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The Voice Caddie VC4 GPS announces the distances to the front, back, and middle of the green with the push of a button.  As simple as a GPS can be.

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The products that tend to garner the most attention in golf technology are the ones that offer the most features.  GPS watches that double as fitness trackers and smart watches.  Rangefinders with built-in GPS.

But what about those that want simplicity?  If you’re one of those golfers, take a look at the Voice Caddie VC4.  This tiny, easy to use device provides you with the yardages you need without asking you to do a thing.

Set Up & Ease of Use

As you would expect, the Voice Caddie VC4 doesn’t come with a bunch of stuff.  You get the VC4 and the charging cord, which is all you need.  As I’ve said about other Voice Caddie devices, you can go straight to the course, but I recommend that you get the VC Download Manager [find it HERE] and update your VC4 before playing so you have the most up-to-date course maps.

When you get to the course, push the power button and the VC4 will figure out where you’re playing.  To get yardages, push the top of the VC4 (there are three raised dots to guide you) and it will announce the distance to the front, back, and middle of the green.  There are small buttons on the side to raise or lower the volume.  For the basic functions, the VC4 is incredibly easy to use.

Accuracy & Performance

If you’ve been following our recent run of Voice Caddie reviews, you won’t be surprised to hear that the VC4 is quite accurate.  The distances it produces are equal to Voice Caddie’s GPS watches or hybrid rangefinders, which is to say they’re consistently within a yard of the course-marked yardages or rangefinder.  It is worth noting that the VC4 provides slope-adjusted yardages by default, so if you’re seeing a discrepancy between the 150 marker and the VC4, that’s likely the reason.

A clever feature that Voice Caddie uses across their GPS line up is “Active Green Info.”  What this refers to is the unit’s ability to measure the distance to the front of the green relative to where you are.  Imagine you’re pin high but 40 yards left – the front of the green is no longer the part of the green that’s closest to you.  The VC4 will automatically give you the distances to the nearest and farthest parts of the green from where you stand.

There are two notable negatives with the VC4.  First, it takes some time to get your yardage.  The VC4 has the stereotypical computer voice which is very clear and a bit slow.  As such, you need to get to your ball, pause for a moment, push the button, then wait a couple seconds as it states the distance.  This won’t be a big deal for many golfers, but the pace setters should look for a different device.

The other negative about the VC4 is that you need to memorize the correct buttons for the more advanced features.  The VC4 can measure shot distances and manually change holes (only necessary for those times when you’re playing from the wrong fairway), but unlike on a touchscreen, it’s not obvious how to do those things.

To finish on the positive, the Voice Caddie VC4 is incredibly light and lasts a long time.  It weighs under 30 grams, so you barely notice it whether it’s clipped to your hat or your belt.  Finally, the battery can last up to 54 holes, so it can stay with you for all but the longest golf marathons.


The Voice Caddie VC4 retails for $129.  Plugged In Golf readers can save $30 and support Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE.

At $129 or $99, the VC4 is priced like most basic watch or handheld GPS units.  Because the VC4 is such a unique offering with very specific strengths and weaknesses, the question here whether or not it meets your needs.  If you want a simple, easy to use GPS, the VC4 is a great choice.


If you want hole flyovers and distances to every hazard, check out one of Voice Caddie’s more advanced GPS units HERE.  However, if you want an easy to use device that tells you how far away the green is, the VC4 is a great choice.

Buy the Voice Caddie VC4 HERE

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  1. TaylorMade lover

    Hey, can you do an article on how to hit your long irons higher, please? not trying to sound demanding but I would have thought there would be one already.

    • Matt Saternus

      How much higher are you trying to hit your long irons? I can certainly offer some ideas, but if you’re looking for a significant change in ball flight, it might be easier to reevaluate your equipment, i.e. higher launching irons, hybrids, utility irons.



  2. Brian Melville

    Can the VC4 be used in the UK (Scotland). ?

  3. TaylorMade lover

    right now I am basically hitting a stinger every shot, and I would like to learn how to get the ball up a little more, just so I can carry a few hills on my home course without giving up shots laying up to them, and then hitting a shorter iron over. if you can help, great!

    • Matt Saternus

      Are you hitting the ball on the sweet spot or are you hitting them thin? When you say you’re hitting stingers, it makes me think it may just be a contact issue.


  4. Since it includes slope-adjusted yardages, would this device be legal for tournament play? If not legal, would it be possible to turn off the slope-adjustment to make it legal?

  5. TaylorMade lover

    no, i am hitting them pure just really low, which I don’t quite like. just want them a little higher

    • Matt Saternus

      If you’re actually hitting them pure and they’re flying too low, you could consider a ball change or a different iron head. I wouldn’t do much with my swing if I was hitting my long irons consistently pure.


      • TaylorMade lover

        yeah ive been usingTP5 pix, and those consistently spin a lot so I’m not sure. thanks though!
        Also hoping for a new TP5 review coming soon

  6. What if your course is not one of the pre programmed course on VC400, can you download other courses, also what is shipping cost to UK?

    • Matt Saternus


      You can update courses through the app or through your computer. If your course isn’t mapped, you’d need to contact Voice Caddie.


  7. larry goffron

    how do you change language back to english on the vc 4?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t recall the sequence offhand. I would suggest going online to find the users manual.



  8. Allan C Estrella

    Does it support Bluetooth tech so the voice output is trabsferred to a airpod or hearing aid si as not to bother the other players in your foursome.

    • Matt Saternus


      Interesting question. Not to my knowledge, but I don’t know that for certain.



  9. How do you change holes? I went into another hole fairway and could not get back to the hole I was playing.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry, but I don’t remember off hand. I would suggest consulting the owner’s manual or contact Voice Caddie.



  10. Scottie lacking

    My voice caddie will not turn on ever after charging overnight

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend contacting Voice Caddie for a solution or a replacement.



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