Tour Edge Exotics C723 Fairway Wood Review

Tour Edge Exotics C723 Fairway Wood

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The Tour Edge Exotics C723 fairway wood is like two clubs in one thanks to movable weights.  Additional weights unlocks even more performance options.  Can be forgiving or very high performance.


An increasing number of things make me feel old these days.  Among them is the fact that a lot of younger golfers don’t know that Tour Edge Exotics built its brand on fairway woods that became modern classics.  Though the company is now better known for delivering huge value and its stable of Champions Tour players, they still know how to built top notch fairway woods as evidenced by the new C723.

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The Tour Edge Exotics C723 fairway wood is a mid-sized club with a round, symmetrical shape.  Its crown is primarily covered in carbon fiber, but the front edge is a glossy black.  The face is average in height and has scoring lines across the entire face, something that’s preferred by many skilled players.

In the bag, the C723 FW puts the attention on the Flight Tuning System.  The two weights surround the FTS logo and demand a closer inspection.  As is common this year, the Tour Edge Exotics and C723 branding have been pushed to the toe and heel of the sole.

Side by side, the E723 [review HERE] and C723 fairway woods are not as radically different as the hybrids.  At a glance, you could even confuse one for the other.  A closer look, however, tells you that the C723 (left) has a more trim shape, not as thick behind the heel and toe.  It’s also about 1/8″ shorter from heel-to-toe and 1/4″ shorter from front-to-back.

Tour Edge Exotics C723 Fairway Wood face

Sound & Feel

Striking a Tour-caliber golf ball with the Tour Edge Exotics C723 fairway wood produces a low pitched, metallic “crack.”  The C723 is a bit quieter than its brother the E723, but it’s still a little above average in volume.  Off-center strikes are announced with an impact sound that’s louder than pure strikes.

The feel of impact tilts toward solid more than quick.  This club delivers a robust feel that belies the thin titanium face.  Feedback through the hands is subtle, but you can locate impact if you’re paying attention.


This is the third year of TEE releasing twin lines, the E and C [check out last year’s C722 FW HERE].  The E stands for Extreme Spec (high forgiveness) and the C is for Competition (skilled players).  What they’ve secretly unlocked with their Flight Tuning System is the ability to create a middle ground.

Tour Edge Exotics C723 Fairway Wood sole

The Flight Tuning System in the Tour Edge Exotics C723 fairway wood consists of two weights – one at the rear of the head, one at the front.  The C723 FW comes stock with weights of 5 and 15 grams, but weights ranging up to 21 grams are available.  This system gives you the ability to dial in exactly the amount of forgiveness and spin that you want.

For my testing, I started with the heavier weight back.  This is what I refer to as the D723 setting – not as forgiving at the E723, but not as demanding as many C clubs.  In this configuration, the C723 was very straight with solid consistency.  It launched fairly easily, ball speed was good across the face, and the spin was medium-low.

With the 15 gram weight forward, this club changes completely.  The top end performance goes through the roof, but you need to bring your best swings.  On pure strikes, the weight forward unlocks significantly more ball speed and much lower spin.  The downside is that your mishits can be short and crooked.

Thanks to all the available weights, you don’t need to live in the extremes if you don’t want to.  You can balance the performance with two 10 gram weights.  You can skew it slightly forward with 8 and 12 grams.  And nothing requires you to keep the total weight at 20 grams – lighter or heavier swing weights may be beneficial.

Along with all the possibilities of the FTS, Tour Edge Exotics also gave the C723 an adjustable hosel.  There are eight settings that give you the ability to add or subtract 1.5 degrees of loft, change the face angle, and manipulate lie angle across 3 degrees.  With this flexibility, and three loft offerings, every player should be able to get the exact combination of loft and face angle they prefer.


Like its big brother, the C723 driver [review HERE], the Tour Edge Exotics C723 fairway wood is a strong performer that will find a very warm reception among the gear herds and tinkerers.  With just the stock weights, this is really two clubs in one.  Buy an array of different weights, and you can give this club a new personality for every day of the week.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Seeing you mention creating a “D723” makes me curious about doing the same with the E723… putting it in the “less forgiving” configuration and seeing how those results would work out. A sandbox of possibilities for the tinkerer!

    • Matt Saternus


      The E723 only has one weight port at the back of the head, so you can’t move weight forward.



  2. Will there be an E723 fairway review as well?

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