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50 Words or Less

The Tour Striker Plane Station will add precision and consistency to your practice whether your hitting off grass or mats.  A very versatile training aid.

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Martin Chuck says that he developed the Tour Striker Plane Station for all the players stuck hitting off mats during the winter (or year round).  I say that he’s selling his latest training aid short: the Plane Station is a must-have way to add more consistency and precision to your practice drills regardless of where you practice.

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Ease of Use & Setup

Like many of Martin Chuck’s other training aids, the Tour Striker Plane Station can be set up in seconds, but you may never discover its full range of uses.  If you watch the video, you’ll get at least a dozen different drills, and you’ll understand how to create dozens more.


In simplest terms, the Tour Striker Plane Station is a block of wood with a bunch of holes drilled in it.  Each hole is drilled at a different angle (all labeled, of course) to allow you to set up drills.  The Plane Station kit also comes with alignment rods and connectors to attach them together.  With these tools, you can set up drills to swing over or under certain planes, move or stabilize different body parts, or even create targets for your ball.

What makes the Plane Station effective is that it enables you to set up your drills with perfect consistency.  This is why I think it’s as valuable outdoors as it is indoors.  When you’re on grass you can shove an alignment stick into the ground, but how do you know the exact angle?  You don’t.  With the Plane Station you can set it perfectly at 50 degrees in seconds.  If you want consistency on the course, you need consistency in practice, and the Plane Station gives you that.

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Short of smashing the Tour Striker Plane Station with a truly errant swing, this is a training aid that will last forever both in terms of durability and usefulness.  As I’ve mentioned, the number of drills you can set up with the Plane Station is practically limitless.  Additionally, it’s small enough to put in your bag or your car for every trip to the range.

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The Tour Striker Plane Station retails through the Tour Striker website for $59.99.  This is just over half of my “average” training aid price of $100, and the tremendous versatility makes it a great value for teachers and players alike.

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No matter what part of your game you’re trying to fix or where you’re trying to fix it, the Tour Striker Plane Station can make your practice more consistent and effective.  This is a training aid with nearly limitless uses that should be in the bag of every serious grinder.

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