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The 20 Minute Distance Fix in the Top Speed Golf System by Clay Ballard sounds like clickbait, but it works.  Very easy to find an extra 5 MPH or more in your swing.  Bigger gains possible with the full program.


Let’s be honest, the name “20 Minute Distance Fix” sounds like the kind of clickbait BS that I love to destroy.  But this program was recommended to me by Lou Stagner whose work I have huge respect for [read more HERE], so I wanted to give it a chance.  Was there more speed in my swing just waiting to be unlocked?  Let’s find out.

Lesson Content & Presentation

The 20 Minute Distance Fix content is broken into six sections.  In the first segment, you get a short intro, the 20 minute Quick Start lesson, and a ten minute audio piece on mindset.  Section two is not required and largely discusses speed measuring devices.

Sections three through five each cover one week of training.  Each of these sections has six to eight videos that explain the drills for the week and also discuss the “Big Hitter Mindset.”  This may seem silly, but I think these videos are really important for quieting your anxieties and dealing with common issues.  The final segment has five videos about training indoors and dealing with directional issues.

Most videos are 15 minutes of less, and Clay Ballard does a good job of making his points clearly without repeating himself too much.  It doesn’t hurt his credibility that Clay can swing the driver over 120 MPH.

There’s a lot more content on the Top Speed Golf site, but this review is focused on the 20 Minute Distance Fix.


For this review, I put myself through the initial 20 Minute Quick Start lesson and recorded the results.  I’m going to do my best to explain my reactions without giving away the details of the program.  For those that just want the Cliff Notes: I picked up 5 MPH of swing speed in 20 minutesThis program works.

The 20 Minute Quick Start begins with warming up and finding your “playing speed.”  This whole process should be done with a launch monitor so you can get feedback on your swing speed.  Step two has you trying to find your top gear, which added 2 MPH for me.  I’m always amazed at how – with the occasional exception – swinging all-out does not negatively impact my accuracy.

The rest of the program has you taking five swings each with an array of different drills.  In my opinion, this has value both in training untapped parts of your swing and getting you to experiment with different swing feels.  For me, the first drill was uncomfortable, and I drop-kicked a couple drives.  One of the hardest parts of the program, was waiting a full minute before swinging again.

The second drill was my favorite – it felt fast, athletic, explosive, and I found another 2 MPH.  It’s probably not something I would do on the course, but I will absolutely work on it in practice.  The third set shows you how much speed you can create with a partial swing, and it’s pretty amazing.  The final set has, in my opinion, the most subtle feel, but it created the best results for me.  With this drill, I got to a full 5 MPH above my “playing speed” and was hitting the ball beautifully.

One final thing to note about this program is that you can do it indoors, with a training club, with or without hitting golf balls.  I think the program is more effective if you are hitting balls because you’ll build the confidence to swing at a real ball with all-out effort.  That said, if you have to mix in an occasional session with a training club, you’ll be fine.


The Top Speed Golf training sessions are hard, full stop.  Swinging all out takes a lot of effort, no different than maxing out in the gym.  And, like the gym, if you put in the effort, you’ll see the results.  But there is no gamification here.  If you’re not motivated to put the time into building your swing speed, this program is not going to last for you.


Top Speed Golf offers both annual and monthly memberships.  An annual membership costs $77; going monthly costs $17.  For this modest sum, you get access to a ton of content, and there’s a one year money back guarantee.  I think most golfers would be happy to pay $77 for 5 or more extra MPH of swing speed.


Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a long-term program to add some juice to your swing, Top Speed Golf is worth a try.  Overspeed training systems such as Super Speed [review HERE] definitely have a place in the game, but you may find that there’s more speed in your swing just waiting to be unleashed.

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  1. Matt,

    Thanks for your review. I watch Clay Ballard’s YouTube videos and wanted to see a review on the paid access. Based on your review (I always come to your page when I’m looking for a good/honest review) I will pull the trigger and subscribe to Top Speed Golf.

  2. Wesley Heckel

    I too have happily paid for the yearly membership, after watching his free content for quite some time. It is a great value, in my opinion. I still use a coach, but only a few times a year when I am tuning up for something upcoming. Clay seems very genuine, and his system works. Nice to see others feel the same.

  3. Being from Kentucky, and Clay from my home in Winchester, I think he’s a great teacher of the game. Wish he could teach my daughter.

  4. I joined Top Speed Golf as a member in October 2022. It’s been about 6 weeks and I can honestly say that it is a tremendous value. I began golfing when I retired at age 58, I am now 62. When I began golfing I shot scores in low 100s, I now shoot an average score of 84. I have increased my drives by 38.7 yards and my iron play leaves my golf partners envious. Clay Ballard’s format and style along with the support of “office hours” by Quentin Patterson allowed me to progress in the game quickly and I can ask questions specific to my game 5 days a week and have them answered in real time. This system is amazing fun and simple. No gimmicks, no hidden fees or add-ons just dedication to making the game accessible to all at an affordable price. I would highly recommend TSG to golfers of all ability levels so long as you’re not competing against me. One of the best instructional values out there today.

  5. Jay Vincent

    I believe clay has done an excellent job on breaking down the golf swing & he can swing the club 120 mph no doubt !! It would be awesome to take an in person lesson from him!
    Watching him online & then in person would be surreal !!

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