. This would be great thanks!

  15. Kirk Boland
    Bakersfield, California

  16. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Gardabaer, Iceland.

  17. That would be great to take on deployments! Thank you for the great website!
    Kyle Antonson
    Fort Bragg, NC

  18. Thomas McFarland
    Katy, TX
    Awesome giveaway

  19. Cheers,
    Dana M
    Isanti, Minnesota

  20. Fingers crossed!
    Angela Monson
    Mankato, MN

  21. Rob here golfing in the RVA!

  22. Carter Branstetter

    Carter Branstetter
    Dallas, TX

  23. Well I used to shoot in the 80’s, sold my Nike equipment from 2003 to “upgrade” and haven’t sniffed the 80’s since. This has been the worst golf season ever. I worked out all last winter, getting up at 4:30am M-F. My 23lb weight loss and increased energy gave me hope but not using the proper equipment and a swing hitch have caused me great anxiety, making a game that used to be fun pretty annoying now. I’ve decided to sell my new equipment minus my 03 Futura putter which will never leave my side. I made an appointment with Club Champion golf to be fitted and will continue to try and make 2018 my year. Thanks

  24. I would love to not have to stay dormant over the winter, Donny From Prosper Texas

  25. This would be really helpful Mike McMahon. Front Royal VA.

  26. Mike Bentley
    Chicago, IL

  27. Zach Milos
    Bedminster, NJ

  28. Oskaloosa, Iowa. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. Joel M
    Ranas Sweden
    Winter is coming five months of darkness.

  30. Here WEGO…Would love to give this a go…

  31. We are lucky to be able to play golf year round in California, but this training aid would still be of great benefit when I can’t get to the range or to the course.

  32. Gary Smith
    Go on Make my day!

  33. Monica Lueddeke
    Guelph Ontario Canada

  34. Love it.

    Mark Johnson
    Towson, Maryland, USA

  35. While I don’t have high enough ceilings to set this up myself, my bro-in-law has a very high ceiling room in which he frequently swings clubs for practice, year round. He’s a golf nut, much more so than me, and he recently retired. This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for him, as he loves to hit the links or the range probably five times a week during decent weather months, but northern Illinois will soon be losing those decent weather months.

  36. Saint Paul, mn

  37. Hi I have just started golf and would love to play golf in my basement to improve my game.
    Portland Ontario, Canada
    P.S. Would be great to golf all winter. Have been setting up a driving range on the lake but hard to find good weather to use it. LOL

  38. Would love to try this after missing most of the golf season due to a knee injury/surgery this year.
    Bryan Vickery
    Cary, NC

  39. Jeff Black
    Ringgold, Georgia

  40. Great site, can’t wait for more reviews
    Silver Spring MD

  41. Wow this would be purfect as I just purchased my first net and golf mat, I had quit golfing for over 5 years due to illness and now trying to get back in the swing of things…pun intended!!
    Ken Dietrich
    Monroe, Ohio

  42. This would definately be a great Father’s Day gift!! Good luck everyone and hit em straight!

  43. Would love to try out the system with my son. And the drawing is on my birthday.
    Colin Chin-A-Loy
    Hockessin Delaware

  44. great way to keep on top of your swing
    dave from bolton

  45. Maybe a long shot (lets call it a shank…) as I live and play golf in Sweden the winters are very long and cold. This would be very appreciated!

  46. Sure would be great to have one of those!

  47. This would be SOOO useful for me!
    Moore, OK

  48. Twin Cities

  49. Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD

  50. Just moved from Vero Beach to Fort Pierce, Florida. Got just the spot for th R-Motion in the new house!

  51. Hope to try it.
    Crown Point, IN

  52. Howard Simms

  53. I play at least 200 rounds a year and would love to use the R-Motion Simulator.

  54. Zach Hunter, Hartford CT – would love this for cold New England winters!

  55. what a fun way to pass the time on those bitter winter days

  56. Name: Thomas D
    Location: South Carolina

  57. Coach in a box – great

    Jim G
    Dallas, Ga

  58. Sounds interesting.

  59. This could really help with my golf game!

  60. Mississippi

  61. This could really help me with my game!

  62. Xmas can’t come sooner 🙏🏻

  63. Nice giveaway. This would be great for the cold Smoky Mtn. winter.

    David W.
    Pigeon Forge, TN

  64. Jeff Hemphill, North Charleston, SC

  65. Great!
    Robin Z in North Bend, OR

  66. Man that would be awesome to have a simulator to work on my game at home and hopefully it translates to the course.
    Ahmad chappell
    Columbia, SC

  67. Todd C – Atlanta, GA

  68. This would really help my senior swing for 2018 season great prize!!!

  69. Very cool!

    Keith Massey

    Brentwood, California 94513

  70. This great offer probably won’t reach the UK, but here in Sunderland I would use it to persuade my wife to play golf. She would love it and she would be able to swing in the comfort that no one’s watching! – she’s a bit shy

  71. Great prize, would really help my senior swing for 2018 season!! Muldrow Oklahoma


    Alexander Beilstein
    Spokane Valley, Washington

  73. This would be so great to help me improve.

  74. Would love to win it to help me improve my game.
    Evansville, WI

  75. Winter is no time to lay up! I’m in.

    T Perry
    Brighton, MI

  76. Dennis K
    San Diego, CA

  77. Like to have that simulator!!!

  78. Live in North East Ohio. Need this to keep my swing in sync during the long winter.

    North Ridgeville, OH

  79. Don Wall
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Would be sweet!

  80. I’d love to win R-Motion Golf Simulator!
    Wichita, KS USA

  81. Charles Bartholomew

    Will this thing really work?

    Taunton, Massachusetts
    Charles Bartholomew

  82. Could make winter a lot easier to take. Thanks for the opportunity. Illinois

  83. Something to get me thru the cold snowy winters!
    Dan Jondal
    Spokane, WA

  84. Looks interesting

  85. Thanks for the R-Motion Simulator contest. Kirk Hobbs – Glendale, AZ

  86. Thanks. Could use the help.

    Thomas Ng
    Poughkeepsie, NY

  87. After a wet summer followed by a wet winter, this looks like an ideal solution to our climate change.

    Wellington, New Zealand

  88. I would love to own the r-motion simulator it will allow me to practice through the winter.

  89. Nice!!!! Would love something like this!
    La Palma, CA

  90. Michael Cunningham

    Mike Cunningham
    Torrington, CT

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  91. Appreciate the opportunity.

  92. This is such a cool giveaway! from Philadelphia, PA

  93. I would like this in Monkstown Co.Cork Ireland.
    Gary Hayes.

  94. This would be a great way to keep my swing in shape through the upcoming winter.
    Joe Loukota
    Plainfield, IN

  95. Wow – wouldn’t this be incredible

    Emu Plains NSW Australia

  96. Send one my way
    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull CT

  97. I have sever arthritis in my both of my hand and my back, and I live in a cold snowy state (Idaho) during the winter months! The R -Motion golf simulator would be the perfect device to keep my game in shape during the cold months, I would be delighted to win! I enjoyed your review of this device and I am more intrigued than ever in a training device!

    Sammy Grayson
    Nampa, Idaho
    Quail Hollow Golf Course, Boise , Idaho

  98. What a great golfing tool to keep us sharp all year. I live in a over 50s village and this would be great for our social golfing group, we are all ( hackers )


  99. Darren Chrest
    Sundre. Alberta. Canada

  100. Awesome
    Todd Gregory
    Ashland, Ky