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Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime DVDs provide plenty of quality golf instruction and insights into the play of one of golf’s greatest champions.


If an 8-time major winner offered to give you advice on your game, you’d be a fool not to take it.  That’s the opportunity you have with Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime DVD series.  Over 3 DVDs and 3.5 hours, Mr. Watson addresses every aspect of the game from the full swing to putting to the mental game.

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The first two DVDs take the viewer methodically through almost every facet of the game.  Disc 1 starts with the grip, set, alignment, and works all the way through the full swing.  Disc 2 moves into the short game with instruction on chipping, bunker play, and putting.  It closes with tips on playing in the wind and how to stop slicing or hooking.  Disc 3, just released this year, is meant to be for the more advanced player.  As such, it hops around topics a little more and covers everything from defining the bottom of the swing arc to the 40 yard wedge shot.  The best material on disc 3, in my opinion, deals with putting.  There are 8 putting lessons here and each one is worthwhile for any level of player.



Most of what makes these DVDs entertaining is Tom Watson himself.  He has that same “regular good guy” feel on these DVDs that he does on his MasterCard commercials where he’s driving the ball picker.  In disc 3 he’s even wearing a head-mounted GoPro, how can you not like that?  He says everything in a plain, easy-to-understand way and mixes in enough stories to keep things moving and remind you that he knows what he’s talking about.

The production value of these DVDs is solid as well.  The graphics are used just often enough – they show up to illustrate important points but are never distracting.  Also, each tip is short enough that it can hold the attention of even the most distracted viewer.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive set of lessons to help you improve your game, Lessons of a Lifetime is worth checking out.  Whether you’re a beginner who needs help on everything or a veteran looking for a couple good drills, you’ll get what you’re looking for from Mr. Watson.

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