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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff Infinite putter series has six classic head shapes with milled faces, counterbalancing, and oversized grips.  Quality putters at a very affordable price.


There aren’t a lot of $99 putters with PGA Tour wins to their credit.  The Wilson Staff Infinite putters are the exception.  Padraig Harrington made the switch to the South Side model and picked up a W at the 2015 Honda Classic to add to his 2014 Indonesia Open title.  We took the Lake Shore model out for a spin to see why Padraig made the switch.

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Though there’s a wide range of head shapes in the Wilson Staff Infinite putter line, there are some common aesthetic characteristics among them all.  The most noticeable is the alignment system: five sight lines (three white and two black) and a perpendicular white line on the putter’s top line.  If you need more lines to help your aim, these putters are for you.

Beyond the lines, each putter has a grey smoke PVD finish which is both glare-reducing and durable.  All of these classic styles are faithfully reproduced but with the modern touch of a deep-milled face.

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Sound & Feel

I’ll say this unequivocally: I’ve never used a $99 putter that feels as good as the Wilson Staff Infinite putters.  In fact, I’ve used plenty of putters that cost double or triple that don’t feel as good.

The Lake Shore putter that I tested delivered exactly what you want from a milled putter: solid feel with excellent feedback.  With a tour-quality ball, the feel at impact is firm without being harsh.  The feedback, particularly in terms of sound, is really precise.  If you strike a putt perfectly, you hear a soft click, but even slight misses cause the sound to be a little louder and harder.

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With six different head shapes, all bearing Chicago-related names, almost every golfer should be able to find a putter they like in the the Wilson Staff Infinite putter line.  The Lake Shore, shown here, is a PING Zing style putter that has a plumbers neck, as does the Windy City (Anser-style).  For those who need more toe hang, the Grant Park and Michigan Avenue have you covered.  Finally, the North Side and South Side putters have the same mid-mallet head but with a plumbers neck or center shaft design, respectively.

These classic head shapes have been updated by Wilson Staff in two important ways.  First, the head weight of these putters is either 355 or 365 grams, depending on the model.  These heavier weights are in keeping with the modern trend toward more weight and more stability.  The second update is adding a large, heavy, counterbalanced grip.  Each putter comes with a 104 gram grip which moves the balance point closer to the hands.  I enjoyed using the Lake Shore because I felt the counter balancing was noticeable but not overdone.  I felt a little extra heft in my hands, but I didn’t feel like I was swinging a sledge hammer.  Additionally, I like the fact players who don’t want the counter balancing can simply change the grip to get a traditional feel.

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If you want to make a list of putters that deliver great value, it has to start with the Wilson Staff Infinite putters.  These are good looking, classic putters with great feel and solid performance.  For $99, you simply can’t ask for anything more.

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  1. I have tried the putter and if I didn’t like my WilsonStaff Vizor (first version) so well I would be all over this putter like a duck on a June bug!

  2. Just picked up a SouthSide model with a GolfPride Tour SNSR grip. What a dream this is. Bought used for $5o and sold My Golo5 for $225 and a totally happy!
    Rolls and feels great…

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