Veylix Arcane Shaft Review

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The Veylix Arcane iron shaft is a solid performer.  The most eye-popping finish in golf.


We’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but, if we’re honest, we do it all the time.  Gear that looks cool simply gets more attention, and that’s something Veylix knows well.  Their Arcane iron shafts don’t come with any unrealistic performance claims, but they do have a look that will encourage triple takes.

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Do I even need to write this section?  While the pictures don’t really do justice to the finish, they should convey that the Veylix Arcane with the Wildeye finish is the most jaw-dropping shaft on the market.  There’s a mix of purple, blue, green, and gold that’s different from batch to batch so that no two shafts are exactly the same.  The graphics are fairly minimal, but with colors like this, they’re just icing on the cake.

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Especially for a graphite iron shaft, there’s very little kick to the Veylix Arcane.  This may give it more appeal to those who are used to steel, but players who want some pop out of their iron shaft may be disappointed.

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Solid.  That’s the word to describe the performance of the Veylix Arcane.  It’s not spectacular, but it’s very solid.  Much like the feel, the performance is reminiscent of steel, heavier steel at that.

The Arcane that I tested weighs in around 90 grams, but it had solid heft to it.  My launch and spin numbers were very similar to what I’m used to with steel shafts like Dynamic Gold and Nippon Modus.  I didn’t see much of a speed boost with the weight loss, but this is a shaft I could put in my gamers without missing a beat.

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If you want to play iron shafts that are unlike anything you or your friends have ever seen, the Veylix Arcane with the Wildeye finish is right up your alley.  The performance is solid and should prove to be an easy transition for players currently swinging steel.

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  1. What’s the price Mat for 5 through pw ?

  2. Hi what weights do a stiff shaft come in looking for some information on this particular shaft. Thanks

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