Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Putter Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman putter is a high performance mallet with meaningful alignment technology.  Multiple configurations allow it to fit players with different putting strokes.


For most of my golfing life, if you had asked me to give you a word association for Tour Edge Exotics, it would be “fairway woods.”  In the last couple years, however, the words most connected to TEE have changed to “over deliver” or “exceed expectations.”  With the EXS and EXS 220 lines, plus their Hot Launch clubs, Tour Edge has become the brand that gives golfers more for their money than anyone else.  That trend continues with their new Wingman putter.


The first thing that grabs your eye when you set down the Tour Edge Exotics Wingman is the Lock-On Contrast Alignment Technology.  That’s TEE’s name for the thick white stripe bisected by a thin black line.  What’s important to recognize is that it’s not just about aiming, it’s also about getting a consistent set up.  When you have your putter soled and your hands in the right spot, the black lines on the top and in the flange connect (above).  However, when you see the black lines separated (below), you know your set up is off.

Overall, the Wingman is a sharp looking mallet.  My favorite thing about it is the size – it’s surprisingly compact given the modern shape.  The carbon fiber sole plate enhances the idea that this is a putter designed to give you a performance boost.

It’s also worth noting that the Wingman comes with a KBS CT Tour putter shaft.  Its black PVD finish looks cool and gives the Wingman a premium feel.

Sound & Feel

The Micro-Groove Face on the Wingman produces one of the softest, most muted feelings in recent memory.  On short putts, its like hitting the ball with a pillow.  Longer putts produce the gentlest of “tock” sounds.  I felt that this muted sound corresponded precisely with the way the ball gently rolled off the face.

One downside of the softer feel and quieter impact sound is that the feedback is minimal.  This is further exacerbated by the high MOI design – even extreme misses don’t cause the putter to twist.  You’ll need to pay close attention to your stroke to know if you’re hitting the ball in the center of the face.


The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman comes in three different configurations.  Pictured here is the Wingman 01 which has 30 degrees of toe hang and a slant neck.  Wingman 02 is face balanced with a double bend shaft for the player with less arc in their stroke.  Wingman 03 is also face balanced but it is center shafted and has a slightly different look at address (no thick white alignment line).  This variety shows Tour Edge’s commitment to offering golfers a quality, well-fit putter.

Beyond the different fitting options, the Wingman sports three key performance features.  First is the aforementioned Lock-On Technology.  This isn’t an entirely novel feature, but it’s well executed here and has a real impact on making putts.  Do note that you’ll undermine the effectiveness of Lock-On Technology if the putter isn’t bent to the lie angle you need, so make sure you get fit.

Additionally, the Wingman has a high MOI thanks to the shape and the carbon fiber sole plate.  This keeps mishit putts on line and gives them the speed to get to the hole.  Finally, the Wingman has interchangeable weights to let you dial in swing weight.  The putter comes standard with 3 gram weights but 8 and 15 gram weights are available.

What immediately stood out to me when I started using the Wingman was that it doesn’t feel like a mallet.  Often high MOI mallets feel like swinging a sledge hammer, and I lose all sense of speed and club face control.  Thanks to the combination of its smaller size and well-fit toe hang, the Wingman felt natural in my hands which led to great results right out of the gate.  I enjoyed the confidence boost I got from knowing my set up was correct before making each stroke, and the high MOI forgave the occasional poor swing.


With more and more run of the mill putters priced at $250, $300, and beyond, the Tour Edge Exotics Wingman is a welcome change.  For $200, you get a putter that has a bevy of performance features and fitting options.  If you’re in the market for a new flat stick, this one definitely deserves a look.

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  1. Always like Tour Edge products. Great value w performance

  2. kevin murphy

    Tour Edge ill tell ya i.purcheased a cobra F9 driver last year and replaced it with a callaway mavrik Max Driver both driver are in my closet because I purchased the tour edge 220 line driver and it the best move I’ve made!!! What a driver ,,long,forgiving,came with one of the best shafts out there in a reg flex, I gave driver head a very good look over and the craftsmanship is Top Qulity second to none!!! Ty tour edge and I have another review for fairways for another day!!! Enjoy everyone!!!!


    Tour Edge Golf produces outstanding golf equipment! I’m a senior,@76, hold a USGA H/C 4.2 and have been beating my age since I was 71. I play TE woods, hybrids & irons w/graph senior flex shafts. TE custom-fitted my clubs; they perform better than the 6 sets of high$ sticks I now own. Yes-I a golf nut own 2 doz putters (6 Scotty C) . I can’t wait to try the new TE mallet!

  4. Just bought the Tour edge Wingman 02 and have yet to test it out on course but feels and looks great. Putting is not only about the process but also confidence in the equipment and I feel like I will make more putts so excited for my next game

  5. The putter looks nice is well made, premium shaft and grip. The alignment aid works fantastic it really helps in consistent setup. The only and biggest issue is sound and feel. The big empty area behind the sole plate produces a very unappealing sound and feel. The noise also varies greatly depending on contact. Maybe it is better outside which I have not tried. I end up taking some lead weight and foam and putting it in the sole plate which made it much better. I liked the putter so much I bought the second generation which after using has a much better feel and sound with the same benefits as the first.

  6. Bernie Reece

    Well so far I have purchased the exotic driver, 5 wood and 7 wood. Debating on irons and have not looked at the putter yet

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