UST Mamiya Recoil 95 & 110 Graphite Iron Shaft Review

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The Recoil 95 and Recoil 110 graphite iron shafts from UST Mamiya feel spectacular.  Smooth action during the swing and a pristine impact feel.  Best for smooth swinging golfers.


One of the most established names in the growing graphite iron shaft space is UST Mamiya’s Recoil.  With many different variants, it’s easy to get confused, so we’re starting our exploration with two of the more common models: Recoil 95 and Recoil 110.


If you want to play graphite iron shafts without calling attention to yourself, the UST Mamiya Recoil is perfect.  These shafts have a glossy, dark silver finish that, at a glance, can easily be confused with steel.  A closer look reveals an attractive, layered graphic package.  The top layer is a white UST Mamiya logo separated from the Recoil branding by a linear design.  A larger UST Mamiya logo is hidden beneath the white in matte grey.  If you want that ultra-clean look at address, just install these shafts logo down.


I need to start at the end, because impact with both Recoil shafts feels sensational.  I installed both versions into a set of forged cavity back irons, and the feel was noticeably elevated.  Contact felt softer and cleaner without any extraneous vibrations.  Mishits also stung a bit less.

During the swing, the Recoil has a gentle load and kick throughout the shaft.  There’s less of a hinge than a feeling that the energy is smoothly transitioning from the grip to the club head.  The Recoil 95 does feel a little more active than the Recoil 110, but it’s a difference of degree, not a categorical shift.


UST is not shy about the performance of the Recoil shafts.  “Better feel, better consistency, and better accuracy” are among their claims for this shaft family.  One thing that really jumped out to me was the idea that these shaft transfer energy 67% more efficiently than steel.

I started my testing with the Recoil 110 shafts.  I fell in love with the feel instantly, so I was hopeful that the performance would live up to UST’s bold claims.  What I found was that, when I kept my swing smooth, the Recoil 110 produced a higher ball flight with slightly more spin than my gamers [WITB HERE].  As a lower launching, low spin player, this was welcome.  I was also impressed with the consistency of the distance and the accuracy.

The “but” – as regular readers know – is that my swing is not always smooth.  Given the slightly lighter weight and softer profile of this shaft compared to my gamer, the accuracy fell off when I went after the ball 100%.

When I tested the Recoil 95 shafts, I saw the same things, just amplified.  The ball flew a hair higher with a little more spin.  I also got a little more ball speed and distance out of the Recoil 95 on my best swings.  The downside was that when I failed to stay smooth, the results got inconsistent.

If you’re a player who has always played tip stiff, Tour-style iron shafts, switching to Recoil will require some time.  However, for players currently using lighter weight or higher launching steel shafts, I think the transition should be quite easy so long as you find the right weight and flex.

The UST Mamiya Recoil 110 is offered in F4 (Stiff) and F5 (X) flexes.  The Recoil 95 is available in F3 (Regular) and F4.  These are two of seventeen total models in the Recoil family, so make sure to see a UST fitter to find the best one for your swing.


The UST Mamiya Recoil 95 and 110 are some of the best feeling iron shafts I’ve hit.  They are smooth during the swing, and they enhance the best parts of impact.  If you’re a smooth swinger who wants a consistent, mid/high ball flight, talk to your fitter about switching into Recoil.

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  1. Martin Eschbach

    Hi Matt, thanks for the review. I have the Recoil 95 in my Mizuno JPX 919 HM Pro’s and I love them. Even bigger mishits you will notice in the ball flight not the hands/arms. Instills confidence, a winner for many I’m positive.

  2. Carl Jones-El

    Just purchased recoil for my irons great feel.

  3. These shafts seem legit, just started testing heavier graphite iron shafts from Aldila myself. Sounds like you could benefit from the Recoil 125 shafts, which admittedly are a little harder to come by unless you go to a UST dealer or Tour rep.

  4. I should say that I’m testing the Aldila RIP Tour 115 which I was able to find in new, uncut condition. Comparing them to my KBS FLT 120 and they’re pretty nice, just from a few shots I hit a week ago. A little lighter but they hold up well and feel great.

    • I’m thinking about switching from dynamic gold S300 to the UST F4 stiff flex on a set of new Ben Hogan direct to consumer irons and am wanting higher trajectory in the long irons. Am wondering if this will likely work and also if it is normal to lengthen the shafts in order to account for more flexion at impact?

      • Matt Saternus


        The only way to know for sure is to get a fitting. Club Champion fits Ben Hogan clubs, so my advice would be to give them a visit.


  5. Great review Matt! I played the Recoil 110 F4 for several years and really loved them for the most part. They take the sting out, but are still pretty crisp feeling and not at all whippy like some graphite. I tend to get quick though and they can magnify a right to left shot way more than you’d expect. I recently bought a new set of irons with DG 105 R300 and they are much more stable in the tip without being harsh. If my swing smooths out in my old age I can see going back to the Recoils though.

  6. Golfermanjim

    Matt, I was just fitted into the Recoil 95’s yesterday. I had previously used the Elevate 95 shafts due to a progressive arthritic condition that basically affects all of my joints, specifically my back, to go along with a condition that affects both of my hands. I chose the F4’s, soft stepped 1x as I hit the F3 too high. I almost chose the ES SmacWrap 780 F4, but I just couldn’t feel the club head. My 7 iron SS 83 MPH, Ball Speed 110, 163 yd carry with the Srixon ZX5. 5800 spin with a descent angle of 47. The Recoil 95 shaft just felt so good and the dampening effect was so much better than the Elevate 95’s. This product will keep me on the course for years to come.

    • Hi mate,
      Would you mind me reaching out? Very similar conditions by the sound of it, also in elevate 95’s now haha. Also Srixons.

      No stress if too hard basket but would love to connect


  7. I love my recoils for my irons – what UST shafts have the same feel for my driver?

    • Matt Saternus


      Feel is subjective, so my best advice is to get a fitting and try a lot of different options.



    • I have recoil 110 f5 in my irons. I have found the project x evenflow wood and hybrid shafts seem match well. Using the even flow white in driver and fairway and black in the hybrid. All 6.5 flex.

  8. Phil Swinard

    I am a advanced level coach with a semi disabled left. Shoulder ( no deltoid) Club head speed around 80 and am playing Ping i210 with reg nippon shaft. Wish to move to the i525 with a Miyama Recoil Graphic shaft to help with shaft loading and lag.
    I am Ping Green fitting with medium width handle. Can you and advise which shaft to fit.

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is to get fit. No one can credibly fit you for a shaft over the internet.



  9. Everyone knows the best way to get what you need is to get fit. I wish people in these forums would realize we want best guess when we ask what might be a good fit. To have people continue to answer requests for input with the response “get fit” you are just being lazy and disrespectful to those looking for input. WE ALL KNOW TO GET FIT IS BEST….stop avoiding the questions and give some useful feedback.

    • Matt Saternus


      I strongly disagree. I think the majority of golfers don’t know that getting fit is the best way to buy clubs, which is why I continue to produce content about the importance of fitting. And if giving someone the best advice is “lazy and disrespectful” to you, so be it.


      • I must agree with William to a degree, Matt. I’ve been reading your reviews for years. Perhaps you’re undervaluing your sage experience and advice with all these clubs and shafts and what that can mean to us regular regulars out there on the course. Yes getting fit is best, but it’s expensive and time consuming. If you continually reply with no suggestions or comparisons and simply say “get fit” then you miss opportunity to help your greatest fans. A simple comparison to another option can help greatly. I agree that if one is buying a new iron set you should get fit. But, there are opportunities for you to help with a reply that suggests “this apple” compares closely to “your apple”, or on the other hand, this is an orange so stay away. I have at times thought you are paid by Club Champion because you mention them so much lol. Your other reviewers provide far more specific feedback. We all know there are “types” of players in all skill levels and that some have distinct similarities or vast differences in technique. I think William is asking for you to simply play the “suggester”game better because otherwise readers could reply, “What’s it matter what you think Matt because even though my swing speed, transition and tempo are the same as yours, and I hit the exact same iron shafts, this game is so subjective and nuanced that it will never matter and I’m wasting my time”. Any logical reader knows your suggestions are going out on the veritable limb and they shouldn’t expect anything before they get fit lol. Keep up the great reviews! BTW, where would you suggest I get fit? LOL

  10. I have the recoil 95 f5 in my srixon zx 18* and it is so smooth and very stable at the same time WOW I can’t say enough great things about this shaft just amazing

  11. Steve Locke

    Would the Recoil 95 be a potential good match for a 7 iron smooth swing speed of 75 mph? From what I have read about torque (I’m no expert) is that a smooth (non aggressive) swing should use graphite shafts with torque rating at or above 3.5.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s not a bad idea as a starting point, but I guarantee that I can find one 4.0 torque shaft that you love and another that you’d never want to swing again. There is no substitute for an in person fitting.


  12. Matt. Thanks for the review. My questions are how does the weight change of the Recoil 95 shafts throughout the irons effect the ball flight, flex feel of the shaft, stiffness and any other aspect of playing these irons. Being only able to hit a 6 or 7 iron does not give me a feel for my 3-4 or 9- pitch flight, feel etc. Thanks

  13. Hi Matt,

    I play F3 UST Mamiya graphite shafts in my Cobra F9S. I’m looking at the F4s in both 95 and 110 prototype. I find the 95s harder to locate. They would be more ideal for my club head speed. What’s your sense of the difference between the 95s and 110s?

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