Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Driver Review

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50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver is an early contender for the sleeper driver of 2016.  Simple, meaningful adjustability, solid forgiveness, and very accurate.


If the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver had a different name on it, let’s say TaylorMade, I think the forums would be ablaze with praise.  There would be lines on release day, plenty of pre-orders, and calls of “Driver of the Year.”  In reality, however, this excellent driver is in danger of being overlooked because the masses don’t yet realize that Wilson Staff is pumping out tons of great new products including drivers.

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The first thing that impressed me about the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver was the look at address.  This driver has a beautiful, compact look despite being 460 cc.  The gloss black crown is free of alignment aids, and the crown graphics are subtle enough in both size and placement to be ignored.  Adding to the appeal is a tall, symmetrical, black face that frames the ball beautifully.

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Sound & Feel

The midrange, metallic impact sound of the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver will leave you with no doubt about the quality of your strike.  Pure shots have a clear, slightly loud sound while mishits are duller in tone and volume.

With the 50 gram Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Z Series shaft, I was expecting the FG Tour F5 to have that “lighter than air” feeling.  Much to my surprise, I found that even with the 3 gram weight in the head, the F5 has plenty of head feel and enough counter-weighting in the shaft to give the grip some heft, too.  The weight adjustment in the head is very impactful in terms of feel, so everyone testing this driver should try different weights to find the feel they prefer.

Wilson Staff


Before I delve into the quality of the adjustability on the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver, let me say that this driver performs brilliantly.  While everything about it is good, what really stands out to me is the accuracy.  Good swings went dead straight – I’m talking zero yards off line.  Bad swings and mishits still found the fairway.  I’m not sure what it is about this driver that makes it so easy to hit straight shots, but it’s not a characteristic I’m interested in second guessing.

Meaningful adjustability” means that when you change a setting, something actually happens.  The F5 driver has that, and the adjustability is also simple to understand and easy to use.  The FG Tour F5 is the first driver to feature Wilson Staff’s “Fast Fit” technology.  This allows you to adjust the loft and face angle at the hosel without removing the head from the shaft.  Not only does this make adjustments faster – 4 turns of the wrench and you’re good to go – it eliminates the head, shaft, and wrench juggling act that has led to so many dented club heads.  The hosel has six settings to alter loft and face angle to create the launch conditions and shot shape you prefer.

The F5 also has a weight adjustment that’s a huge improvement over the FG Tour M3 driver.  While both drivers use the same set of weights – 3, 7, and 11 grams – the F5 puts the weight port near the face.  This placement allows you to change the launch angle and spin rates significantly when you swap the weights.  When I went from the 3 gram weight to the 11 gram weight, I instantly launched the ball higher with less spin and added over 15 yards to my drives.

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Don’t be one of the myopic golfers who doesn’t demo the Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver because you don’t think the name is cool.  This driver looks great and, with some meaningful adjustability, can absolutely bomb it.

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  1. does the face close if you have the 9.0 and go up to a 10.0 or does it open if going from 10.5 to a 9.5

  2. Ciaran O Dea

    Would this driver be suitable for 18 handicapper

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no reason it couldn’t work for an 18 handicapper. As always, fitting is the key.



  3. Larry Kearney

    Open and closed face depends on which setting the neutral setting is. If you buy a club that is listed as 9 degrees, that isn’t open, it is neutral and will close going to a higher loft.

  4. Can’t seem to find any of these to buy, is there anywhere you know of?


    Donde podría comprar los pesos para este Driver?

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