Wilson Staff 8802 Putter Review

50 Words or Less

The Wilson Staff 8802 putter is an homage to the most classic design in putting.  Wonderful feel.  A joy to putt with.


In the putter market today, virtually all you hear about is forgiveness or “better roll.”  Many makers are in a constant battle to make the biggest, ugliest mallet.

Into this scene Wilson Staff injects a true classic: the 8802.  This style, used by greats too numerous to list, still has a lot to offer the modern golfer.


One of the hardest things to do is replicate a classic.  It would seem easy, but it’s not.  In the case of the 8802, Wilson Staff has done a perfect job with the size, shape, and proportions of this timeless design.

The flange of the 8802 is round and symmetrical, and the neck provides 1/2 shaft of offset.  Its topline is thick, and the putter is virtually free of embellishments save for the Wilson Staff shield on the face and the simple engraving on the sole.

Sound & Feel

One of the biggest reasons to game the Wilson Staff 8802 is the feel.  The ball coming off the milled 304 stainless steel face feels soft, heavy, and sublime.

This putter also provides feedback on a level most golfers have never felt.  In an era of high-MOI putters, you often need to pay strict attention to detect a mishit.  The 8802, however, provides precision feedback on the impact location.


The Wilson Staff 8802 putter doesn’t come with a big list of “performance features.”  It’s a  classic that you play primarily for the joy of playing it.  I would equate it to golfing with blade irons: there are clubs that offer more forgiveness, but the enhanced experience of “old school” gear is often worth more.

That’s not to say that you can’t fill up the cup with the 8802.  It has a full 90 degree toe hang, which is more than some people need.  However, even if the 8802 isn’t a perfect fit, there’s a lot to be learned from feeling the toe swing open and shut.  So many golfers play ill-fitted face-balanced mallets, and they’d be surprised by how well they’d putt when the putter isn’t fighting them.

At 335 grams, the 8802 is a little lighter than the modern standard.  However, at 35″ with a relatively light Lamkin grip, the swing weight comes in at D8, and there’s plenty of feel for the head.

Though I’m not one to fool around on my gamers, the 8802 has given me a wandering eye.  It will definitely be seeing some time in the bag this season.


Whether you’re using it because it’s the best fit for your stroke or just to make your game a little more like The King’s, the Wilson Staff 8802 won’t disappoint.  The feel is exceptional and will have you looking forward to putting.  Best of all, at $180, it’s less than half the price of other milled putters.

Buy the Wilson Staff 8802 Putter HERE

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  1. Tom Duckworth

    Had a 8802 on the 80s really is a great feeling putter. The older ones had a smooth face and when you really got use to it you could tell just where you hit it on the face.Not just toe or heel or middle but just exactly
    where on the face you hit it. Very elegant to look down on.

  2. Don Chambers

    I just came across an 8802 putter with an engraving The Lil David. Is that a special make for the 8802? What kind of value would that club have over the standard 8802?

  3. peter guildford

    First of all I have to say if there is such a thing as a sexy putter, this is it! The look of the club behind the ball is poetry in motion. I bought one of these last year. I’ve always been a good putter, but it took a bit of time to get used to this one. But. once I got the hang of the fact that the centre of the club is not actually in the centre but nearer the housel, the puts started to fly in. Nice soft hands are the key. A 5 star putter for me.

  4. Bud Holcomb

    This putter looks a lot like the George Lowe I had back in the ’70’s. Any relative of the modern 8802 model? Thanks, Bud.

  5. Have one of these in both the places I live, tried most putters and keep coming back to these. Just gives the best results with a great roll #secretgiveaway

  6. Craig Wiper

    Am a Wilson Staff fan. Bought one of these when they were first released. It’s typically in my bag off and on every year. Love the look and feel.

  7. Chris Machacek

    Looking to buy this club. Any ideas where to buy it.

  8. Wooyoung Choi

    I really love this classic putter. How can I buy it??

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