The Wedge Game 2.0 Review

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50 Words or Less

James Ridyard’s The Wedge Game 2.0 video set is an excellent resource for better players looking to improve their short games and instructors seeking to improve their teaching.


In golf instruction today, there are some great teachers and some great researchers, but few bring both elements together like James Ridyard.  James is committed to finding out the facts about the short game and presenting his findings to the golfing world in simple, practical ways.  Thanks to his willingness to share his findings, his twitter account (@JamesRidyard) is an absolute must-follow for the serious golfer.

For those who aren’t sated by 140 characters, James has released the follow up to his original Short Games Secrets videos entitled The Wedge Game 2.0.  This two-video set covers Scrambling and Approach Wedges, and is a must-have for the serious player.

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Lesson Content

Overall, the content in The Wedge Game 2.0 is fantastic.  Here are the specifics of what you’ll get in each video.

Scrambling 2.0

Scrambling 2.0 starts with James Ridyard explaining the five trajectories he teaches for short shots and the techniques used to produce them.  This section spans only the first quarter of the video, but there’s enough quality material here that it could be a standalone purchase.  Believe me, you’ll be watching this section more than once.

After dealing with the basics of technique, he talks about the elements of short game performance: Tactical Awareness (reading the environment), Skill Selection (picking the right shot), and Skill Execution (hitting the shot).  After explaining each piece, the video turns into something of a playing lesson.  James gets into different situations and discusses his thought process and the shot he would choose.  This section of the video is rich with insights and will be a real eye-opener for those who want to understand how high level players think.

This video closes with sections on fixing mishits and distance control.  Just like the opening segment, these would be worth the entire cost on their own, particularly the piece on fixing mishits.  I’m not going to give away the secret (buy the video, it’s worth it), but I will tell you it’s 180-degrees from what you’ve always been told…and 100% correct.

Approach Wedges 2.0

Approach Wedges 2.0 is equally full of great information, though it may not be quite as accessible for some players.  This video starts with a discussion of the factors that need to be controlled to hit quality wedge shots and to generate spin.  This information is well-presented and thorough, but might require a couple viewings for high handicap players or those who aren’t technically savvy.

The second major piece of Approach Wedges 2.0 deals with the components of the wedge swing.  This is more of an outline of James’s philosophy than an exhaustive discussion of every possible combination, but there are more than enough practical nuggets to get your gears turning.

The video closes with a piece on strategy that borrows from Mark Broadie’s excellent research.

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At 40 and 48 minutes, respectively, Scrambling 2.0 and Approach Wedges 2.0 don’t require a major investment of time.  As I’ve already said, these videos are slammed with great information which is a refreshing change of pace from the golf videos that stretch one or two tips over an hour of footage.

Scrambling 2.0 is definitely the more enjoyable half of The Wedge Game 2.0 set because it’s set on the course, and we get to watch James hit shots.  Approach Wedges 2.0 is well-made, but it’s the lesser of the two due to the studio setting.

Overall, James Ridyard is a professional, credible presenter who is enjoyable to watch.

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At $59, James Ridyard’s The Wedge Game 2.0 video set is a great value for players looking to improve their short games.  There’s more information here than you can possibly absorb in one viewing, and every player is guaranteed to find something in here that will change their wedge play for the better.

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  1. Clive Jenkins

    Nice stuff.

  2. Good review, and I agree entirely with your conclusions. I was a little disappointed with the wedge video, not because the content is lacking, but because it’s more theoretical than practical. I would have much preferred a similar course setting for this video with more emphasis on HOW to hit the necessary shots (grip, stance, ball postion, release etc) much like he did in the original ‘Approach Wedges’ video on Short Game Secrets. I guess I was looking for a more detailed follow up to the 1.0 version.

    Nonetheless, it’s a great package and I think most golfers would benefit hugely from it. It’s important people know what they’re getting in terms of the wedges video before they make their purchase however.

  3. I purchased your 2 cd set a month ago and have not received it yet. Any help?

    • Robert,

      We are an independent review site. If you want to reach out the company directly, click through one of the links in our review and contact them through there.



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