Wilson Staff D200 Fairway Wood Review

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The Wilson Staff D200 fairway wood is a good option for players who want a long, lightweight fairway wood that’s easy to work right-to-left.


This year, there is no shortage of lightweight fairway woods designed to give players more distance.  Where Wilson Staff has the advantage is that this isn’t their first foray into light weight – they’ve been honing their Right Light concept for years.  Does that advantage translate into the Wilson Staff D200 fairway wood being a must-buy?  We tested it to find out.

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The Wilson Staff D200 fairway wood has a fairly traditional shape at address, but a larger-than-average footprint.  For what Wilson Staff calls the “Distance Player,” I think this is ideal because the larger head should provide added confidence.  Like the rest of the D200 family, the crown is matte black with a small alignment aid and subtle “Right Light” branding along the heel and rear of the crown.

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Sound & Feel

As with many of the other clubs in Wilson Staff’s D200 line, I found that the D200 fairway wood has exceptional balance and feel for being such a lightweight club.  If you picked the D200 off the rack, you might not even realize that it’s much lighter than many other clubs.  There’s ample feel for the head, but there’s some weight in the hands and shaft as well.

The impact sound of the D200 is, to me, prototypical of how a fairway wood should sound.  It’s slightly metallic, not too loud, and there’s a little “tink” when you catch it perfectly.

D200 FW LM Data

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The first thing that needs to be discussed with any “lighter is longer” club is speed.  The Wilson Staff D200 fairway wood certainly has that.  The club is light enough that I could swing it effortlessly and still get the club and ball speed that I’m used to.  I found that the head is also plenty forgiving both in terms of ball speed and launch.  Mishit shots still got up in the air and carried enough speed to get me close to the green.

Beyond that, I found that the D200 was very easy to work right-to-left, as are many of the lightweight fairway woods.  The UST Elements shaft is fairly soft in the tip section and it has a little extra torque to help keep the ball off the right side of the course.  Chronic slicers should find themselves hitting much straighter shots with the D200, and players who hit the ball straight should see a bit of a draw.  In either case, the bonus will be a stronger ball flight and more distance.

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If you’re one of the many golfers looking for more distance from your fairway wood, make sure you include the Wilson Staff D200 fairway wood on your demo list.  It goes beyond the typical gram-shaving of other clubs and provides excellent balance and feel, which has a direct impact on how well it performs.

Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt, thanks for your good reviews, I check out a lot on your site, read up on clubs etc.

    I am not a big hitter, but on a good day shoot 10 over par. I have the D100 irons (amongst few) and the D100 5 Wood in R flex. I have other 5 Woods that hit further, but the D100 5 fairway is the ONLY club I can hit a natural, high fade which almost always land softly at around 200-205 yards. Shot after shot, so it’s in the bag. Thinking of getting the D200 fairway (in 3 wood) and in a back-up 5…..

    My question: how does the Elements shaft in R (in the new D200’s) compare to the Matrix R (D100 5 wood) ? Would the launch also be high ? I am not able where I am to try clubs. Also, I can’t hit fades: it’s either straight or draw or worse :)…. but the D100 5 wood is the ONLY club in 20 years of play where I aim a tad left and it fades into play !!


    • Matt Saternus


      I’m glad you enjoy the site!

      Regarding the two shafts, I think they have similar playing characteristics, but the Matrix shafts have always felt smoother than UST shafts to me.



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