Test & Review the New Srixon Z STAR

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Test the New Srixon Z STAR Golf Balls

Are you interested in trying the new Srixon Z STAR and Z STAR XV golf balls and letting the world know what you think of them?  This is your chance.

We will be choosing five golfers to receive both of Srixon’s new tour-caliber golf balls.  Here’s how you can be one of them.

Srixon Z STAR Z STAR XV Golf Ball_0026

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment below with your name, location, handicap, and your current golf ball of choice.  If you live in a cold climate, please let us know how you plan to do your testing.

Step 2: On Friday, February 17, we will contact five golfers via email to get your shipping address.

Step 3: Test the Srixon Z STAR balls against your current gamers.

Step 4: Fill out a questionnaire about how the Z STAR performed.  Your answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

REMEMBER: If your entry does not include your name, location, handicap, and ball of choice, you will not be eligible.  Also, make sure you use your real email address when posting the comment so that we can contact you.

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  1. Paul Kielwasser
    Monroe, LA
    6.3 GHIN
    Bridgestone B330

  2. Garth Carter. I am a 3 handicap and I currently game a titliest pro v1. I also live in Sw Florida so the ability to game the new srixon ball would very easy to do. I am very interested in the possibility to test. On occasions I have played previous srixon tour balls and interested to experience the difference and experience the improvement of their current tour ball!!

  3. John Capers. Tallahassee, FL. 12 Handicap. Bridgestone B-330s

  4. Pittsburgh PA. 4 handicap. Callaway chrome soft. Plan to do short game testing for spin and control. Also will get out to play 18, even in the cold. It hasn’t been cold hear, and courses are still open.

  5. My name is Anthony Malky, im from Pittsburgh, PA. I currently play the Titleist Pro V1X golf ball. I’m a 6 handicap. I will be doing my testing at the RMU indoor golf center at Neville, Island.

  6. Name: Guy Crawford
    Location: Mississippi
    Handicap: 13
    Ball of Choice: Bridgestone E5

  7. Chris Macios – 8 hcp, located in New York City. Current ball of choice is Pro V1. I have access to an indoor trackman at my home club, which I’d use to test these out.

  8. Ron Lunsford
    Seattle, WA
    Handicap 2.9
    Wilson Duo U or Duo Spin (Weather dependent)

  9. Jeff J Kloc

    Rockford, IL 61102

    Handicap is 14

    Ball choice Nike

  10. Kristina Wright
    Jackson SC
    Handicap 21
    Current ball of choice is nike pd soft

  11. Nate Hahn
    Handicap: 6

    Will be taking annual trip to Phoenix and would enjoy testing mew balls on my trip.

  12. Hello my name is Fritz Leopold and I live in College Park MD (Go Terps!). I am currently an18 handicap, and play the Chrome soft high visibility ball. The weather is mixed here but as long as it’s not too windy I play. In the same week it was 65 and the next day snow, so I play in any weather. I live right next to 3 courses so I have great motivation to play. I’m also on paternity leave helping my wife with a newborn so I actually have time in the am to play!!

  13. Seth Olson
    Niceville, FL
    Callaway Chrome +

  14. David Vasquez
    Santa Clarita, Ca
    Titleist DT SoLo

  15. Maryland
    6.5 index

  16. I’d love to give them a try… T.J. Hodnett, Long Island New York. 25 handicap. I’ll test them at my coach’s indoor studio at Marine Park GC (GC2). Current ball(s)… Nike RZN Tour Platinum and Bridgestone B330-RX

  17. Looking forward to trying the 2017 Z Star balls. Currently playing Kirkland Signature Tour Preferred and/or 2015 Srixon Z-Stars. Handicap 7.7, Sugar Land TX

  18. Brian Pouw
    Houston, TX
    6.2 Handicap index
    Kirkland Signature golf balls

  19. Chris Wiley
    Bentonville, AR
    3.1 Handicap Index
    Pro V 1, I’m a Titleist die hard. I play their clubs, balls, wedges and Scotty. So I’d love to give them a go and see if they can convert me.

  20. Ken Mykietowich
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    13 handicap
    I play Srixon Z star. I would love to compare the new 1’s to my old model

  21. Matt Ritchie
    St. Petersburg, FL
    12 Handicap (Just getting back into things after an 8 year sabbatical)
    Currently gaming the black and yellow Chrome Soft.

  22. Matt Ritchie
    St. Petersburg, FL
    12 (getting back into the swing of things after an 8 year sabbatical)
    Yellow Truvis Chrome soft

  23. Richard Egan
    Tampa, Fl
    Callaway Supersoft is the current ball of choice
    10.5 handicap

  24. Denny Peel
    San Antonio TX
    10.0 Handicap
    Callaway Chrome Soft. I recently bought Callaway Chrome Soft +, but have not hit them.

  25. Jerry Lee
    Fort Smith, Ar
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  26. Matt Ritchie
    St. Petersburg, FL
    12 (Back this season after an 8 year hiatus)
    Chrome Soft Truvis Yellow & Black

  27. Dan H.
    Chicago, IL
    6 Handicap
    Vice Pro Plus

  28. Matt Bacon
    Oswego, NY
    Chrome Soft, Pro V1X

  29. Thomas Pierson
    Parkland, Florida
    6.7 Index
    Titlest Pro V

  30. 13 handicap pro v1x

  31. Mark Green
    Lubbock, Texas
    Bridgestone E6

  32. Gary Pasko
    Chino Hills, CA.
    12.4 handicap
    Titleist Pro V1

  33. Have done testing for titlest.
    The balls they send me are marked with triangle or square.
    They has questions regarding spin, distance and feel.

  34. April Sterlachini
    San Tan Valley, AZ
    Oncore Avant

  35. Ryan Meade
    Great Bend, Kansas
    9 handicap
    Srixon Z star(yellow)

  36. Use Callaway Chrome golf.
    Handicap USGA 9.2

  37. I play the pro v1 and i like the ball just want to find a ball that compares to it and is more durable

  38. Javier Vallecillo
    Tampa, FL
    8.6 handicap
    Ball of choice: Srixon Soft Feel

  39. Rob Baker
    Utica, MI
    Handicap 17
    Ball Brdgestone E6

    I have a tee time on Sunday. Due to the Mild winter we have been able to get frequently. I would game the new Srixon and compare against the E6, Titleist NXT Tour S and Kirkland Signature around the greens for chipping, putting and spin.

  40. Mcdonough ga
    Hdcp 9
    Pro v1x

  41. Noel Lawrence
    Greeley, CO (It’s already been in the 70’s)
    12.8 handicap
    Bridgestone B330-RXS

  42. Bob Mitchell
    Mechanicsville, VA
    14.0 index
    Bridgestone B330RX

    I own a Foresight Sports GC2A launch monitor so I will be conducting indoor and outdoor testing.

  43. I live in Northern Virginia but am spending some time in Naples Florida. 15 handicap (hacker, but love the game!)
    Currently I use Callaway balls, as sold in Costco.

  44. Jon Craig
    Pinehurst NC
    14.8 index
    Hopkins VL Pro
    12 rounds in since start of 2017

  45. uso pro v1, taylor made. 5 hcp argentina

  46. Looking forward to the new ball I hit a few z stars last year and have been impressed. I currently hit Bridgestone e7 but found yours more responsive.

  47. Doug Penneman
    Fort Worth, TX
    5 hdcp (current, lowest ever was 1.8)
    Titleist ProV1x
    I am a 7 time Remax World Long Drive Finalist. I would love to test these off the tee vs. spin around the greens.

  48. Bill
    Muncie, In
    Have already play 17 rounds this year so weather is not a problem
    Chrome Soft or Super Soft

  49. I have been a Pro V1x user since the Titleist people did a ball evaluation. I am always looking for better “everything”! I am a 16 h/c at Pinehurst No.9.

  50. Larry Vick
    Kouts, Indiana
    12 Handicap
    Titleist Pro V1x
    I will play a few rounds if above 45 degrees, otherwise on a launch monitor at my local course. I would love the opportunity to test them! Thx!

  51. i am a 15 handicap..

  52. 11 handicap, PRO V 1x, Bloomfield Hills, MI

  53. Kevin Cotter
    Cherry Valley IL
    12 HDCP
    Titleist DT Trusoft

  54. I generally play Titleist but often feel I am paying over the odds for a ball that doesn’t perform any better than the modern balls from some of the major manufacturers such as Srixon. Given the opportunity, I would like to spend a couple of hours doing comparison tests at my local acadamyusing the Tracker device.

  55. Handicap is 16 at Pinehurst No. 9, Pinehurst, NC.
    I play all winter and want to always find a better ball.

  56. Thomas Sterlachini

    Thomas Sterlachini
    32140 N.EchoCanyon Rd
    San Tan Valley, AZ. 85142

    I play Srizon “Q” Star. Good ball

  57. Currently play Pro V1, Callaway Crome Soft. Play the Barefoot coures in North Myrtle Beach

  58. Live in South Carolina and play twice a week.
    Current Handicap 30, but going down every 2 weeks.
    Play Callaway Supersoft.

  59. I am golf chairman of our golf group and buy 60 dozen top brand golf balls a year for prizes. We play weekly and I love trying the newest technology in balls.

  60. Greg condon, high handicap , ball TaylorMade , Climate can vary at moment 4 degrees

  61. Located in Knoxville Tennessee. Play to a 2 handicap. Ball of choice is prov-1x. Senior player who plays 6 days a week, rain or shine. Am looking for a slightly lower compression ball, in that my swing speed is dropping a little.

  62. Hi,
    I am Derek from Calvert City, Ky. I am a +0.5 handicap. Weather is not bad here right now. I have actually been out trying to loosen the rust on my game. nice to be able to do that this early in the year. I switched to better back in 2015. I hit my first Hole in one on July 9, 2015 with a Srixon Z Star XV. Was it luck or was it a coincidence. I think it was the later because 3 months later on October 28, 2015 I hit my second hole in one with a Srixon Z Star XV. Srixon sent me certificates for these achievements which was pretty cool. I have to believe the switch to that ball contributed to those hole in ones since I have been playing for 41 years now and had never had a hole in one until i switched. I am 50 years old now and I hope that the New Generation Srixon is better than the last and will continue to help me play the best golf of my life as well as others.

  63. Dana Destro Fairhope, Al./ Rock Creek /Fair+ weather conditions generally/ 12 Index/ Callaway Chrome Soft/

  64. Gord Kaardal
    Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario, Canada
    9.8 index
    Titlest Pro V
    Plan to take them with me on my two week knock the rust off trip to Myrtle Beach

  65. Philadelphia, Pa

  66. Currently i use a varied choice of golf balls, cause i was evaluating several top brand balls last fall, in preparation for this spring. My handicap is 3. Live in New York State, near PA border. Testing would be in late March

  67. Terry VanMeter
    Campbellsville, KY
    12 Handicap
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  68. Michael Wray
    Ellington, Connecticut
    18 handicap
    Volvik S3

  69. 8.9 index
    Chrome soft golf ball
    I live in Denver Colorado. Denver gets breaks in the weather to play outside through out the winter.

  70. I am a senior golfer HCP 14 live in North Palm Beach, FL. use Titleist pro V 1

  71. I’ve been using Qstars for over 4 seasons. Great off the tee, and soft around the greens. Love these Golf balls.

  72. Joseph Tyson
    Bee Cave, TX
    Currently playing Wilson Duo Urethane
    I’ll put the Srixon ball into play at my nect GC AmTour event.

  73. Richard Torchio, Spokane, WA. I am a 9 handicap and I currently play Bridgestone RX330.
    I am able to go within 100 miles and play golf during the winter and I am going to Vegas to visit my brother and we play non stop golf when I visit.


  75. Tim MULLEN
    New milford ct
    5 when in high school
    Titlest pro v

  76. Currently retired and play to 13 handicap at several Central Florida courses. Ball of choice is Pro-v 1x. Greens are hard and fast this time of year and enjoy added spin control on iron shots with prov. Have tried the new Callaway chrome soft and enjoy feel. Distance still stronger with Prov.

  77. Dene Richards
    Camberley Heath England
    15.2 handicap
    Am using a taylourmade preferred x

  78. Dorian Jung Portland OR – 12 handicap ProV

  79. Paul Banish
    Nashville, TN
    2 hcp
    B330 & ProV
    I’ll test them in one of my 200 rounds this year

  80. I live in Las Vegas
    6 handicap
    Current ball Pro V1x

  81. Dave Anderson
    Amarillo, TX
    6.1 Index
    B330 RX

  82. Germantown, WI
    18 Hdcp
    Currently play Bridgestone E6 or Titlest NXT Tour
    Try to play 3 times per week once the temps get above 45 degrees! Thanks for considering me for this test.

  83. Jerry Rabinowitz
    Delray Beach,fl
    Handicap: 14

  84. Joseph Greenberg
    Jacksonville FL
    6.5 index
    Srixon Q Star, Taylormade Tour Preferred

  85. Phil Olsberg
    St. Augustine, FL
    15.7 GHIN Handicap
    Currently play Pro V1

  86. I have been wanting to switch from using Pro-v1’s. I would be interested in Srixon’ comparable version. That way I could give you fair and balanced feedback.

  87. Mike Baker. Fort Worth, Texas. Current HI is 13. Current ball Callaway Chrome Soft

  88. Neil Corpus
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    5.3 GHIN
    Bridgestone B330S

  89. I’m a 70 year old, 13 handicapper, living in N. California. I try to play weekly, weather permitting. I primarily play the Bridgestone e6.

  90. Bernie Greenberg
    Callaway strata

  91. Columbia, MD. 14.4 MSGA handicap, Callaway chrome soft
    Would test Srixon balls while on upcoming two week trip to Hilton Head and Orlando during March.

  92. Robert Van Alstyne

    Handicap is 22, ball I use is Callaway Diablo Tour. I have an outfitter that I can use their launch monitor to see how ball flies.

  93. J P Woods
    San Diego, CA
    15 Index
    Project A

  94. Todd Cox
    Atlanta, GA
    10.9 Index
    Callaway Chrome Soft / Titlest ProVx

  95. My name is Richard Torchio, I am a 9 handicap and live in Spokane WA, during the winter I can drive within 100 miles and play. Also I am going to Vegas soon to Play golf with my brother that lives there, we play almost non stop the entire time.

  96. John Hooks
    Brownsburg, Indiana
    11.7 Index
    Callaway Chrome soft or Srixon z star

  97. At present I play the Callaway Warbird, and my handicap appears to be my age, 17 really, and I find I can no longer muscle my way around the course. I have lost all feel in my short game, and I really feel it’s the result of the ball I play. I’d be playing courses in the Carpentersville, Il. area and the way the weather is shaking out, it looks as if the season will start early, no matter what that groundhog says.

  98. I have a 16.5 index and am a winter resident in Tucson Arizona. My current ball of choice is Taylor Made Project A, Wilson Staff Duo

  99. Scott Mendoza
    Los Angeles, CA
    12.6 index
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  100. John Conway
    Austin Texas
    3 32 index
    Callaway chrome soft .

  101. Dave Bowman
    Rochester, Michigan
    1.5 index
    Bridgestone B330S or Snell MTB

  102. 13 Handicap currently play srixon tri speed tour which are not available any more and am running out of what I have left and need something to replace them. Have just joined the golf channel am tour and will have ample opportunity to compare

  103. Ozzie Miranda, Miami FL, handicap 22, current ball Srixon Q

  104. Larry Schincke🇺🇸

    I’m a hacker but love to play the game. Live in Iowa but in the 60’s & course open so lets go fly some high tech Z star balls. Grip & rip. Oh as far as balls whatever is in my bag.

  105. Jeremy parker
    Titleist pro-v1x

  106. Hi – I live in Bermuda so testing is not an issue. My present balls of choice are either Pro V1 or Bridgestone B330 RX. Have been a single digit handicap but present index is 10.1

  107. George Batty
    Cass City MI
    14 Handicap
    Nike Mojp

  108. I play in all types of weather conditions here in michigan and have access to an indoor dome if needed. My handicap is 14 and am curious as to how this new ball will react to the varied weather conditions. I always shoot with a Titleist. I normally will not even put another named ball in my bag.

  109. I’m a73 year old senior golfer in Yuma, AZ (it’s warm outside) using Callaway Super Soft and Callaway HEX Diablo. I’m an USGA Member playing through the Arizona Golf Association with a 24.0 handicap

  110. I am a 9 handicap I play with pro v1x at valley Vista c.f. Kingman az temperature 45 to 65 as of now

  111. John Colborne
    Goodyear AZ
    2 handicap
    Titleist Pro V1

  112. I live in Garden Grove CA (So. Cal)
    My current handicap is 9.2
    I currently play the Wilson Staff Ultra Soft (29), love the feel off the tee, short game touch & putting.
    I play once, twice a week; just played Monday. Weather is great in So. Cal! Year round golf!

  113. My current hcp index is 14. I usually play ProV1x or nxt tour.
    Due to good weather I hope to play at My course-Geneva National. If the weather does not cooperate, there is a dome near my home in Buffalo Grove il

  114. Mario Luna
    El Paso TX
    14 hndcp
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  115. I live in Wisconsin but will be doing 9 rounds in Mesquite NV March 15-22.

    Darrell Frenzel
    Milwaukee, WI
    TaylorMade tp5

  116. John Langley from Vineland NJ
    13 Handicap
    Srixon Tri Speed Tour
    Just joined Golf Channel Am Tour and am looking for a replacement of current unavailable ball.

  117. 5 Handicap
    Bridgestone RX330 current ball
    Shot age 3 times this year for the first time at 70.

  118. Mike rizarri
    Northern California
    Ball of choice pro v1x
    My home course can get very windy at times so would like to see how they perform in the wind.

  119. Index 21.1. Member at Tpc Myrtle SC. Great course to test new srixon Z ball against my current Calloway Chrome Soft.

  120. Appleton Wisconsin
    19 handicap
    Currently playing Taylor made project a
    Courses opening here this weekend

  121. Mario Luna
    El Paso, Tx
    12.5 hndcp
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  122. 8 HANDICAP

  123. john carson
    18 handicap
    nike mojo

  124. Chris Albrecht
    Lemont, IL
    10 handicap
    Titleist Pro V

  125. I reside in Arizona, so I can play almost everyday. My handicap is 19 and I currently use Bridgestone. I would test the sxion for softness and spin.

  126. Robert Arce-Torres

    Robert Arce-Torres
    Lincoln City, Oregon
    9.0 Index
    Callaway Chrome soft

  127. Jason White
    0.5 index
    Titleist Pro VX

  128. 14 Hndcp. Ken Stevens, Spartanburg, SC, Titleist DT

  129. Marc Pizarek
    Titlest Pro V
    22 handicap
    Granger, In

  130. Mario Luna
    El Paso, TX where it’s sunny and mild right now
    12.5 handicap
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  131. Ronald Anderson
    Roanoke, Texas
    Handicap 27
    Calloway Supersoft

  132. Dave Kinda
    Live in Buffalo NY
    20 Handicap
    Use Pro V1
    Will test them in South Carolina during my March golf outing.

  133. I currently play Sirxon Soft feel , my handicap is 12.6, I am 72 years old, I play at Cartersville Country Club in Cartersville ,Ga, NW of Atlanta, Ga..Usually play Yellow Ball because a slow loss of sight in left eye…
    Van Jacobs

  134. Previously played the Z Star but now play Titleist Pro v1x. Handicap 10.0 Senior golf league starts March 6 so I will test the Z Star prior to the league starting. Live in Tulsa Oklahoma so I can play almost year round.

  135. Name: Jeff Perkins
    Location: Georgetown, KY
    Handicap: 7
    Ball of choice: Titleist DT

  136. Hammond,La
    10 hdcp
    Bridgestone B330 RX

  137. Zach Manuel
    San Diego, CA
    11.3 index
    TaylorMade Lethal

  138. Garen Eggleston
    Galloway Ohio
    I am an 11.6 index and play ProV1X and interested in a new ball
    I play 5 days a week when Ohio weather permits

  139. Allan Genest
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
    Titleist Pro V1
    8 handicap
    Heading to Palm Springs and would love to test the Z Star against the Pro V1

  140. Endicott, NY
    +1 Handicap
    I plan to test outdoors, into a wind and down wind to check out its properties and comparisons to ProV1X. I will also test it with TrackMan to compare launch, spin, ball speed to get a comprehensive evaluation of both golf balls.

  141. Mario Luna
    El Paso, TX where it’s nice and warm
    13 handicap
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  142. Hello, I’m Mike I live in Las Vegas. Im a high handicap golfer. I’m using Bridgestone e6 golf balls while I’m using a Z-355 driver reg shaft. I would like to try a Z star golf ball to my driver.

  143. Breton Van Sloten
    Spokane, WA.
    Handicap 7.2
    Callaway Chrome Soft
    Living in the Pacific Northwest our golf season usually opens up around the 1st of March and I am always the first on the course. Additionally having close relations with the many of the club house managers and pro’s I can also get their take, since I often play rounds with them. I have used the Srizon ball in the past when given to me by a friend, but have never really had an opportunity to give it a fair test.

  144. David Matthews
    Raleigh NC
    Handicap 20
    Call away Diablo Tour
    Playing 1-2 rounds per week so far this winter

  145. Karen Smith, Tucson, Arizona, handicap 18, ProV1X

  146. John Martin
    Arlington Texas
    Handicap: 8
    Callaway Chromesoft

  147. I have a golf membership club with several hundred golfers and growing daily here in Houston. the name of my company is The Golf Adventure (thegolfadventure.net). I do a large number of tournaments a year and have one coming up in about 5 weeks. If you provide a couple dozen balls I can have them hit it from the 1st par 3 where I have an $18,000 trip to the Masters if anyone gets a hole in one. I could require each golfer (144) hit your ball and both of us hope someone makes it…..

    I intend on buying 36 dozen with my logo on them to give each golfer a sleeve…i would be interested in us doing some kind of promotion at a wholesale price as well. You could be the sponsor of the $18k packageto the masters…….I have already paid for it…I am open to anything that benefits you and my members and makes the club stronger.

  148. North Port Fl
    Taylor Made (a)

  149. David Laning
    Chicago, IL
    Index 12.8
    Current Ball Titliest NXT Tour

  150. Keith R Ruby Handicap 20

    I currently play a Srixon ball and love it wondering how you improved on it!

  151. Currently I play a Bridgestone 330rxs but I did win a playoff in a tournament using a Srizon ball

  152. I am Robert Krause, and currently carry a 3 handicap. I mainly use a Callaway Supersoft. I am able to play Year round in South central Texas. Have used Srixon before. Look forward to using these new balls!

  153. Bill Corcoran
    18 handicap
    Geneva, IL
    Titleist NXT Tour
    Club has an indoor hitting area, plus I’ll be in San Diego in March to play golf. 50 degrees or better I’ll play outside.

  154. Callaway balls exclusively. Handicap of 20…Watertown, NY

  155. Charles “Ricky” Freeman
    Handicap 15
    Titleist: Tour NXT-S

  156. George Wisell
    Osprey Cove Golf & Country Club
    St. Marys, GA
    GHIN handicap of 16.1
    200 +/- rounds of golf year round
    Present Ball Bridgestone e6

  157. Tom Lamphere
    Johnson City, N.Y.
    Handicap = 16
    Ball of Choice = Bridgestone B330 RX

  158. Currently use Bridgestone B330
    Handicap Index 15.0

  159. Andre Johnson
    Chicago ( we golfing in Feb this year)
    Titlelist NXT

  160. Anxious to play the new ball. Currently playing Srixon Q-STAR——it has helped with my distance control and dispersion of my shots!!!!
    Gary Smith
    Currently a 5.6 handicap
    157 Tiger Lilly
    Parrish, Fla 34219

  161. Brad N, 5 Hdcp. As a former PGA club pro I had the opportunity to play all the top brands of Golf Balls. I currently play the Bridgestone B330 and would be interested in trying the new Srixon. I do live in the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin….However, I’m leaving for a Golf Vacation in March to Sunny Palm Springs, CA. Send me a dozen and I will have my golf mates try them too….

    7 HDCP

  163. Charlotte, NC

  164. GHIN Handicap 16.1
    200 +/- rds per year
    year round golf
    Private Club in St. Marys, GA

  165. Handicap: 6.6

  166. Micheal A. Clifton

    Micheal A. Clifton
    Louisburg, NC
    12 Handicap
    Nike RZN Platinum
    I am looking for a replacement for the Nike balls since they are no longer in production.

  167. Austin Rhodes
    Fayetteville Arkansas
    Pro v1x

  168. Dan Bauer
    Anaheim, Ca
    8.4 Index
    Pro V1 and B330RX

    Unconventional golfer. Left handed, fade the woods, hook the irons, hit trap draws from 120, putt with a 3-wood from long distances, my whole game is shape oriented. Probably why I’m an 8.4 LOL! Got some Bridges for Xmas and mixing with the Pro V’s and finding distinct differences. Used to play Srix a ways back and got away for some reason. Would love a 2nd crack…hopefully it works out.

  169. USGA index – 16.2
    200+/- rds per year
    Bridgestone e6 present ball of choice
    Private Country Club
    St. Marys, GA

  170. Mel Bayne
    16 Handicap
    San Antonio, Texas
    Pro V1

  171. Dave Russell
    Wilson staff
    live in Alabama

  172. Kevin, Scranton, PA currently use Taylormade Tour Perfered X, I am a 12 handicap, played to a 4 prior to my back surgery. I Will be in Florida for 2 weeks begining Feb 27, 2017

  173. Todd Speakman
    Charleston, SC
    Titleist NXT Tour

  174. Nutley, New Jersey
    Handicap: 16
    Callaway Chromesoft
    Going to Marco Island, Florida to play on Feb 23rd.

  175. Scottish

    Cherry Hills, CO.



  176. use a variety of balls

  177. Titlist / 9. 7
    play 4 times a week

  178. I would like to try the testing of your ball and I use a Pro-V 1 forever~ I play in Massachusetts where it is cold early in the season the Pro-V in the cold does not go that far this test may change my mind.

  179. Live in Apopka, Fl.
    Handicap 24
    Use Calaway Chrome Soft

  180. San Francisco Bay Area is my home. My buddies and I play different courses each week year around.

  181. Wake Forest NC
    Z Star
    I have been playing them for the last three years

  182. i am just shy of turning 73, and my handicap has in two years gone from a 6 to a 22 because of a minor medical condition…my desire is to get in back at least to a low double digit…i currently am hitting a snell, but not completely satisfied.

  183. Paul Montalto
    Naples, Fl 34110
    Handicap 5
    Titelst ProV1x
    Would like to test the Z Start XV under similar conditions in the Naples area. Compare distances, spin, and feel.

  184. Mike Dispenza 59, Treasure Island, Fla. 13ish handicap been playing Noodles lately. Used HP2 Tour for a while.

  185. Handicap: +4
    Paris, TN
    Pro V1x

  186. Maarten Kloet
    Doelstraat 30
    hcp 9.8
    topflite xl distance

  187. Address: Pinehurst, NC
    Handicap: 12.6
    Currently playing: Calloway Chrome Soft

  188. Randy Waddell
    Bridgestone E6

  189. I never tried to play Srixon Zstar since I played golf 5 years ago. It will be good chance for me to compare this ball to ProV which is my favorite.

  190. Chula Vista ,CA

    12 Handicap

    Taylor Made Project (a)

  191. I am a 31 handicap and usual use a titilist
    As I had a hole in one with that ball but I have certainly
    Used other balls
    Would love the chance to use the new
    SRIXON Z STAR Golf ball
    I live in Bonita Springs Florida 34135

  192. Jack
    Rocky Mount N. C.
    12 handicap
    Pro v1

  193. Hi, my name is Chris Treiber and I’m a 15 handicap. I have played the Q-Star white the last seven years and love it.
    I live in Tifton, GA and will have now problem testing the newZ-Star. It’s in the 70’s down here.

  194. live in Myrtle Beach, SC
    presently play MG golf C4
    handicap 13
    putting is the best part of my game and I judge a ball by how it feels in the short game and putting

  195. Been playing with Bridgetone and ProVi. More than happy to try your promo balls . Handicap 14.Thanks

  196. Handicap 27 Play in Key West Florida. Ball I use is usually what ever I can get a hold of. Nike is what I’ve used lately.

  197. Doug Repp
    0 Handicap
    Calgary, AB Canada
    I have a friend who owns and operates an indoor facility here in Calgary. I would see him over the weekend to use his TRACKMAN and the newest simulators they have to compare it against the NIKE PLATINUM that is no longer available, so I need a new ball anyways and I am actively looking! Plus the TOUR YELLOW is awesome.

  198. Christian Saldivar

    Christian Saldivar
    San Diego, CA
    Handicap: 24
    Bridgestone E6

  199. My name is Stanley Lindstadt, I live in Sterling, Colorado. I currently play the Titleist Pro V1X golf ball. I’m a 15 handicap. We can play 300 days per year. I play weekly with a group at the Northeast 18 here in Sterling. I would load these up as soon as I get them and compare the results with my Pro V1x.

  200. I am a 8, I play Pro V1X, Anchorage Alaska.
    I will be in Calif. on Feb 27- March 7 to play golf. be a great time to test.

  201. Mary 31 handicap use tielist as well as other balls have used the SRIXON
    Ball. Would love the chance to use the new SRIXON Z BALL
    I live in Bonita springs Florida 34135

  202. Terry Schott
    Cape Girardeau, Mo
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  203. Christian Saldivar

    Christian Saldivar
    San Diego,CA
    Handicap 24
    Bridgestone E6

  204. Jack
    Rocky Mount N. C.
    12 handicap
    Pro v1

  205. Detroit MI (cold here – test outdoors!)
    20 handicap


    I am a member of 55 years at HUMEWOOD GOLF LINKS Port Elizabeth South Africa. The only true LINKS in the Southern Hemisphere. I play off a 20 at present having been a low 5 in my early days. I play with Callaway Chrome Soft or Titliest Pro V. Due to excessive winds which prevail daily, I find these balls are the most suitable for Links use and soft of the Putter.

  207. Ken Ness
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Sirxon Soft Feel

  208. 7 handicap, currently using Callaway Chrome Soft, live in Tucson, AZ

  209. Glenn Weyand handicap 8 age 66 Munster Indiana. Pro V 1. Played 160 rounds of golf last years. Already played 16 rounds so far! Just got back from Palm Springs Calf. Played 10 rounds in 11 days. Just living the good life! Just love golf! Keeps me young!

  210. Detroit City in Michigan. This winter has been mild so golf courses are available for testing. Handicap currently a 10 southward bound! My ball of choice is the Callaway Chromesoft. Thanks for all the great articles and fine writing on the great game of golf.

  211. Robert Nakamitsu
    Mililani Hawaii
    handicap is 18
    I been trying to use different golf balls each week because I have only been golfing 7 years. I am trying to find a brand that will improve my game with ball confidence for me. I have tried titliest, calloway, nike,etc……at the present time I am trying the Tommy Armour brand golf balls. I golf 3x a week in sunny Oahu Hawaii…….Alooooha

  212. Bristol, TN
    3.8 GHIN
    Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, Snell
    PXG, Mizuno equipment

  213. John Derek
    Dorado ,Puerto Rico. 12 handicap
    Wilson Duo

  214. Jerry Neff,
    Fresno, CA,
    Titleist Velocity

  215. My name is Jesse and in a 20 handicap and play a Titelist NXT Tour.
    I live in Littlestown,PA

  216. Randy Kitts
    11 handicap at a semi private club
    1212 Red Schoolhouse Rd
    Fulton,NY 13069 I have done golf ball test for a competitor for the last 6 years,been playing NXT Tour Spin, would love to test Srixons!

  217. McKenzie, TN
    Chrome Soft
    Play golf year round even if it’s cold. As long as the sun is out, and no snow or really freezing weather, we’re out!

  218. Lucas kirschman
    New York, NY
    Srixon z-xv

    It’s never too cold to play!

  219. HDCAP 10
    I played over 60 times lat year
    I just played 6 times in San Diego last week
    I am using Pro V1 for tournaments
    for fun, I am testing Srixson and Chrome balls.
    important function is extra spin
    I love to test your new balls

  220. Running about a 14 handicap. Prefer Taylor Made Project. Vacaville Ca. Test in the wet weather we are currently having. Love to have a ball I can trust.

  221. Karim Hussain
    Las Vegas, NV
    Handicap 12 B330-RX
    Currently playing

  222. Edward Bach
    Sacramento, California
    Handicap: 14
    Ball of choice: Titleist NXT Tour S – Yellow

  223. I have been a Team Titleist ball tester for over 20 years and I believe I can give you the feed back you are looking for. I play at a semi private country club in the Arizona desert. I am a 20 handicap.

  224. Michel Cyr
    Gatineau, Quebec Canada J8Y 5B3
    we start our playing in late April, my present ball of choice is Taylor Made, 17 HDCP

  225. Bob Greenlaw
    Little River , SC
    22 handicap
    Precept Laddies

  226. Newport Beach, CA
    Pro V/Chrome Soft/Z Star

  227. Glenn Henderson
    Tallahassee, Florida
    Hndcp 8.1
    Titliest pro V1
    Would test on course.

  228. Handicap 7
    Ligonier, Pa 15658

    Testing will be done FL, leave in 3 weeks.


  229. I live in Lincolnton, GA and play 3-4 times weekly. Currently play Taylormade Project-A ball. After playing for 45 years I made my first hole-in-one switching to Srixon Z Star. I am now playing a 6 handicap improves spring-fall.

  230. Bill Conn
    21 Handicap
    Pro V1
    Heading to Florida for 4 days of golf next week (leaving Tuesday). I would love to try them!

  231. Hi, I would love to try out the Z-star XV in yellow. I currently play Callaway Chrome Soft. Would love to try your ball with it’s high launch and lower driver spin.

    My location is Scottsdale, AZ and my handicap is 19

  232. My name is Richard Torchio, I live in Spokane WA. I have a 9 handicap using Bridgestone RX330.
    During the winter months I can drive less than 100 miles to play golf and I plan on spending 10 days playing every day against my brother who lives there.

  233. I have used Z Star and occasionally Q Star golf balls, always in yellow, for six years. The consistency, feel and distance is unmatched as far as I am concerned. My two best rounds ever were this last year, both 78’s with Z Star yellow!

  234. Naples, FL 10 handicap
    Bridgestone E-7

  235. I live in Oregon, Ohio where it is currently 38 degrees. It’s supposed to get to 60 degrees on Friday-Sunday. I’m a 10 handicap and play NXT and Taylor made balls

  236. I live in Lincolnton, GA and play 3-4 times weekly. Currently play to a 6 handicap . Primarily play Taylormade project-a ball. After playing for 45 years, switched to Srixon Z Star and made my first hole-in-one.

  237. I am gerry and live in maui hawaii. I am a 6 handicap and play in all conditions. Looking for a ball that sill not ballon in the wind.

  238. My name is Paul and I live in Leland, NC. My handicap is 7 and currently play pro v I golf ball. I am alway interested in improving my game via equipment, lessons or new and improved golf balls. I would love to test your new golf ball.

  239. Our local courses are just opening up and wo
    uld love to test the new golf balls.
    11.0 handicap
    Current ball: Taylormade Project(a)

  240. Play titleist..warm and sunny in so cal


  242. Hernando, MS
    Titleist Pro V1X

  243. Robert Villanueva
    Whittier, CA (sunny southern california)
    14.4 GHIN
    Titleist NXT Tour – nice ball but would prefer something a little better around the greens


  245. I use the Yellow Q-Star now & really like it, play all year long weather permitting

  246. 10 handicap
    Augusta, Georgia
    Srixon Q Star Yellow

  247. I have noticed more PGA Pros switching to Sirxon balls. I want try to find out why ?
    I live in sunny Tampa, Florida all year around. I have a 7 handicap and currently play Titlest Prov1.

  248. Keith Straka
    Fairless Hills, PA
    4 handicap
    Nike Rzn Platinum
    I’ll be able to test the ball in Florida since I’ll be there in March and April.

  249. Titleist Pro V1, 27 Handicap, San Francisco, Ca

  250. Randy Wilson
    Duluth, GA
    Index: 10.0
    Pro V1-X

  251. I am a 17 HDCP, live in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada and our golf season starts in late April. My present ball used is a Taylor made.

  252. Name: Rickey Williams
    Location: Central Point, Oregon
    Handicap: 25
    Ball of Choice: Warrior Tour TDS

  253. John Spires
    Saint Marys, GA
    Pro V1

  254. Garland, Texas
    Handicap +5
    Titlesist Pro V1

  255. I used to play with the z star but now play with taylormade tour preferred I am a 16 handicapper and play about 2-3 times a week at my local golf club in bishopbriggs in glasgow

  256. Newport Links GC, Pembrokeshire
    West Wales
    Nike RZN Platinum
    23 handicap

  257. 74 year old playing to a 10 handicap. Callaway Chronesoft

  258. Michael Wright
    Woodland, CA
    18 Handicap
    Bridgestone 330RXS

    My swing speed is 103-105 on Trackman, and would like to compare how they fly and hold the green. I will playing the GC Am Tour starting in March in Southern California, it is warmer.

  259. McCormick So. Carolina 19.8 Index Retired playing twice a week titleist or callaway.

  260. Kim harston.Handicap 7.Currently playing the new chrome soft x

  261. Glyn Roberts
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    Handicap 16.4
    Bridgestone B330rxs

  262. Stu Miller
    Locust Grove, Georgia (between Atlanta and Macon)
    current index: 16.9
    Bridgestone B330RX

    The winter months have seen my index swell from 13.1 to 16.9. Seems I am a warm weather golfer. The B330RX is nice but I am looking for something more “dramatic.” maybe a better feel, distance, spin or combination of all three. I game a Srixon driver and Srixon irons.

  263. southern illinois, exceptionally warm winter here, no problem playing 5 rounds already this year, and it going to be 60-70 the next 5 days. If its above 40 I play. 11 handicap. I have been a tester of Titleist balls for 5 years now and always provide them feedback, must be why they keep sending me balls. I bounce back and forth between pro v1 and b330 rs. Love to check out the new Srixons.

  264. Chuck Yedinak, North Fort Myers , Florida.I am a retired engineer , and is spend my winters here in Florida and golf about 3-4 times per week. I am currently an 11 HDCP, and usually use a Calloway Hex control. I spend my summers in Wisconsin, and play 3 times per week. on my home course, as well as once a week with the Wisc. Seniors Tour group which plays a different course every week. I would look forward to testing the Srixon ball, and I believe I could give a very fair analysis of its performance.

  265. I currently play the Z Star and Pro V1x. I have a 14 index. I would be interested in comparing the new Z Star to the one I have been playing. I live in LaVerne, CA and play 3 to 4 times per week, so will have no trouble putting it to the test.

  266. I’m Chuck a 14 hdcp. from Altoona Penna. I play the older srixon Z star tour professional “practice ” yellow (I bought seven dozen several years ago via e-bay ) . I would probably play a Titleist Pro V or 1X if they had the vision to produce them in optic yellow. So that’s why I am playing Srixon. The srixon is every bit a good as the pro V or the 1X. Actually it is better since it has same characteristics but accommodates a wider range of swing speeds. Ps I’m on my last dozen.

  267. Tampa, FL
    Titleist Pro V1x
    I have tried several ‘tour level’ balls over the last 2-3 years (Nike, Volvik, Bridgestone) and I keep returning to the Pro V1x for the consistency. Always looking to try a new ball that will give me the same consistency in play, shot after shot and round after round.

  268. Haymarket va
    Handicap 10
    Callaway chrome

  269. Dennis Page
    S. Yarmouth, Ma.
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  270. Huntington NY
    17 Handicap
    Currently use DT Solo … I had just recently read about Srixon Z STAR and am very interested in testing/trying.
    I’m going to FLA in early March for my brother’s 50th birthday and will most definitely be playing a few rounds!

  271. Steven Stuebner
    Tucson, Arizona
    Handicap 6
    Callaway Chrome Soft

    Went to a Srixon club fitting and hit the new Srixon XV ball it had outstanding feel & distance. I would like to try some on the golf course.

  272. Skip Willis- I live in Palm Desert, very windy here.
    Would love to try the Srixon Z Yellow
    18 handicap
    Bridgestone E5

  273. I would love to try out your golf ball, my aren’t working to well. Taylor brand is the one I’m using. 26 handicap. Beverly Hills area. I play Rancho Park Golf Club mostly

  274. 21 hdcp Yelm, WA

  275. Liz Turnbaugh
    Bonita Springs, FL

  276. I currently have 13 handicap, live in Northwest CO in the summer, and Southern California in the winter months – so able to play year-round. I currently play with Pro V ball.

  277. Kenneth Keasey
    Tucson Az
    GHIN 31.2
    Srixon Soft Feel yellow

  278. Robert Villanueva
    Whittier, CA (SoCal)
    14.4 GHIN
    Titleist NXT Tour

  279. Dwayne Bacchus
    Saint Petersburg, FL
    Titleist NXT Tour

  280. Brian Felch
    Marriottsville MD
    Srixon Q-Star Pure White
    Weather is starting to get nicer here in MD, getting ready to play!!!

  281. Carol Wilsey
    Naples, FL
    12.4 handicap
    Pro V1
    Interclub Captain/Player, Past Club Champion
    Member of Quail Creek Country Club, site of the 2017 USGA Women’s Mid-Am Championship

  282. Lloyd Kulisek
    Long Island, NY
    19 hdcp
    Callaway Chrome Soft

    In late 2015, as a 14 hdcp, I was run over by a truck and broke my leg at the knee (high tibia plateau fracture). After surgery, 9 weeks in cast and 7 months of rehab I began my 2016 season and my hdcp ballooned to over 22. A couple of my playing partners talked me into joining the GC AmTour to get my game back in shape. Best idea! Had a great time and made several new friends and I’ve slowly worked my game back to a sub 20 with designs on getting back to the low teens by summers end.
    I live on a golf course here on the Island, and the weather is usually cooperative by the end of February first of March for regular play. Some of my regular playing partners have switched to Srixon balls and I’m curios to see what they’re all about, and seeing as they Sponsor the AmTour I feel obligated to give them a try.

  283. Canton, Oh
    titleist pro v1, I also like bridgestone bb330/e5 they seem to hold up longer on wear and tear

  284. Weather is great here . Live in Elkmont,AL 35620

  285. Been using Bridgestone e6. Planning work on my short game this year so the higher spinning Z Star should fit right in . Live in northeast Georgia among rolling countryside, fine golf courses and favorable weather allowing 10 – 11 months of golf. Currently 11 handicap with a mediocre short game.

  286. 16
    Srixon yellow soft feel/ Titleist pro iv
    Interestested in the trial

  287. Always have liked Srixon balls but playing Bridgestone E6 now. Can’t test now in Wisconsin but would like to test later if possible. I’m an 18 hcp and play over 50 rounds each season. Good luck with your testing.

  288. diamond bar CA
    hndcp 10
    play titliest VG3

  289. 5.9 z star xv yellow st. Louis mo, weather is fine this time of year Callaway chrome soft

  290. Pablo Diaz
    Madison, WI
    On core golf ball
    Courses opening this weekend

  291. Thomas Davies
    Spring, TX
    GHIN Index is 7.5
    Golf Bass of choice is Titleist Pro V1x

    HCP INDEX 5.5

  293. Ben Chavez
    Missouri City, TX
    Titleist Pro V1x

  294. Will be in Myrtle Beach in 3 weeks!

    Play the Titleist Velocity

    Handicap 22

  295. David Burke
    Calabash, NC
    8 handicap
    Current ball: Titleist Pro V-1

  296. I currently play the Top Flite Gamer. I am 72 years old and my handicap is 8. I live in Lewis Center, Ohio( a Columbus suburb ). Its been a mild winter and have played 7-8 times already, and I would love to play the new Q STAR.

  297. 15.6 index and currently play ProV1X. Work on a golf course so have access to lots of golf balls and multiple rounds per week.

  298. Would love to try your new ball. I am currently a 12 handicap and prefer to play a Titleist pro v1.The weather here in Van Wert, Ohio is nice enough to play outside right now.

  299. Madison, MS
    Alternating between Titleist ProV1 and Snell MTB

  300. Mike Duffy
    Boulder, Colorado
    Titleist Pro V1
    We get our rounds in year ’round.

  301. Currently play Bridgestone 330rxs. 9.7 index playing 2 to 3 times weekly. Glendora CA

  302. Brian Tack
    Brighton, MI
    Handicap: 10
    I have a golf trip planned for in March. We are all meeting down in the great state of Alabama to hit the links. While on the links in Gulf Shores, I would love to test out the Star Z and win some skins against my buddies. After I take their money I’ll let them try out the new winning golf balls I used to beat them on the links.

  303. Scott Word
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Currently play the Callaway Chrome Soft Yellow.
    Would like to compare short game performance and control of full shots in the wind.

  304. Roland Von Ohlsen
    Murrells Inlet, SC.
    Handicap index 15.4
    Curent ball – Titlest Pro V

  305. Lincoln Davis
    Cincinnati, OH
    Titleist Pro V1

  306. Ross Bauer
    Fresno, CA
    12 handicap
    Pro v

  307. Richard Weringo
    Ladson, South Carolina
    Titleist Pro V1

  308. David Kane
    Summerville, South Carolina
    Titleist Pro V1

  309. Eatontown, N.J. 22 handicap. I use pro v 1. I like the feel.

  310. Jason zolnowski
    Las vegas nv.
    Srixon z-star XL (2015)

  311. Dino Vozikis. Colona, Il Hcp-5 callaway chrome soft. Played 3 times in Feb. Courses open 2/19. Yeah!

  312. Duane Launder
    GHIN 20
    Denver, CO
    Play (Yellow) Bridgestone e6. Have played Srixon previously when discounted.

  313. FT. HOOD, TX. The weather is generally mild and windy on most days.
    17 Handicap
    I use Titleist Pro VXI and Callaway Chrome Soft. I would like to the Z Star XV.

  314. Have used them often and they work very well….

  315. Mike Henkle
    Downers Grove, Il
    Bridgestone e6
    A few of our courses are open, otherwise I’d use McQ’s golf dome

  316. I live in Tucson, Arizona and golf year round. Even when it’s 110 degrees. I’m currently playing the Bridgestone B330RXS golf ball. I really like this golf ball.

  317. Jim Dean
    Tampa, Fl
    Titleist Pro V1x

  318. Steve Long
    Houston, TX
    12.7 hdcp
    Play with Callaway Chrome Soft

  319. Gaby Long
    Crosby, TX
    11 Hdcp
    Bridgestone E6

  320. Current ball 2014 PRO V-1X, Current index 18.4,
    San Diego, CA resident, I did not like the last version of the Pro V-1 and I am currently trying out other balls.

  321. south Carolina
    handicap 15
    Callaway soft crome

  322. I live in Burlington, NC and have a place in North Myrtle Beach, SC, I have plenty opportunities to play. Current handicap is 8 or 9, but was 6 before surgery last fall. I usually play Titleist ProV1x, but have played Srixon several years ago. I would love the opportunity to test the new Z-Star XV.

  323. Mark Hatfield
    Booneville, MS
    GHIN 1.3
    Titleist Pro V1
    Golf Coach

  324. Judy Gray
    Tucson, AZ
    20 Hdcp
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  325. Hayward, Ca
    12 Handicap
    Titleist pro v1

  326. Step 1: Post a comment below with your name, location, handicap, and your current golf ball of choice.
    John mcKeel
    Oklahoma city, ok
    12 hdcp
    Bridgestone e6

  327. Larry Douglas
    Myrtle Beach SC
    Hdcp 10.1
    Pro V1x

  328. John McNeil
    La Palma, CA
    12.4 hcp
    Callaway Chrome Soft Yellow and Black Truvis

  329. I am a senior golfer and currently use several different brand golf balls but they are rated as a soft construction ball. I would like too try your new Srixon Z Star ball too see how it performs!!

  330. Jeff Adams
    Janesville, WI
    Hdcp 6
    Pro Vx
    I have access to an indoor golf facility.

  331. I am a 20 handicap but working to improve my game! I live in San Diego so I play year round. I have played Srixon balls in the past but my current ball of choice is the Callaway Chrome soft. I like the feel but also seem to get better distance. Would love to try the yellow ball!

  332. I would love to try out the new Srixon Z Star! Will be in Florida early March and April.
    Joanne St. Pierre
    Stoneham, MA
    20.4 handicap
    Titleist NXT

  333. Brandon Day
    Redondo Beach, CA
    23 handicap
    Taylormade Distance +

  334. Kevin Vesperman
    Madison wi
    Srixon z star
    Cross are opening up this weekend

  335. Alan Reyes
    Los Angeles, CA
    10.8 GHIN tracked via SCGA
    Nike RZN Tour Black

  336. Tim Watt
    Phoenix, AZ
    9.2 index
    Titleist Pro V 1

  337. Have been a Bridgestone loyalist for 14 years, but recent shakeups at corporate has me questioning their true commitment to US golf market- since you have a non-fused product I would love to test Srixon, also interested in your tremendous intros of irons, hybrids, and new V sole rotex 3.0!
    Dave Sanguinetti, Livermore CA, 9.3 index, current ball B330 RX optic yellow

  338. I live in Northern Ireland, king of the Golfers, weather, links golf . I currently play the Callaway Truvis golf ball. My handicap is 13 and I would relish the opportunity to try the Z Star, as it is a ball I wouldn’t think about purchasing.

  339. Colin Pears
    Sheffield, England.
    Hcp 11
    Srixon Soft Feel

  340. Chris Farris
    18 hdcp
    Titliest pro v1

  341. Interested in comparing the New Srixon to my most recent find the VICE Pro.
    My Hdcp is 8.4
    Located in Niceville, Florida

  342. Roy Mills
    Augusta GA.
    titleist prov1x and nxt tour.

  343. Kevin Sullivan
    The Villages, Fl
    4 Hcp
    Titleist Pro V1x

  344. I live in a cold climate but we play if it’s above 40,I would love to test them. I’m currently a 8 handicap,normally play prov1x.I would love to test the x’s

  345. Howard Thomas
    Carbondale, IL
    6.5 Index
    Callaway Chromesoft
    I live in the very southern part of Illinois and play year round. I used to play the Z-Star and am curious to see how the new ones perform.

  346. Right now Bridgestone and TaylorMade balls are my preferences.

  347. Doug Pierce
    12.0 Index
    Bridgestone Tour B330
    Sarasota, FL

  348. Terry Lawlor
    Saint Augustine, FL
    14 GHIN
    Titleist Pro V1

  349. I live in Royersford Pennsylvania which is right outside of Philadelphia. My handicap is a 26 .4. I currently play the Callaway Chrome soft. I would be able to test almost immediately the weather has been great in this area this winter. Would love a chance to try the new ball. I used to use your product and then switched to the Chrome soft

  350. Usually play Titleist NXT Tour, wanting to try Sixron as that’s what other play in my group!

  351. Jamie Katz
    Lexington, MA
    12.2 hi
    Taylormade Project a
    Will be traveling to Arizona on March 16 to play; able to play in Massachusetts in early April.

  352. Robert Canady
    Baltimore, MD
    17.7 Index

    Working at a golf course in the Mid-Atlantic, I have daily access to putting/chipping and playing. It’s been a very mild winter here so far and a string of 60 degree days are ahead, as well as a trip to Florida. Getting out to test won’t be a problem.

  353. Ray Stafford
    22 ghin
    Bridgestone 6 series
    Georgetown Tx
    High 86 this weekend!

  354. Gaithersburg, MD

    Play anytime above 50, weather in this area very erratic.
    HDCP 22
    Currently use Titleist NXT

  355. Gilbert Arroyo
    Chicago, IL 60631
    12.5 handicap
    Love Srixon, have Cleveland clubs, and would love to try the Z Star XV gold balls. We’ve had quite a mild winter thus far and plan on golfing with them as soon as I get them.

  356. I’m a senior golfer 80 years old and I play 2 or 3 days a week and I still walk. I have been playing golf since I was 17 and as we get older we start searching for ways to get more distance. We also have to look for a ball that also gives us more control around and on the greens, that’s where we can save some strokes. That’s what I’m looking for because my handicap keeps creeping up, it now at 13.

  357. Chicago, IL
    Hi 11
    Pro V1X

  358. Have used the Srixon on many occasions and feel it is as good as the pro v x. Look forward to using the new one. Play in Phoenix Arizona, hdc is a 9.

  359. Hi I play at Moor Allerton Leeds the home of ex club pro Peter Allis
    I have a handicap of 24 and at the moment play with a Nike soft ball
    Will be delighted to test your new ball

  360. Kevin Clinton
    Kirkland, WA
    3.7 HCP
    Snell MTB

  361. Peterhead, Scotland
    H/cap 24
    Srixon soft feel & Callaway chrome soft

  362. Jeff Caruthers
    Sugar Land, Tx
    11.2 Index
    Callaway Chromesoft + (formerly Titleist NXT)

  363. I have a handicap of 31. I can play February and March . My current ball of choice is titleist nxt tour.

  364. Rob Pelletier
    Regina, Saskatchewan
    5.5 handicap
    Titleist Pro V

  365. I’m in Carmel CA. Handicap 9.6
    Gaming Taylormade TP
    Play several times a week

  366. Michael Bentley……Handicap 14………Ball Nike Mojo……Gallatin TN

  367. Chris Wilkerson
    Houston, Texas
    14.5 GHIN
    Taylormade Tour Preferred X

  368. I play about once a week, handicap of 7, live in central NC, and like to try different golf balls, ball of choice is Titleist Tour-S.

  369. Harold Green Handicap 13.8 Ball Titleist Pro V1 LaHabra Hts Ca.

  370. Marc Geysen
    Witbos golf club in Belgium
    I currently play Bridgestone B330RXS
    Handicap 24,2
    Play several times a week