Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 fairway wood combines a more traditional look with excellent ball speed and forgiveness.  Easy to use adjustability.


Writing introductions is hard, particularly when you’re dealing with a company that prefers substance to hype.  The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 fairway wood is one of the best all-around fairway woods that I’ve tested this year, but it doesn’t come with a fancy ad campaign, a ton of paid Tour use, or dubious “visible technology”.  If those things are essential to your game, you can cut out of this review now.  If you want to know more about a club that simply performs, read on.

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Of all the fairway woods I’ve seen lately, I think the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 fairway wood is the one that will have the broadest aesthetic appeal.  In terms of size, it’s right on the upper limit of a players fairway wood.  From front to back and heel to toe, it’s just the right size for good players to like it without scaring away the improving 15 handicap.  In standard loft, the F5 sets up perfectly square, but there’s room to adjust it open or closed to suit your eye.

The thing I like most at address is the shape of the face.  Toward the heel and toe, the bottom of the face is shaved away.  This makes the face look a bit taller than it is which enhances confidence when hitting it off the tee.

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Sound & Feel

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 fairway wood announces impact with a deep “crack.”  It isn’t very loud, but the low tones are a bit surprising if you’re expecting the typical high pitched fairway wood “tink.”  Interestingly, for a players club, the sound doesn’t change too much from mishits to pure strikes.  That said, there’s plenty of feedback through the hands to let you know whether you caught the ball well or not.

FG Tour F5 FW LM Data


To get a sense of the capabilities of the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 fairway wood, I tested it head-to-head against a known quantity.  The competition I pitted it against was tough – a near-legendary, titanium-faced 3W.  I am pleased to report that the F5’s Carpenter Custom 455 steel face matched my gamer yard for yard, MPH for MPH.  In addition, it showed itself to be easy to launch while keeping the spin to a low, but not unreasonable, level.  The final result: plenty of distance and consistent, straight ball flight.

It’s also worth noting that Wilson Staff has made the F5 the easiest fairway wood to adjust.  Wilson Staff calls this “Fast Fit” technology, and it simply means that you don’t need to remove the head to adjust the loft.  While this isn’t a game changer, it is a nice step towards making adjustability more user friendly.  Each fairway wood has a range of 3 degrees of loft: up to 1 degree less or 2 degrees more than the stamped loft, in half degree increments.  These adjustments make a noticeable difference in both the face angle and ball flight.  It is also possible to change the weight in the sole, but the weights must be purchased separately.

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While it’s certainly not the most hyped club heading into 2016, the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 fairway wood checks all the boxes for a club with broad appeal.  It has a solid look that will appeal to good and aspiring players, plenty of distance and forgiveness, and meaningful adjustability.

Matt Saternus
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  1. RP Jacobs II

    Excellent review Matt!!

    Well, it sounds like Staff has continued their efforts starting with their past few driver/metal releases of introducing a legit club to challenge the big OEMs in performance.

    They have always had the blade/Player’s CB and their C & D lines get excellent reviews from across the pond, where they seem to have more concentration and penetration, but it’s nice to see a full line-up.

    Thanks again for the review and my Best to You, Bill and your Loved Ones this Holiday season :)

    Fairways & Greens 4ever Bro,

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks. Wilson Staff’s club developers are certainly doing their part – the clubs perform. Now it’s up to marketing and the golfing public to promote them and realize that these are legit.

      Have a great holiday season. I hope to connect soon.



  2. I picked up the 3 wood and 5 wood after reading this review. I’ve always struggled to get good loft on other 3 woods I’ve owned, but the F5 is by far the easiest, and most consistent fairway wood I’ve ever swung. I catch a lot of flack for using Wilson Staff clubs in the league I’m in but, the perform just as well, if not better, than the big name clubs.

  3. Thanks for your review, very helpful. If I have a 13.5* F5 Fairway and go up to 15* like a normal fairway, does this give my club more of a draw bias?

    • Matt Saternus


      Making that adjustment will close the face which should promote a draw, all else equal.



  4. Jerry Moore

    I know this is a way outdated review, but I purchased one of these BRAND NEW for $30. Ridiculous how much value for the dollar I’m getting out of it. I set my loft to 14* and it just flat out launches high, soft bombs. My swing speed is only about 97 with my driver (also an FG Tour F5 set at 11*). With the driver I’m getting a tad over 240 carry with some decent roll. But with this 3W I’m getting 220+ carry and hitting it dead nuts on the screws I’m getting 230+. Best fairway wood I’ve ever owned.

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