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Uswing Golf Sunglasses Review

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Uswing Golf Sunglassses deliver tremendous visual clarity via lenses that can be worn in any light conditions.  Extremely light, flexible frames make these some of the most comfortable sunglasses you can buy.


Uswing may a fairly young company, but they’ve already made coverts out of two household names: Phil Mickelson and Rose Zhang.  The former #1 amateur is a brand ambassador with a signature model, and Phil has been famously sporting Uswing since a 2019 Pro-Am when a Uswing-wearing amateur read a putt better than he could.  Do these sunglasses merit a look from every serious player?  I tested them to find out.

Style & Fit

Uswing Golf Sunglasses come in a variety of styles, but there are some strong stylistic threads that connect the brand.  Most of the designs feature thinner frames, typically metal, and larger lenses.  There are also numerous variations on the aviator style, favored by Uswing ambassadors Rose Zhang and C.T. Pan as well as Uswing enthusiast Phil Mickelson.

The two styles that I tested for this review are the Birdie 005 and the Overcast 002 C (above, top).  They’re a departure from my everyday Wayfarers, but I was pleasantly surprised at how the thin frames balanced the visual impact of the large lenses.

Turning to fit, what stands out about the Uswing golf sunglasses is the flexibility of the frame.  They bend at the slightest pressure, which makes them extremely comfortable.  That said, they never feel brittle or cheap.  The earpieces rest gently without squeezing the side of your head, even if it’s larger than average like mine.


The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up a pair of Uswing golf sunglasses is the weight, or lack thereof.  At 21 grams, they’re among the lightest sunglasses you’ll find.  When I was testing them – actively thinking about my vision – I could still forget that they were on my face.  That’s how light they are.

What I picked up on next is the sharpness and clarity that the Uswing sunglasses provide.  Sunglasses often have a heavy, dulling effect on your vision.  With Uswing, I felt like the edges of objects were a bit more defined.  It’s not a night-and-day difference, but it’s noticeable and impressive.

Hand in hand with that sharpness is the fact that the Uswing golf sunglasses that I tested have a light tint to them.  Said another way, they don’t make your vision overly dark, they just take the top few percent off the brightness.  I could feel my eyes relax when I put them on, but they’re also light enough to wear on overcast days or even indoors.

One final thing to note is that Uswing golf sunglasses are not polarized.  Per Uswing, this keeps them from causing distortion when viewing digital displays.  I don’t have strong feelings about polarized vs. non-polarized; I can just report that I enjoyed the performance of these lenses in a variety of settings.


Uswing golf sunglasses are among the most expensive that I’ve tested for Plugged In Golf.  The two pairs that I tried, the Birdie 005 and the Overcast 002 C, retail for $599 and $659, respectively.  USwing’s full range includes a few pairs at $349 and one as high as $958.

Obviously, there are loads of sunglasses for a fraction of these prices, many of them quite good (check out our recent Tifosi review HERE).  That said, I’ve never tested anything with this combination of light weight and clarity, so Uswing is offering something unique, albeit at a premium price.


Prior to this review, I’d never heard of Uswing golf sunglasses.  Now I count them among some of the best that I’ve tried.  With incredible comfort and great visual clarity, they deliver on all the most important metrics.  They come with a steep price tag, but they back it up with strong performance.

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  1. hi
    is the overcast lens different?

    • Matt Saternus


      If there’s a difference, it’s too subtle for me to notice. Both have a light enough tint that they’re usable during low light.



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