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Wilson Staff D100 ES Iron Review

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons (28)

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The Wilson Staff D100 ES irons are ideal for players looking for increased distance throughout the set and loads of forgiveness.  Very light.


This past fall, Wilson Staff gave me a sneak peek at their new D100 ES iron, and I hit the 7 iron 207 yards!  I’m not a big hitter, so this let me know loud and clear that this is an iron built to go a long way.  If you’re looking for more yards, plus lots of forgiveness, you’ll want to check these out.
Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons (5)


The D100 ES is a super game improvement iron, and it looks the part.  The top line is thick and the sole is meaty.  The offset is also quite prominent throughout the irons.  
Interestingly, the hybrids don’t share as much of the SGI look.  Their face angle is just a tad closed, but they have no offset and the head’s aren’t that long from heel to toe.  They are about average sized from front to back, so there is plenty of golf club there to give the high handicapper confidence, but I could see some better players really liking the look of these hybrids, too.

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons (24)

Sound & Feel

Of the three new Wilson Staff irons released this year, the D100 ES has the firmest feel at impact, and it has the “clickiest” sound.  Interestingly, the sound and feel off the irons and hybrids is fairly similar.  While some may prefer a softer, more traditional sound, the D100 ES’s impact sound does make the face feel very hot.  Whether it’s a hybrid or an iron, you get the “That ball is gone!” feeling as soon as you hit it.

It’s also worth pointing out that despite being ultra lightweight, these clubs have good balance to them.  For me, the switch to the D100 ES couldn’t have been more dramatic since I normally play heavy Dynamic Gold shafts.  Despite that, I had no trouble picking up the D100 ES and having good control and making good contact.

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons (31)


As I mentioned earlier, the most prominent characteristic of these irons is their length.  They’re very light and the faces of the irons and hybrids are extremely hot which all adds up to some seriously long shots.  Unlike many of the other distance irons that I’ve tested this year, these irons are designed to be long throughout the set – every club from the wedge to the hybrids is approximately two clubs longer than a traditional players iron.  This makes the D100 ES an ideal set for players looking to reclaim lost distance.
In addition to being long, the D100 ES belongs in the conversation for most forgiving iron on the market.  You can hit these virtually anywhere on the face and the ball will get up in the air on a decent line with good speed.  The wide sole serves the dual purpose of bringing the center of gravity down to help thin hits and making it virtually impossible to dig the club into the turf.
Beyond my own testing, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the D100 irons in play over the last couple of seasons.  My dad was fit for them at the Wilson Innovation Center and has been playing his best golf in a many years.  He’s regained lost distance and hits good shots with much greater consistency.  More than anything, they’ve made the game more enjoyable for him.

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons (8)


Having seen firsthand how much fun the Wilson Staff D100 iron is to play, I have no reservations about recommending the D100 ES iron set to anyone looking for more distance and forgiveness from their irons.  Whether you want the hybrids in the D100 ES set, or you’d prefer all irons in the D100 set, Wilson Staff merits serious consideration in the super game improvement category.

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  1. I am now in my mid-70s and obviously my game is not what it once was. I played Wilson Staff Tour Blades for years, but then went to game improvement clubs. I am now looking for a new set and thought of the Wilson Staff. Thanks to these reviews, I have plunged in to the new D200. My understanding is they are an upgrade to the already very good D100. Thanks for your information. I look forward to getting this new set.

  2. I picked this set up last week. I hit a demo 7 and couldn’t get over how easy and high these were. The soles are huge…hybrids are super nice. I really like the weight and stock grip too.

    All in all, great set for deal.

  3. I’ve gamed the D200 hybrids for two seasons but I’m moving back to the D100ES hybrids because they are that consistent and forgiving.

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