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The most comfortable shoes in golf or anywhere else.  Looks great on and off the course.


Since the introduction of their first shoe, TRUE Linkswear has been synonymous with comfort.  They were also synonymous, at least in the first year or two, with shoes that had a…unique…look.  In 2014, TRUE is upping their style game in a big way while maintaining their signature comfort.  That’s a winning combination.

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What can I say that hasn’t already been said about TRUEs?  They’re simply the most comfortable shoes in golf or anywhere else.  From the very first time you put them on until that sad day when you have to throw them out, these shoes will baby your feet and make you want to walk every course you play.  If comfort is your highest priority, your golf shoe search starts and stops with TRUE.

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In addition to comfort, TRUE is best known for designing shoes that mimic a barefoot feel.  These shoes feature zero heel drop (the heel is at the same level as the toes), an extremely thin and flexible sole, and are very light weight.  As someone who has been wearing barefoot-type shoes in all aspects of his life for a number of years, I do believe that there are serious performance benefits from this design approach.  Among those benefits are superior balance and posture and the ability to feel and use the ground more effectively during the swing.

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Available in both canvas and suede, the TRUE Linkswear Oxford is a head turner that looks great both on and off the course.   The branding is minimal, leaving a very clean looking shoe.  It has a dressed up yet laid back look that could pair easily with nearly any outfit.

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Whether you’re a longtime barefoot advocate or someone interested in trying out this style of shoe for the first time, TRUE Linkswear is the company you’ll want to check out.  They do the barefoot-style shoe better than anyone else, deliver immeasurable comfort, and, now, they have the style that will make you wear your golf shoes everywhere.

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