The Squeeze Brings Golf Back to the Big Screen

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From Happy to Sappy…

…golfers love golf movies.  On any course in America, you’ll find people quoting Caddyshack and firing multiples shots into the water, searching for glory like Tin Cup.  Whether it’s a serious historical piece like The Greatest Game Ever Played or over-the-top comedy like Happy Gilmore, golf and the movies just go together.

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The Squeeze

The Squeeze is the latest film to bring our beautiful game to the big screen.  It tells the story of Augie Baccas, a small town kid with big time golf ability.  He has dreams of winning the US Open, but a meeting with “Riverboat” (Christopher McDonald, aka Shooter McGavin) shifts his focus to hustling in big money matches.  Everything seems to be going well until the stakes get a little too high.


Praise for The Squeeze

The Squeeze is not short on high profile praise.  No less an authority than Jack Nicklaus said, “The golf elements are so real you could actually believe it could happen.”  Tom Watson agreed, “The Squeeze depicts actors who are truly believable as pro quality golfers.”  Phil Mickelson said that he’s “looking forward to seeing it again.”

It’s not just golfers who enjoyed The Squeeze.  Steve Wynn, whose Las Vegas golf course is featured in the film, said, “I couldn’t figure out what was going to happen next, and I was sad when it ended.  The dialogue is snappy, the cast and performance are wonderful.  If you like gambling, golf, and Las Vegas, you’ll love this movie.”

You can find the trailer for The Squeeze on iTunes HERE.

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