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V3ktor Golf Putter Review

50 Words or Less

The V3ktor Golf putter is one of the most unusual looking putters you’ll ever see.  Forces a very close, upright address position.  Unorthodox sound.  Produces solid results.


A great deal of putting instruction centers around building a consistent set up.  But wouldn’t it be easier if the putter forced you into that perfect address position?  That’s one of the key ideas behind the highly unorthodox V3ktor putter.  I tested one to find out if this is the next evolution of the flat stick.


As is often the case with unique golf clubs, the responses on social media were not kind.  We were knee deep in “Kill it with fire!” and puke emojis.  Keep in mind that a lot of these people also carp about putter makers who “aren’t original enough.”  There’s no pleasing some people.

Getting back to the actual club, for better or worse, there is simply not one “normal” thing about it.  We can start with the color – white with a red alignment arrow – or we can jump right to the shape.  From address, you see the backwards “3” that the name references.  From other angles, it looks a bit like a table and bench.  In terms of size, it’s in the mid-mallet range, though it looks smaller because the shaft is inserted in the middle of the head.

Sound & Feel

Striking a ball with the V3ktor putter produces a springy sound, almost like a steel drum, but fairly quiet.  Because if you’re going to look this unusual, you may as well sound unusual, too.

One truly interesting thing about the V3ktor that’s easy to overlook is the size of the face.  It’s only slightly wider than the golf ball.  As such, you really can’t mishit it, so there’s almost no feedback.  If you do put the ball on the edge of the face, you won’t need feel or sound to let you know it – the ball is going to go sideways.


When a putter is this unconventional, there’s usually a story.  The V3ktor putter definitely has that.  The first function of this design is to create a consistent set-up.  The head sits square on the ground, and the shaft and lie angle force the golfer fairly close to the ball with their eyes above it.  The narrow putter face leaves less room for deviation in the set up.  Now, with the golfer close to the ball and their elbows tucked in, the stroke should be more straight back straight through.  Finally, the putter has negative loft and a CG above the ball’s equator which should translate to “quick roll initiation.”  You can see the company’s explanation HERE.

My experience with the V3ktor lined up almost perfectly with the company’s description.  The putter really does get you on top of the ball, and you can’t help but make a SBST-type stroke.  Aiming the V3ktor is a bit unusual, but I adapted pretty easily.

Because the V3ktor’s “required” stroke is fairly different from my normal stroke, I kept having the experience of hitting a putt, feeling indifferent about it, then getting a good result.  This was true at short range – where the putter was very accurate – and at long range – where the distance control was surprisingly good.  The face feels very lively which was helpful for me as a player who tends to putt with dying speed.

Overall, I would say that the V3ktor Golf putter does what it claims.  It’s going to get you into a fairly consistent set up which will force a stroke that works well with this putter.  I had solid results right off the bat, and, as with most things, I expect that more time and practice would lead to even better outcomes.


If you’re looking to shake up your putting, you won’t find too many putters further from the norm than the V3ktor.  Costing between $149 and $189, it sits in the middle of the price spectrum and may be a worthy experiment for those seeking to refresh their short game.

Visit V3ktor Golf HERE

Matt Saternus
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  1. So should I keep my eyes open for a collection of Swags hitting eBay soon?

  2. Ron Owens

    I might practice with it for a SHORT time but it definitely wouldn’t make it to my bag.

  3. I watched their video. The sound of this thing when striking the ball would be enough for me to heave it into the woods. He also said the setup forces you to put your eyes directly over the ball. His were no where close. And, for the life of me, I don’t really grasp the negative loft concept. Even with a higher CG on the face, this seems counterproductive.

    I appreciate you showing us this on PIG. I think it would make a nice poker for my fireplace.

  4. BJ Johnson

    Looks interesting as the first real change in putter architecture in long time. Hope it results in results for all and maybe some other new designs.

  5. leo Vincent

    Good idea but i thought that design was illegal The face being shorter than the back.Dave Pelz had a putter long ago that was deemed non conforming because of this

  6. Fil Bernal

    I’ve been struggling with putting alignment. I’m going to try it out.

  7. James Butt

    This putter appears good. I would be interested in seeing some results from tour players, Would you please send me some literature regarding your products.

  8. Jim Rosteck

    Matt I have looked at the website (the putter website) and I understand the setup with respect to the legs etc. However, with the negative loft, where have you been playing the ball relative to your feet? Center, more towards front foot? at front toe?

    Once again your website has kept the golf economy moving :)

    • Matt Saternus


      I always play the ball a little forward of center, and I didn’t change that with the V3ktor.



  9. V3ktor Golf should get a ton of cash and sign Viktor Hovland!
    “Viktor”/”V3ktor”, Get it???
    (Sorry! This seemed much more clever in my mind?

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