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Weatherman umbrella makes a high-functioning and good-looking umbrella in a variety of styles and colors.  Great for on and off the course.  Will last a long time.

weatherman umbrella four sizes


An umbrella is one of those things that you don’t really want to have to use.  But when you need one, you’re glad to have one on hand.  If it isn’t of good quality though, using it can be a frustrating experience.  Weatherman umbrella claims to make “the world’s greatest umbrella.”  I tested four of their available models to put that claim to the test.


It turns out that umbrellas don’t have to be plain black.  Weatherman provides a huge amount of variety to choose from in terms of colors and themes.  I went with sage, ochre, navy, and Ryder Cup Team USA 2023 themed red, white, and blue.  If I’m headed out in the rain, I’m not going to be super happy about it, but at least I don’t have to reach for a boring umbrella.

When you take a closer look at a Weatherman umbrella, the quality starts to become evident in the details.  Each umbrella comes with a sleeve, which fits easily but snugly over the umbrella.  The umbrellas also have reflective tape around the edges, a nice safety feature.


Okay, it’s great that these umbrellas look cool but how well do they work in a storm?  I had a chance to try them out in the presence of some serious rain and wind on the north shore of Lake Superior and I can confirm, they are fantastic.  The structural portions are made of reinforced fiberglass plastic, and they are quite sturdy.

The Travel (sage) is great for on the go and still holds up pretty well to wind, especially for its size, but it’s only for one person.  It features an automatic open/close system and is incredibly quick and easy.  The Collapsible (ochre) is my favorite of the bunch.  It’s rated for wind speeds you hopefully will never be out in (55 mph) and has a remarkably quick auto open feature.  It has a manual close, but the mechanism is very simple.

Weatherman makes two different products specifically for use on the golf course.  The Golf (Ryder Cup themed) is three inches longer than the Golf Lite (navy) and five inches wider in diameter.  The Golf Lite is 0.2 lbs lighter.  Both feature a UPF50+ barrier to shade you from the sun on blistering summer days on the golf course.  For walkers who can’t avoid the heat of the day, putting this on your push cart is a game-changer.

In addition to the USA Ryder Cup theme, Weatherman has Arnold Palmer themed umbrellas, as well as collaborations with Danielle Kang, Folds of Honor, and McLaren F1 Team.


Weatherman makes a high quality umbrella.  Whether you live an area of the country where you have to dodge the rain or you are sick of baking in the sun, these umbrellas will make your life a little more pleasant.  For those of us who do have to deal with the elements from time to time, it’s nice to have an umbrella that doesn’t need to find its way to the nearest garbage can after a storm.  Weatherman umbrellas aren’t cheap, but they’re an investment that will pay dividends season after season.

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