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The TRUE Linkswear Elements golf shoe pairs the company’s trademark feel with technology that keeps your feet dry and comfortable regardless of the conditions.

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The concept behind the TRUE Linkswear Elements is simple enough: make a shoe that you can golf in regardless of the conditions.  The result, however, was unexpected: the most comfortable shoes in golf got more comfortable.

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The Elements, just like all TRUE golf shoes, are tremendously comfortable in terms of the cushioning and flexibility.  They have a zero-drop design, meaning that your heel isn’t elevated above your toes.  This barefoot feel is, to me, essential to feeling the ground and having great balance.

What’s new in the Elements is the addition of Outlast.  Outlast is a material developed by NASA to keep the wearer from getting too hot or too cold.  Over the last year or two I’ve picked up a handful of garments with Outlast, and they never fail to impress, but the Elements may use it better than anything else.  It’s one thing for a shoe to be breathable, but with the Elements it felt like there was a fan blowing on my feet while I was walking on hot days.  On colder days, the Outlast kept my toes from getting chilled.  This is a great material put to exceptional use.

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The look of the TRUE Linkswear Elements is very much in line with past offerings from TRUE.  It has a bit of the street shoe/athletic shoe look, but it’s done in a toned down way that any golfer could wear.  The three colorways are all pretty staid – black, white, and grey with a splash of lime – which make them perfect for your every day golf shoe.


The headline feature for the Elements is the waterproofing.  Rather than simply telling you that they’re waterproof, that I walked through heavy dew and puddles without getting wet, I decided to show you.  Check out the video above to see how the Elements held up against a garden hose torture test.  One thing I didn’t mention in the video is this: these shoes are guaranteed waterproof for two years, which is as good as anything you’ll find in the industry.

The other major performance feature is the sole.  The thing that I’ve come to realize about TRUE’s zero-drop, flexible sole is that in addition to improving balance, it does a lot to enhance traction.  Picture a rigid sole in your mind.  As you swing and shift your weight, parts of the sole come off the ground, meaning the best spikes in the world can’t help you use the ground.  With TRUE’s flexible sole, by contrast, every bit of the sole that can stay in touch with the ground does which keeps you in balance and helps you to generate more power from the ground.  This is a serious performance booster, especially in slippery, wet conditions.

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If you’re the “golf in any weather” type, you probably have at least a couple pairs of golf shoes: a comfortable pair for good weather and a waterproof pair that you tolerate on wet days.  With the arrival of the TRUE Linkswear Elements, you can get the best of both in one shoe.  The Elements is both perfectly waterproof and one of, if not the, most comfortable shoe ever from the company that has made its name on pampering your feet.

Matt Saternus


  1. Mark Farbman


    You should have noted the design flaw that somehow traps dirt between the breathable mesh and the outer lining which makes the white shoes look like they are years old after just 9 holes of use.

    The shoes feel good, but are embarrassing to wear to the course.

    • Matt Saternus


      I have way more than 9 holes on mine, and I can’t say that I’ve encountered the problem you’re talking about.


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