Wilson Staff D9 Driver Review

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The Wilson Staff D9 driver uses its huge sweet spot to provide the typical golfer what they need – distance and forgiveness.  It also delivers what they want – an attractive price.


Visiting the Wilson Golf website to research tech on the new D9 driver, I scrolled into the reviews and couldn’t help but notice how loyal Wilson golfers are.  So many posts referred to replacing their old – and I’m talking several models old – Wilson driver with the D9.  I concluded that players of Wilson drivers have discovered not only the value of budget friendly clubs, but also the inherent value of longevity and reliable performance.  Will the Wilson D9 keep them loyal?  Let’s dive in.


In the address position, the Wilson D9 driver looks large and powerful with a well balanced, elongated, round shape.   The glossy black crown is highlighted by pinstriping on the trailing edge and carbon fiber weave reveal in the middle section.  At first I was alarmed at how flat the face appeared, but closer examination confirmed the face does in fact have curvature – just less visually pronounced than most drivers.

While on the subject of the face, it’s tall and commanding.  I like the dark grey finish, but the silver graphics seem askew.  Compared to both the photo on the Wilson Golf website and the axis between the sole and the alignment aid on the crown on my driver, the graphics appear rotated towards the heel.

Flipping the club over, the sole of the D9 driver is clean and streamlined, with a single weight port at the back.  Overall, this is the best looking Wilson Staff driver of the past several years.

Sound & Feel

Perfectly aligned with the strong adjectives used to describe the looks, the Wilson D9 driver delivered a loud, percussive ‘tank.’  The sound was consistent across the face, inspiring me to think that I just couldn’t miss.

Contact felt solid and stable, attributable in some part to the [K]OMPOSITE CROWN.  Comprised of a layer of Kevlar (hence the “K”) sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber, the crown is designed to neutralize vibration as well as fortify the feel – and even plays into the acoustics.


Reviewing my launch monitor data, I wasn’t surprised to find consistent results after experiencing what felt like a huge sweet spot.  Ball speeds were high and landing groupings were tight.  Spin was low, which when combined with the low launch of the 9° loft significantly impacted my carry.  No complaints however on the resultant roll-out – especially when the ball was rocketing straight down the fairway.

To maximize performance of the D9 driver for both distance and forgiveness, Wilson engineers explored ‘intelligent design,’ computer simulating hundreds of face geometries.  The designers landed on what they call “fractal zones, each tuned for explosive distance.”  As a family of zones, Wilson refers to the face technology as Peak Kinetic Response, or ‘PKR’ as you may have noted on the face photo.

You also likely noticed the fixed hosel.  And while adjustability is a much needed feature for some golfers to match up with their swings, if the stock D9 performs for you – it’s good to go.  On a similar note, there’s no choice in shafts other than flex.


Besides the good looks and strong performance, the other noteworthy feature of the Wilson Staff D9 driver is the price – $349.99.  That’s still a lot of money for a single club, but a relative value when you compare it to the new drivers of most other brands.  I’ll close with this gem from Wilson: “The D9 driver is always on, even when you’re a little off.”

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Wilson D9 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Love the site and appreciate all the reviews. One piece of feedback/suggestion. With the various reviewers you have (or for non-regular readers of the site), the Launch Monitor Data is presented in a vacuum – i.e., relative to the reviewer’s “baseline”, we can’t see any useful comparisons. Perhaps you can present or link to “baseline” launch monitor data – for example, the reviewer’s current gamer – to see if there’s performance variations between similar clubs?

  2. Probably close to a year ago, a Wilson Staff driver prototype hit the conforming list. If I recall, Gary Woodland used it for a single tournament and switched back to his gamer. Heard any news on what that was or if they are planning on releasing a “Staff Model” driver and metal woods to go with their awesome irons?

  3. gary matyas

    how can a senior on a fixed income afford that beautiful driver. i guess in a couple years when its used

    • I’m 39 and I’ve never once bought a full priced, current model year piece of golf equipment. Doesn’t make sense when you can get it “new old stock” a year or two later for half price or better.

  4. Wilson is a quality product that doesn’t have the popularity of the bigger names. A few years ago I tried the Wilson Staff D7 irons just because they were in the demo bay. I bought a full set that day and have been using them since. They are top quality and will compete with any other brand in their class. I hope to try the new driver on my next trip to the demo bay.

    • I grew up playing all Wilson Staff equipment
      Firstly hand me down from my Dad and later purchasing my own
      Once I turned Pro I switched to aping and then to Titleist for many years but these reviews make me want to give the Wilson gear another chance
      Unfortunately there’s no demo days in Dallas
      PS I used to absolutely bomb the Wilson Drivers Wood clubs , Killer Whale, etc

  5. I am a retired, so unfortunately not able to buy this D9 driver. How ever if you have a draw for one lucky reader. I would be over the moon.

  6. I’ve been playing only Wilson Staff since the fat shafts. Absolutely love my new D9 and forged D7 irons . But at 74 they’re probably my last set.

  7. Thomas Kennedy

    I am a senior golfer, 69, trying to decide which driver is better for me: the Wison D9 or D7? I am currently using a TopFlite Gamer 10.5 degree driver. I am fairly consistent to drive the ball about 190 yards off the tee. I do sometimes slice my drives. I have no problem getting the ball up in the air. I too was thinking about changing to a 9 degree driver. Any suggestion? Thank you.

    • You packed a lot into that comment Thomas. First – the D9 is generally better than the D7 just by being the newer model. Launch angle can be influenced by three things: face loft, COG, and your swing. So choosing a 9 degree blindly may or may not have the desired results you seek. And depending on where you play, hitting it higher/lower can have a big impact on total distance. Please find a place to test whatever you are considering.

      – Meeks

  8. Eric Grafton

    I had the D7 and loved it, and now game the D9. It’s easily the BEST driver I’ve ever owned. I’m in places on fairways I’ve never been. I bought two for less than the price of MSP, and stashed one away. I’ve done ever driver / shaft and fitting you could think of (money wasn’t an issue), and the D9 blows them away. I actually started on Wilson because I bought a D7 to use while waiting for a custom fit Cobra. The D7 never came out of the bag (until the D9) and the Cobra was promptly retuned.

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