Toulon Design Memphis Putter Review

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50 Words or Less

The Toulon Design Memphis putter is a traditional mallet with unique proportions.  Firmer feel than the rest of the line.


I’ve often said that designing putters can be a thankless job.  When you put out a classic design, you’re called a copycat.  When you step out and try something unique, more often than not you’re rebuffed for making something ugly.

In the mix with their Anser and Anser 2-style putters, Toulon Design has the Memphis, a traditional mallet of their own design.  Is it that rare design that’s new and successful or a miss?  I’ll answer that in this review.

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The Toulon Design Memphis is strikingly long from front to back.  Overall, it has a very minimalist look – just sloping bumpers, a cavity, and single sight line – but the dimensions make it unique.  The picture above doesn’t really communicate this well, but the putter is shorter than expected from heel-to-toe and longer from front-to-back.

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Sound & Feel

The feel of most of Toulon Design’s putters are nearly identical, but the Memphis is a bit different.  The feel is noticeably firmer than the blades and the impact sound is louder.  I expect this is largely due to the huge sole plate.

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The Memphis putter uses both its large size and a multi-material sole plate to give golfers more forgiveness.  The concept of using a mix of materials is certainly nothing new, but the results here are quite solid.  The long body provides a bit more forgiveness than you’d expect from a traditional mallet.

The Memphis is a bit heavier than the other Toulon Design putters.  The head weight is 360, 373, or 393 grams depending on the sole plate that you choose.  It’s also the only face balanced putter in Toulon Design’s initial run.

Toulon Design Memphis Putter_0075


The initial line from Toulon Design is largely based around executing really well on classic designs.  The Memphis shows they can also put their own spin on the classics.  If you’re looking for a traditional mallet that has a little bit of its own flavor, check this out.

Matt Saternus

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