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The TPT Red Range driver shaft is created using an automated continuous fiber process and premium materials, resulting in manufacturing precision and performance consistency.  Wonderful, unique feel.  Online fitting program is simple, and the recommended shaft provided excellent results.

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TPT hit the Plugged In Golf radar 5 years ago when a Swiss carbon composite company hosted a launch party for a new golf shaft with David Leadbetter at his fitting studio in Orlando.  We learned then that TPT looks at carbon composite applications differently, applying advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to make high performance products better.  And when they turned their focus to golf shafts, the results were impressive – check out our reviews HERE.

The new TPT Red Range of seamless golf shafts has two storylines.   The primary headline is the new materials that TPT has utilized for the Red Range.  The new Thin-Ply 2.0 carbon-fiber prepreg is two times stronger and three times tougher than the material used in the original Blue Range shafts.

The secondary headline is TPT’s new online fitting program.  I’ll get into the specifics in the Performance section below, but let me sum it up in one word:  simple.  Does it negate the need to get fit – in person – as we at Plugged In Golf preach?  Keep reading to find out.


The TPT Red Range shaft has a camo-like pattern that gives the shaft distinction without being distracting.  I really like the matte finish.  Branding is crisp and modern looking.

The new Red Range shafts also have a revamped naming structure, with simple “profiles” consisting of a number from 14 to 21 and Hi or Lo.  You won’t find any reference to flex on the shafts or in TPT spec charts – TPT considers the non-standardized classifications confusing and often ego driven.


It had been a few years since I hit the original Blue Range shaft, but one swing with the new Red Range brought back fond memories of how wonderful the feel of at TPT shaft is.  Solid yet smooth.  Stable yet responsive.

The 19 Hi I tested weighs in at 52 grams and is designed for, as you may have guessed, a higher launch.  While that combination can often feel whippy, that descriptor never entered my mind with this TPT Red Range shaft.  TPT describes the Hi shafts as having “smooth bend profiles that become gradually softer from the butt section to the tip section.”  On the other end of the profile spectrum, Lo shafts feature reinforced tip sections.


During my first range test session, I was impressed with the consistency of the results with the TPT Red Range shaft.  Trajectories were high and dispersion tight.  Gathering data at Club Champion, my observations were confirmed.  Although my spin was on the low side, the launch angle provided a strong trajectory and great roll-out.  Even my poor swings didn’t seem as penal.

Before I get deeper into the shaft design and performance, let me share the online fitting experience.  The process asks four questions, starting with swing speed (broken down into 10 mph segments).  Next comes trajectory – do you prefer a higher or lower ball flight.  Third is dispersion related and asks if you want to reduce a fade/slice or draw/hook.  The final question is whether you prefer a shaft heavier or lighter than 59.5 grams.  That’s it.

The program nearly instantaneously displays the recommended shaft (including tipping, if appropriate) and then takes you to a screen for shaft options where you enter brand and model of the head and select a grip.  The shaft arrives fully assembled.


Was the 19Hi selected by the online program the perfect Red Range shaft for me?  Probably.  The performance data certainly supports the idea that it’s a great fit.  But part of me will always wonder if a certified TPT fitter might be able to boost my results with a tweak to the 19Hi or with another shaft in the series.  My only other quibble with the TPT experience is the limited grip selection.  Golf Pride Tour Velvet and Lamkin Crossline grips are certainly popular, but a few more options would be nice.  I don’t expect TPT to stock every grip on the market, but for $600 a larger selection seems appropriate.  That aside, let me conclude on a positive by saying that while the engineer in me appreciates the consistency that the state-of-the-art, automated precision winding process creates, my true appreciation of the TPT Red Range shaft lies in its ability to consistently find the fairway.


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  1. Thank you for the review. I’ve played the TPT Red for a couple of years and in the Series 19 in the Ping G425 and Callaway Rogue ST, both at 9 degrees. My SS is about 92-96 and my fitter brought the loft on the Rogue St down to 8 degrees as the 19 series delivers some height but the right spin for that speed – 2300-2500.

    Smooth shaft, kicks well, consistent. The Red Range is very reliable.

  2. Are you playing this shaft now?

    • Matt Meeker

      I had my preferred Golf Pride MCC+4 installed and am going to give the shaft a few weeks in the bag.

      Thanks for reading.

      – Meeks

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