Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 & E524 Hybrid Review

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 hybrid is easy to hit and versatile.  Mid launch and spin.  The Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 hybrid has higher launch and spin with a very strong draw bias.


While many people point to drivers when talking about the rising price of clubs, I’ve noticed it most in fairway woods and hybrids.  This year, we’re seeing those two segments blast through the $300 barrier.  Tour Edge, however, is burnishing their reputation as “Golf’s Most Solid Investment” with the new Hot Launch C524 & E524 hybrids.  As with last year’s models [review HERE], they’re offering modern performance at a throwback price.


Of all the Tour Edge Hot Launch 524 clubs, the two hybrids are the most similar.  Both have similarly short faces, more like fairway woods than irons.  They also share the Ridgeback Technology on the crown which provides some alignment help.  All that said, there are still meaningful differences between the two.

The Hot Launch E524 hybrid has the larger footprint.  It’s longer from front to back with a rounded shape.  Additionally, the offset is more noticeable in the E524, and it wants to sit a bit closed at address.

Side by side, the Hot Launch C524 hybrid is noticeably shorter from front to back.  It also has a slight pear shape which is enhanced by the Ridgeback Technology.  The long, shallow face with fairway wood-like score lines gave me a lot of confidence in elevating this club off the turf.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 hybrid has a snappy sound at impact.  The volume is a bit below average, and it’s very consistent across the face.  The one exception is the heel which is noticeably louder.

Your feedback will come mainly through your hands which get a medium quick feel if you’re near the center.  The C524 hybrid is somewhere in the middle of the bell curve, feeling neither super solid nor hollow.

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The Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 hybrid has a similar feela little quick, a little solid.  You won’t get a big change in the character of the feel when you miss one, but you’ll be able to sense the impact location through your hands.

Surprisingly, the impact sound of the E524 hybrid is a bit quieter than the C524.  It’s not a massive difference, but it’s fairly obvious when you hit them side by side.  Pure strikes have a very crisp impact sound, but the volume is dialed down.


As with the other Hot Launch 524 clubs that I’ve tested, Tour Edge has done a good job of differentiating these two hybrids while allowing them to share some key traits.  One thing I noticed immediately about both hybrids is their shaft length.  While most 19* hybrids are 40.5″ or longer, these measure 39.75″.  That may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a smart way to help golfers get a little more consistency.  While every golfer should get fit for the length that suits their body and swing, opting for a shorter shaft can be beneficial, especially for higher handicap players.

Sticking with the idea of consistency, both the E524 hybrid and C524 hybrid have very good forgiveness.  Neither has elite ball speed, but the speed numbers are consistent across the face.

While both hybrids are easy to get airborne, launch angle is one area where the two clubs separate a bit.  The Hot Launch C524 hybrid tended to launch on an mid trajectory for me.  I found that the Hot Launch E524 hybrid launched a degree or two higher.  I could also feel the E524 hybrid’s Houdini Sole offer some additional help when I get the club into the ground too early.

Another key differentiator between the two hybrids is the level of draw bias.  In the Hot Launch E524 hybrid, the draw bias is advertised with a weight in the heel.  This club is a legitimate slice killer.  I had to hit the ball all the way in the heel or make an exaggerated cut swing to get the ball the fly straight.  In contrast, the Hot Launch C524 hybrid has some draw bias, but it’s not nearly as extreme.  My “straight” swing produced a modest draw, and I could get the ball to cut with some effort.

Finally, I found the Hot Launch E524 hybrid to be higher spinning than the Hot Launch C524 hybrid.  Relative to other hybrids, the C524 hybrid has spin that’s about average, giving it a strong ball flight.  The E524 hybrid has higher than average spin which gave it more stopping power on the greens.  Higher spin is also necessary to optimize carry distance for players with slower swings.


The Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 hybrid is a great choice for the good or improving golfer who needs a reliable long game club.  Higher handicap players or players at any level who fight a slice will love the Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 hybrid.  Either way, adding one of these to your bag won’t empty your pockets.

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Tour Edge Hot Launch C524 Hybrid Specs

Tour Edge Hot Launch E524 Hybrid Specs

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