Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Ball Review

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The Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash golf ball is the lowest spinning Pro V1.  Noticeably firmer than Pro V1 or Pro V1x.  Ideal for the high spin player.


In the deep recesses of the golf equipment forums, there have always been rumblings about the different versions of the Titleist Pro V1.  Whether they were alternate models designed for certain players or old versions clung to by loyalists, they were a subject of fascination.  In the fall of 2019, Titleist brought this topic to the mainstream by releasing the Pro V1x Left Dash.  A previously Tour-only ball was now available to the public, but is it a good choice for regular golfers?


Per Titleist, the ProV1x Left Dash feels firmer than the standard Pro V1x.  In testing all three Titleist Pro V1 balls head to head with a putter, I found that there was a clear stair step progression from Pro V1 to Pro V1x to ProV1x Left Dash.  If the Pro V1 is a three and the Pro V1x is a five, the Pro V1x Left Dash is a seven.  Impact is louder and firmer.  The ball doesn’t feel like it compresses or melts into the face like it does with the Pro V1.  This difference is much less noticeable with an insert putter.

When I was hitting all three Pro V1 balls with a wedge, the Left Dash stood out as being crisper and more “click-y” at impact.  On pitches and chips, it may be the firmest Tour-level ball I’ve tested.  Similarly, with an iron, Left Dash stands out as being crisper and snappier.  What really surprised me is how much louder and firmer it is off the driver.  I tend not to notice golf ball differences too much off the tee, but the Left Dash is markedly different than the Pro V1.

Short Game

As you can see on the box, Titleist states that the short game spin of the Pro V1x Left Dash is lower than the standard Pro V1x.  This is a little jarring in the context of every OEM stating that all of their Tour-level balls feature equally amazing, stupendous, super duper wedge spin.

When I got the Left Dash on the launch monitor next to the new Pro V1x, I saw that, indeed, it produced less wedge spin.  Where the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x [review HERE] are dead even in wedge spin, the Pro V1x Left Dash spins about 10% less.  While so many players crave more spin, those that play in high winds or in soft conditions may prefer this slightly reduced spin.

Long Game

The Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash is meant to be lower spinning in all facets of the game, not just around the greens.  While that aspect isn’t too exciting for me – I’m already a fairly low spin player – I was very intrigued by a note on Titleist’s website indicating that Left Dash might promote higher ball speed.

In testing with irons, I found that there was a noticeable gap in spin between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x Left Dash.  With a 7I, I was seeing about 400 RPM less (roughly 6.5%).  As always, whether or not this is positive will depend on the player.  For me, the Pro V1 is near perfect in terms of iron spin, but players who want more distance may find it with Left Dash.

I found an even larger gap, proportionally, with the driver.   Left Dash spun between 250 and 300 RPM less than Pro V1.  For me, this puts the Left Dash in knuckleball territory, but high spin players are likely to find not only more distance but more predictability with this lower spin option.  I did not see a clear uptick in ball speed with Left Dash, but A) I might be the wrong demographic and B) I don’t have the robotic consistency necessary to detect small differences in driver ball speed.


Titleist set out to deliver a low spin Pro V1, and they absolutely delivered with the Pro V1x Left Dash.  The feel is noticeably firmer throughout the bag, but the drop in spin will be worth it for higher spinning players looking to add distance and consistency.

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  1. Spec wise this ball seems to be a remake of the ProV1 Star a ball I played way back when. I wish I still had one to compare it too.

  2. 8 hc not a high spin player at all. My 7i SS is about 80mph. I play this ball because I struggle with distance and this ball is further and straighter for me. The review is correct in that it’s pretty firm but I seem to get enough spin around the greens and with my irons. It really punches through the wind for me too. The low spin trade offs are worth it for me.

  3. Could you compare it to any tour balls from other manufacturers?

    • Matt Saternus


      If there’s a specific ball you’re interested in, it’s very likely we have a review for it on the site or have a review coming soon. As far as comparisons, we rarely test brands head to head.


      • I’m interested.
        Never knew there was another PV1 version. I’ll try it. Age. I swear… sucks
        When I was 30, and a 8hdcp, swing speed was still “ low” as compared to my peers. Now, 25 years later, ( and after a 10 year sabbatical) my speed is down to high 70’s. I’m struggling to find a ball that while maintaining feel and shapeability, gives me that extra 5-7 yards I need. Big difference in hitting a 9 iron 130 or 123.
        The struggle continues ( but damn I love it)


  4. The pro V one X is a ball that has the best feel longest distance and I hit the straightest. It’s a great ball sits down on the greens and it’s consistent on hitting it and putting it

    The pro V one X is a ball that has the best feel longest distance and I hit the straightest. It’s a great ball sits down on the greens and it’s consistent on hitting it and putting it

  5. Alf B Sundberg

    Where can we buy these Babies?!

    • Matt Saternus

      Anywhere that you buy Titleist golf balls.


    • Gerald Barton

      Players at my club have ordered them through the pro shop direct from Titelist. Don’t be surprised if the attendant is not familiar with them, but all of the information required is on the Titleist web site. It takes about 2 weeks to get them at my club, but I am not in a metropolitan community.

  6. I am hoping that they will release it in Yellow. My TSi3 9.0 with AV White went BRYSONIZED and destroyed V1x/V1 by far. However it performed perfectly with irons. I can see why the pros are playing better than us 😆

  7. I Love the low spin I’m getting off the tee but I am occasionally getting flyers with irons even off the FW. Last 18 holes I hit an 8i for 180+ yds (over the green and into water) when my normal distance is 167. Is it just me or some one else having this problem?

  8. Matt,

    Need your help. I have slow swing speed, but high ball spin. I like the feel of premium balls and so many choices. Hit ProV1 at fitting and liked the feel, but the fitter suggested this ball. Any other balls and manufacturers to look at? In on line fitting tools AVX comes up a lot.


    • Matt Saternus


      Is there a reason not to trust the fitter’s suggestion? My general policy is not to second guess fitters.



  9. How low spinning are we talking? Can we get some numbers?

  10. Pretty interesting for me as I struggle with high spin off tee. I wonder though how it’s different than their AVX other than feel.

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