Wilson Staff C100 Iron Review

Wilson Staff C100 Irons (3)

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The Wilson Staff C100 irons will fit a wide range of players.  They provide plenty of distance, solid performance, and good looks for a game improvement iron.


Wilson Staff is releasing three new irons this year.  The D100 ES is the longest and the FG Tour M3 is the sexy one, but it’s the C100 that will end up in the bags of more golfers.  Geared towards what Wilson Staff calls “C” Players, this iron offers a blend of distance, forgiveness, and performance that will suit players ranging from 20-something handicaps to scratch and better.

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I’ve always regarded the game-improvement iron as the hardest design job in golf.  You can’t make it too big, but it can’t be too small either.  It can’t be too flashy, but it can’t be boring.  The Wilson Staff C100 does an admirable job walking the line between the two extremes.  The clubs definitely are not tiny, but their dark finish makes them appear slimmer than they are.  Similarly, the two-tone face makes these irons seem much shorter from heel-to-toe.
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Sound & Feel

The impact sound of the C100 is a fairly quiet click.  The feel of impact is firm without being hard or harsh.  Together, the sound and feel provide adequate feedback to the golfer about the quality of the strike.
As with all of their new irons, Wilson Staff has done a really fine job of balancing the club.  Throughout the set, the C100 irons never feel heavy, but you never lose track of them either.
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On the course, the Wilson Staff C100 deftly balances performance and forgiveness.  Better players will have little trouble controlling their trajectory and shaping shots, as is evidenced by the fact that this iron is in play on professional tours.  On the other hand, recreational golfers will enjoy the fact that you can miss the sweet spot and get nearly the same distance and flight that you would with a pure strike.
Since it seems that every iron is a distance iron this year, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how far these irons go.  The C100 does not have the top gear that its ultralight brother the D100 ES does, but it is plenty long.  On average, I found the C100 to be about a club and a half longer than my traditional players cavity back irons.
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Ultimately, the Wilson Staff C100 is a great iron for the mid-handicapper or the better player who prefers forgiveness over a small look at address.  It looks great in the bag and at address, and has the feedback necessary to dial in your ball striking.  While it has enough forgiveness for the 15-20 handicap, the C100 also allows golfers to control their ball and play at a high level.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Thanks for an informative video. I currently play the Wilson Ci11 which I love. But, I lost a PW and the clubs are out of production so I was considering replacing them with the C100. Question: Do the C100’s have a progressive offset like the Ci11? Thanks again for the video.

  2. Emmanuel Ravelli

    I appreciate the review. I’m looking to get a second set of irons after playing the Ci9’s for parts of three years. This is enough info to urge me to try the C100’s.

  3. Thanks for the review, Matt. Question: is the offset on the C-100’s greater or equal to the offset on the Ci-11’s?

    I currently play the Ci-11’s which do not have a lot of offset. I have been considering buying the new C-100’s but I do not like a lot of offset in my clubs. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t put the two side by side, so I can’t say with any certainty. I would guess that they’re fairly similar.



  4. Hi Matt. I recently purchased a set of C100s – coming from Ping G5s. Do you know how the stock regular steel compares to the stock CS Lite in the Pings? I’m assuming the “100” reference may be grams? Looking forward to getting out with these in Spring. Thanks for the review.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the “100” is the approximate weight. As far as comparing the C100 stock shafts to the PING CS Lite, I don’t have the experience to give an educated opinion.



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