Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Driver Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver is the best TEE driver I’ve ever hit and the best driver of 2017 that no one’s talking about.


Tour Edge Exotics built their brand on fairway woods that could fly it past many drivers.  TEE drivers, while always solid, have never gotten the buzz of their smaller brothers.  However, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a test a spot in your bag, as my testing of the EX10 shows.


The EX10 driver stays in line with previous Tour Edge Exotics offerings from a visual standpoint.  The gloss black crown is large, round, and symmetrical, and the face appears slightly taller than average.  Offsetting the bulk is the fact that TEE keeps the look clean – a simple “E” alignment aid on the crown and a toned-down sole design.

In the standard setting, the EX10 sits a little closed at address.  There are two degrees of adjustability in each direction, so you can set it slightly open or really closed if you prefer.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver falls into the “above average” group when it comes to volume.  This would usually be a negative for me, but the pitch is low enough that I really enjoyed it.  It’s a bass-y assertion of the might of your tee shot.

Feedback from the EX10 is very good.  Mishits are quieter than pure strikes, and you can locate shots precisely through feel.


The EX10 driver may be the sleeper of 2017.  This driver has big time ball speed, launches it high, and has very low spin.

Beyond just being low spin, I was impressed with the consistency of the launch and spin numbers.  Most people think about forgiveness only in terms of ball speed, but ball speed does little good if the launch and spin are terrible.  On mishits, the EX10 maintained high launch and low spin.  Even shots hit on the very bottom of the face were staying around 2000 RPM.

The EX10 driver is only available in 10 and 12 degree heads, but there’s room to adjust in the new hosel system.  You can add or subtract up to two degrees of loft, and also make substantial changes to the face angle.  I set mine all the way open (Lower) so that I could have my preferred look at address.

Just like the EX10 fairway woods, the EX10 driver has an adjustable weight in the back of the head.  The stock weight is 9 grams, and 6, 12, and 14 gram weights are available for purchase separately.  This offers great flexibility for those that want to alter swing weight or maintain swing weight while changing the length of the driver.


The Tour Edge Exotics EX10 driver is not going to compete with the TaylorMades and Callaways of the world when it comes to marketing budgets.  If that kind of thing matters to you, don’t bother testing it.  However, if you care about how the club actually performs, the EX10 is the rival of anything on the market.  Put it into a line up at your next fitting or demo day and prepare to be impressed.

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Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Andy Greenwald

    Which shaft did you end up testing with? I tend to worry about these 50 gram driver shafts

  2. Thanks, Matt. Your enthusiasm for this brand is contagious! The only or biggest problem I see with Tour Edge is the lack of retail shelf space or availability. They need to get some penetration into the big box stores….otherwise I see them struggling in the absence of some sort of 30-day money back guarantee or aggressive online promotion.

  3. Chris C.

    I started the year with the EX 10 and moved on to the vaunted Epic. I am now thinking of returning to the EX 10 but with heavier shaft. I was fitted into the light weight AD 50 shaft. Alas! I forgot that I never ever have carried any indoor testing results outdoors. As soon as I tried to game the light weight shaft while standing in 30 degree temperatures and 30 mph winds, all hell broke loose. I am curious as to what shaft you tested in your review.

  4. The EX10 series has been a revelation. Hybrids, FW, and driver are all just rocket Ships! And, the best part? They are significantly cheaper and you’re not part of the herd. I did not like the Aldiss Max shaft; but, since you save money on the clubs, you can drop in a shaft of your choosing (I’m using the Fujikura Speeder XLR8). Anyway, great review.

  5. Hello Matt,

    I really enjoy reading your reviews! I am in the market to possibly change out my Driver and this one had not entered into my thought process. I will definitely put the EX10 on the list to hit and check out. I am pretty excited about the fact that they are offering the Bassara as one of the stock shafts.

  6. TEE have made some of the best hybrids and particularly Fairway woods. Have used then exclusively for years now. Tried others but have always gone back. Good to hear the drivers have caught up. And they offer lifetime warranties on their heads. I cracked a XCG4 driver head. They were out of stock so replaced it with an XCG5. They deserve to grow.

  7. Thanks for the review Matt. Not sure if you ever hit one, but Tour Edge had a Tour Exotics Proto driver from around 2007 that was a fantastic club…in fact I still have it and occasionally compare it to latest and greatest and it still gives me great performance, even though it’s 10 years old now. As far as tour edge goes, would you say this is the best driver they’ve come out with over the last several product cycles….if so I’m going to try it. Keep up the great honest reviews.

  8. Have you seen or tried the Tour Edge EXS driver that is being sold on revolution golf? If so, what are your thoughts

  9. Re: EX-10 Driver sole weight.
    I am hitting this club very well…good control…would love a little more distance…
    The club always seems a bit on the light side….if I replace the sole weight….will I get more distance?
    11 or 14 gr.?
    Thanx for the info…mark

    • Matt Saternus


      3 grams isn’t likely to do much other than change the swing weight and feel of the club a little bit.



  10. John Shakespear

    How do I set the ex10 to a draw

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