Test & Review the Cleveland RTX-4 Wedge

Test the New Cleveland RTX-4 Wedge

With the RTX-4, Cleveland is bringing golfers their most tour-authentic wedge ever.  From the most popular Tour components to an expanded selection of sole grinds, this is as close as most of us will get to grabbing a club off a Tour van.

Do you want to see if the Tour experience can help your short game?  PluggedInGolf and Cleveland Golf will be sending RTX-4 wedges to five readers to test and review.  Enter below to be one of them.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include: your name, location, handicap, and what loft, sole, and finish of RTX-4 wedge you want to test.

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.

That’s it!  On Monday, August 27, we will contact five golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The five winners will be expected to test the Cleveland RTX-4 and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The wedge will be yours to keep.

REMEMBER: If your entry does not include all the required information, you will not be eligible.  Also, make sure you use your real email address when posting the comment so that we can contact you.

***Please note that your post will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.

Matt Saternus


  1. Your comment must include: Glen K in Bath, MI. H-cap is 8.1 and I would like to test the 50 Full sole in Black, 54 Low in Black and a 58 XLCW in Black.

  2. Josh Giesige

    Josh G
    Edgerton OH
    HDCP: 8
    60, MID, Tour Raw
    Thanks for opportunity!! I am looking to replace my 52, 56 and 60 in early 2019. Love to compare these to few others I am hoping to try out.

  3. Fernando Jaime

    name: fernando jaime
    location: San Antonio, Texas
    handicap: 2.2
    loft, sole, and finish: RH, 50 degree, MID, Tour Satin

    • Tobias Williams

      Thank you for the opporunity, would really like a higher loft wedge to improve my short game and give me another option. Would love to test the Cleveland RTX-4 Wedge.

      Tobias Williams
      Murray Bridge, South Australia
      Handicap: 15.4
      Right Handed
      Loft: 58 degree
      Sole: Low
      Finish: Black Satin

  4. Tyler Sauer

    Tyler Sauer
    Belle, MO
    HDCP: 11
    Left hand | 56* | Full | Tour Raw

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Currently use and love RTX-3, looking to upgrade and test RTX-4.
    Name: Mark F.
    Location: Birmingham, MI
    Handicap: 7
    Loft: 56 Degree
    Sole: Mid
    Finish: Tour Raw

  6. Name: Ryan
    Location: Los Altos, CA
    Handicap: 16
    Loft: 56
    Sole: Low bounce
    Finish: Black Satin

  7. Ethan Fine
    Denver, CO
    60 XLow Black Satin RH

  8. Eric Martin

    Eric Martin, Vancouver, WA, 10.2 handicap, RH, 56 degree, mid sole, and Tour Raw

  9. I used to own a Cleveland 56 degree wedge and loved it. Unfortunately someone ‘liberated’ it from my bag one day. Would like to try another. Playing with a replacement Titelest now. 12 handicap.

  10. Joe Kim
    Los Angeles, CA
    Handicap 3.0
    60, mid, black

  11. guy crawford

    Guy C
    Picayune MS
    HDCP: 11
    56* Full Tour Satin

  12. Post a comment. Your comment must include:
    Sen Lin Arizona, 15 Handicap, would love to try the 58 degree Xlow sole in the black finish since I play in a lot of firm lies here.

  13. Name: Allan Kim
    Location: Leonia, NJ
    Handicap: 15 Right hand
    Loft: 56°
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Black Satin

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Alan S.
    Average score mid/high 70’s
    RTX 4 64° Low Tour Raw

  15. Nich lovatt

    Nich L. Winkler mb. Canada. Hcp: 3
    Would love to test a lh 60* low sole in black satin! Unless lh is available in tour raw, cuz who doesn’t love some rust!

  16. Tom Weirich

    Tom Weirich
    Medina, OH
    Handicap 16
    RH 58, Mid, Tour Raw

  17. Name: Matt B
    Location: Oswego, NY
    Handicap: 4.5
    Loft: 56 Degree
    Sole: Full
    Finish: Tour Raw

  18. Your comment must include: Ryan B, Tampa,FL, 14 and 58, XLOW and Black Satin of RTX-4 wedge you want to test.

  19. Gabe P.
    Grand Rapids, MI
    14 HDCP
    54* Mid
    Tour Satin

  20. Kris Quaas
    Greensboro North Carolina
    Any of a 50, 54, or 58
    Full sole or mid.
    Any finish will work for me

  21. Tyler
    Whitby, ON, Canada
    12 Handicap
    52 degree mid sole black finish

  22. Mike malloy

    Name: Mike malloy
    Location: Littleton, CO
    Hdc: 12.9
    Loft: 60
    Bounce: Low
    Finish: Black Satin

  23. David Cox
    Union City, CA
    50, MID, tour raw

  24. Florham Park, N.J. handicap 18. I never played Cleveland wedges and would love to try one to see if it improves my short game. I would like to test a Tour Satin 56 deg wedge with 8 or 10 deg bounce.

  25. Elliott Pyon

    Elliott Pyon
    North Potomac, MD
    58*, LOW, Tour Satin

  26. Ed Ceva
    Charleston South Carolina
    5.2 index
    Loft 58
    Bounce: low
    Finish black

  27. Name: Petra
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Handicap: 2
    Hand: Left hand
    Loft: 60 degree
    Sole: X Low
    Finish: Tour Satin

  28. Alan Moore
    HC – 10.5
    Loft – 56
    Tour Satin
    10 degree bounce

  29. Mike Cunningham

    Mike Cunningham
    Torrington, CT
    HDCP: 5.9
    50, MID, Tour Raw

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Dan Reid
    Pittsburgh Pa
    4.1 HDCP
    54 degree
    Low Bounce
    Tour Raw

  31. Scott Hinkle

    Scott Hinkle
    Columbus, OH
    13.2 index
    58* mid tour raw

  32. Randy Moore

    Your comment must include: your name, location, handicap, and what loft, sole, and finish of RTX-4 wedge you want to test.
    Randy Moore
    Currently playing RTX-3 in 60/9
    Palm Coast, Florida
    Tour Raw

  33. Daniel Cowell

    Daniel Cowell, Irwin, PA, handicap 7.7, and i would love to try the 58° low in the raw finish. Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Jeff Fischer

    Jeff Fischer
    Loma Linda, CA
    15 Handicap
    Mid Sole
    Any finish

  35. Tim Chaffee

    Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    21 Handicap
    Loft – 56
    Bounce – Mid Sole
    Finish – Tour Satin

  36. Craig Most
    Bradenton, FL
    Black Satin

  37. Christian Redman

    your name Christian Redman
    location, HENDERSONVILLE, TN
    handicap, 10
    what loft, 50
    sole low
    Finish black

  38. Philip Sudnik

    Name: Philip Sudnik
    Location; North Olmsted Ohio
    HDCP: 8
    Loft 56
    Sole: Full
    Finish Black Satin

  39. Myron Bish
    Denver, North Carolina
    12.7 index
    Loft 56
    Bounce Low
    Finish Black

  40. Michael Ehms

    Mike Ehms
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Index 4.7
    54 Full Bounce
    Tour Satin
    I just bought a Titleist Wedge in the same set up – would love to test it head to head.

  41. your name, location, handicap, and what loft, sole, and finish of RTX-4 wedge you want to test.
    Jim Greenfield
    16.5 index
    Loft 58
    Bounce: medium
    Finish black

  42. Name: Jeffrey Grove
    Location: Madison, MS
    Handicap: 0.9
    Loft: 60*
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Tour Raw

  43. Robert Mogor

    Would love to test 60* LH mid sole Black Satin
    Handicap: 14

  44. Tim Harrison

    Tim Harrison, Godalming, 12 handicap, 54 degrees loft, XLow sole, and satin finish please.
    I’ve used RTX wedges for a couple of years and would love to make a comparison with this new generation version.

  45. Jon Dobberstein

    Jon Dobberstein
    Prior Lake, MN
    6.3 Index
    50 full/Tour Raw or 54 mid/Tour Raw or 60 low/Tour Raw

  46. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Towson, Maryland
    54 degree
    Tour Raw finish

  47. Zane Garr
    St. James , MO
    4 index
    Loft 58
    Bounce x low
    Finish: tour satin

  48. Chuck Smith

    Name: Chuck Smith
    Location: Celina, OH
    Handicap: 15
    Loft: 58°
    Sole: Full
    Finish: Black Satin
    Left Handed

  49. Lawrence Collins

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Larry Collins
    Tampa, FL
    12.8 Hcp
    60 degree, XLow, Tour Raw

  50. rick pittard

    Rick Pittard
    Athens, GA
    16 handicap
    Loft: 50 degree
    Mid sole
    Tour Raw

  51. Mike Meville

    Mike Meville
    Hamilton Ontario
    15.4 index
    Loft 60
    Bounce 10
    Black Satin
    Thank you

  52. Mike Berlin

    Mike Berlin
    Lee’s Summit, MO
    58, Low Sole, Tour Raw

    Would love the opportunity to compare the C Grind on the low sole to my current RTX-3 Tour Raw gamer. Fingers crossed!

  53. Dr. Jeff Donis

    Having learned innovative wedge techniques from “Willie the wedge” Turnesa and Phil Rodgers, I am anxious to try the new Cleveland wedges in 54 and 60 degree lofts, medium bounce, black.

  54. Mark Moyer tallmadge ohio handicap 12.
    Would love to test the 56, low, black satin RTX-4

  55. Ed Timmermans

    Name: Ed Timmermans
    Location: Vlijmen, the Netherlands
    Handicap 26
    Loft: 58
    Bounce: low
    Tour satin
    Golf Pride Tour Velvet : midsize
    Actually I am using the Cleveland CG16 60 – 12 degree wedge. Want to compare and improve shortgame for lowering handicap.

  56. John Hulewicz

    John Hulewicz
    Goshen Indiana
    Index 7.4
    54 or 58 mid in tour raw or satin
    looking to replace 3 year old vokey’s

  57. Gerald Lapalme

    I currently own the 58, 54, 48 RTX-3 black wedges, all low bounce. Great wedges, can’t wait to see the difference.

  58. RH
    Loft 60
    Bounce Low
    Finish Tour Satin
    5.0 Index Not comfortable with my Ping G Lob Wedge so would love to try this one

  59. Tom Lewis
    Huntsville, AL
    Loft 56
    Bounce Full
    Finish your satin

  60. Norm Geisler

    Norm G, Leander, Tx 6 handicap, Loft 52, MID, Tour Raw

  61. Logan Brown

    Logan Brown
    Louisville, Ky
    60°, Mid, Tour Raw

  62. Robert Murphy

    Robert Murphy
    Maple Shade, NJ
    HDCP: 20+
    Right Hand | 56* | Full | Tour Raw

  63. Kyle Knutson

    Kyle Knutson, Princeton Minnesota, 16
    I would like to try the 60 xlow in Tour Satin. Currently gaming a Mizuno that I have had to hand grind the sole.
    And/or I would like to try the 46 in full Tour satin.
    I am a LEFTY and I did not see any info on what lofts and grinds will be available in left?

  64. Name: Wes
    Location: New Orleans, La
    Handicap: 18
    Loft: 56
    Sole: Low bounce
    Finish: Black Satin

  65. Michael Kloos

    Michael Kloos
    Alexandria, MN
    Handicap 17,
    54• mid grind in tour satin

  66. Shawn Funderburk

    Thanks for the opportunity to test the Cleveland RTX-4 wedges. I currently play Titleist Vokey wedges.

    your name: Shawn Funderburk
    location,: Houston, Texas
    handicap: 11.6
    what loft, sole, and finish: 56, mid, satin

  67. Chad Huizenga

    Chad Huizenga
    Rockford, MI
    Handicap: 10.0
    56 degree, low sole, tour raw!!
    Amazing looking wedges!!! Love the fact they some with a tour issue s400 DG shaft.

  68. Craig Simpkin

    Craig Simpkin
    Hampshire, England
    Hcp 6
    50 degree loft
    10 sole
    Tour satin finish
    Love my cleveland wedges would be great to try the new ones

  69. Wade Middleton

    I have ben ready to replace my old Cleveland 56 and 60 wedges with new ones.
    56 and 60 preferred with full bounce.
    13 handicap
    Satin Finish
    Denver, CO

  70. Kyle Knutson

    A 46 is shown with a V shape and that would be preferable ; ) (if it comes in left)
    Kyle Knutson

  71. Thanks for the contest!
    Greg Moore
    Clarksville, TN
    9 handicap
    54 degree, low bounce in black satin

  72. Stuart
    Bethesda, MD
    24.6 index
    Loft: 54
    Bounce: Mid
    Finish: Tour Satin

  73. Ron Vaive
    Charlottetown, PE, Canada
    handicap 3
    52 degree, satin, low bounce

  74. Simon Mehrlich

    Simon Mehrlich
    Taunton Somerset UK
    Hcp 6.1
    Bounce mid

  75. Kris D
    Clemmons, NC
    golfing for 8 months, Handicap of 33
    Would love to experience a Cleveland RTX4 wedge: Mid sole, 60 degree loft, black satin finish (why not have a sexy club!)

  76. Kris D
    Clemmons, NC
    golfing for 8 months, Handicap of 33
    Would love to experience a Cleveland RTX4 wedge: Mid sole, 60 degree loft, black satin finish (why not have a sexy club!)

  77. Ken Francisco

    Orange County,Ca
    Hdcp 30+
    60 degree, satin finish

  78. Ahmad Chappell

    Currently using Titleist sm6 56 with M grind looking to upgrade and test RTX-4.
    Name: Ahmad Chappell
    Location: Columbia, South Carolina
    Handicap: 7
    Loft: 56 Degree
    Sole: Mid
    Finish: Tour Raw

  79. Peter Arffman

    Peter Arffman, Las Vegas, NV, 6.7 index. I would like to test the 56 degree full in tour satin.

  80. James Bednarski

    Jim Bednarski
    52 or 54 loft
    mid sole
    any finish would be great

  81. George Zettles, Punta Gorda, FL handicap 15, would like to try RH 60 deg loft, low bounce and satin


    James Bednarski
    Burton Michigan
    52-54 loft
    any finish would be great

  83. Greg Moline

    Greg Moline
    Mequon Wisconsin
    9.5 index
    Loft 58
    Bounce: Low
    Finish: Black

  84. Robert Pryor Jr

    Bob P.
    Dudley Massachusetts
    Handicap 3
    Would love to test 52, 58, raw low bounce,

  85. Arthur Loeffler

    Art Loeffler. Fort Wayne, in. Handicap 25 loft 52 sole speed finish polished

  86. Daniel Leinen

    Just purchased Cleveland CBX irons (no wedges yet). Interested to see how wedges compare to what I currently have.
    Daniel Leinen
    Handicap is 11.6
    RH, 56 degree, MID tour satin

  87. Yannick MORELLEC
    Paris, France
    HCP : 16.1
    Loft 54
    Bounce ; Mid Sole
    Finish ; Tour Satin

  88. I would love to test one of these new wedges. I live in Nebraska and have a 15 handicap and I am pretty good out of the sand, I would like to test a 56 degree, mid-sole black wedge.

  89. Kyle Antonson

    Kyle Antonson
    Fayetteville, NC
    17 HCP
    Mid sole
    48, 54, 60
    Black or Tour finish

  90. Juan Jose Ortiz

    Juan Jose Ortiz, location: Granite City, Il., handicap: 20, loft: 56 degree, sole: mid, finish: black satin

  91. Jason Kegel

    Jason Kegel
    Houston, TX
    Low Sole,
    Tour Raw

  92. Larry Humeny

    Larry Humeny
    Winnipeg, MB.
    HDC: 63
    Loft: 56
    Sole: Mid
    Finish: Black Satin

  93. Edward Weller

    Edward Weller
    Deland, Fl
    Hdcp. – 6.3
    Cleveland RTX-4 56* Low Black Satin finish

  94. Mark K
    Novi Ligure, Italy
    15 handicap
    54 degree
    10 degree bounce

  95. David M. Powers

    David Powers, Syracuse N Y, 11.5 index, 52, 56, 6 degree 60, 10 degree in satin finish

  96. Terry Lauzon

    Terry Lauzon
    Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
    9.2 index
    Loft 60
    Bounce: mid
    Finish black
    Grip Oversize

  97. Patrick Southward

    looking for a better wedge then the Titleist ones that i play

  98. John Martin

    John Martin Albany NY Handicap was 10 now 18 recovering from spinal fusions so short game very important. Looking to test 56 and 60 degree tour satin with standard/stock shaft mid grind

  99. Eddy Brown
    Lake City, Fl
    Like to test the 60* mid bounce black satin

  100. Gil Bloomer

    Gil Bloomer, Vail, AZ, 12, 56* X Low, Tour Raw, RH.
    Thank you.

  101. Eddy Brown handicap 10.1
    Lake City fl
    60-* mid bounce black satin

  102. Brent Gremillion

    Brent Gremillion
    Metairie, LA
    Handicap 2.1
    Love to try the Tour Satin 56 Mid Bounce in Left hand

  103. Timothy Vice

    Tim Vice
    Margate FL 33063
    Handicap: 10.4
    Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge
    Loft: 56 degrees
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Raw
    I’m looking for a multi-tool wedge to play with my W/S FG Tour F5 Forged Irons 4-GW and haven’t found one I love yet. Will give it a good testing as I play 3 to 4 rounds per week year around. I am well spoken and can provide a well written review.
    Thank You for the opportunity.

  104. Rob Sikes
    Stonewall, La
    52*, mid, black satin, 2* flat if possible

  105. Deborah Peever

    I currently have the cleave land cbx wedges 52 56 60.
    I still have a problem with topping the ball , or popping it straight up , thus my handicap of 22.
    I’d love to try out theses new ones of yours to see if that will improve my striking. Maybe more bounce on the sole ? What do u think? After all you are the pros that I really on to help me get the right eguipment in my hands to improve my game.
    Thx so much for this opportunity , and keep up up the good work continually improving on your product with your r & d for all of us week end woriors.

  106. Needing to try some new wedges Thanks for the oppurtunity

  107. Gaithersburg, MD
    HDCP 22
    56′ Blk finish low bounce

  108. Ken Hightower

    Name: Ken Hightower
    Location: Albuquerque, NM
    Handicap: 5.4 Right hand
    Loft: 58°
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Tour Satin

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  109. Richard Bronson

    Rick Bronson
    I live in LaQuinta, Ca 92253
    I am an 8 handicap
    I would enjoy trying a Cleveland RTX-4 wedge
    56* Mid sole with a Tour satin finish Right hand

  110. Marty Langford

    Needing to try some new wedges. Thanks for the chance to play with Cleveland RTX-4

  111. Stew Pryor from Millsboro, Delaware. My current handicap is 23.8 and a more accurate scoring wedge would help me get this number down. A RTX4 with 50 degrees of loft, MID sole grind, and Black Satin finish would be a perfect test club to see if I can shake this 20+ handicap club membership.

  112. Chris
    Eden Prairie, MN
    +.4 index
    Loft: 56
    Bounce: Mid
    Finish: Tour Raw

  113. Keenan bell

    Keenan bell
    Baltimore md.
    11 Right handed
    Satin finish

  114. Andrew J Swanekamp

    Andrew Swanekamp
    Columbia, MD
    12.5 index
    58*, mid low, Black Finish

  115. curtis Brzyski

    Curtis Brzyski
    Jackson Michigan
    Handicap 4
    60 degree high bounce
    Tour satin

  116. James Underwood

    James U.
    Richmond, VA
    18 handicap
    Loft: 54 or 56 degree
    Mid sole
    Tour satin finish

  117. Dean Jacobson
    Burnsville, MN
    Index 8.1
    48 degree
    Bounce – mid
    Tour Ras

  118. Joseph Barrett

    56 degree, satin 12 bounce
    13 handicap

  119. Steven voss

    I will be replacing my older Cleveland 58 degree and Volkey 52.. Would like to test either …… Mid sized grip…. Am a 10.5 index and play at Richmond CC..

  120. name: Paul Beltz
    location: Irvine, CA
    handicap: 18
    loft: 50
    sole: Low
    finish: Black Satin

  121. Rick Stover

    Rick Stover, Seattle, Wa. H-cap is 13.6 and I would like to test the 54 Low in Black and a 58 XLCW in Black.

  122. Walt Shymkiw

    Walt Shymkiw
    McKenzie, TN
    14 hdcp.
    58* Mid.
    Tour Satin

    Thank You for the opportunity.

  123. Gary McCormick

    Gary McCormick
    San Jose, California
    Loft: 50°
    Sole: Full
    Finish: Tour Satin

  124. Rick Gehrke

    Glen K in Bath, MI. H-cap is 8.1 and I would like to test the 50 Full sole in Black, 54 Low in Black and a 58 XLCW in Black.
    12.6. I am looking to replace my vokey wedges. Currently I use a 50, 54, and 60.

  125. Scott Moultine

    Hadicap: 16
    Location:Tacoma, WA
    Loft: 54
    Sole: full bounce
    Finish: raw
    +3 degrees up, if possible.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  126. Robb Banyai

    Handicap: 16
    Loft: 56 Degree
    Sole: Mid
    Finish: Tour Raw
    Fairfield County, CT

  127. Gary Westfall

    Gary Westfall
    Goodyear, AZ
    Hdcp. 16
    Low Sole 60 or 62 degree in Tour Satin

    LOL: I recently bought the RTX 3 in 50 and 56 in the mid grind. These replaced by old Cleveland’s I bought 5 years ago.

  128. Peter Rigsbee

    your name, location, handicap, and what loft, sole, and finish of RTX-4 wedge you want to test.
    Peter Rigsbee
    Kamuela, HI
    60 degree loft
    full bounce
    black finish

  129. Robert Stevens

    Bob S
    Frankfort, Ky
    HDCP: 20
    60, xlow, Tour Raw
    Just started playing again after 23 year lay off. I have replaced my 50, and 56. Now looking for a new wedge to replace my 60. It is a Titleist 6000.

  130. Rich Leitzel

    Rich Leitzel
    Harrisburg, pa
    Hdp 6
    Tour Raw

  131. Brian Mitteldorf

    Brian Mitteldorf
    Boca Raton,xFL
    8 Handicap
    Right handed 56 degree Black
    Full sole

  132. Marty Boxer

    My wedge game needs help. Handicap 12. Prescott ,AZ.Tour Satin,mid, 60 degree.

  133. Elias Malakoff

    name: Elias Malakoff
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Handicap: 4
    Loft: 60
    Bounce: XLow
    Finish: Tour Raw

  134. Dana Horton

    Dana Horton
    Columbus, Ohio
    Handicap 12
    Loft: 56
    Sole: Mid
    Finish: Tour satin

  135. Elias Malakoff

    Elias Malakoff
    Handicap 4
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Raw

  136. Christopher Daughtry

    I have an RTX-3 and love it. I’d sure love to test one of these new ones.
    Chris Daughtry
    Aliso Viejo, CA
    Handicap – 26.5
    50 Degree loft, MID sole, Black Satin finish

  137. Love to try the new wedge. Play the CBX-3 now.
    Name: Dale Wedan
    Location: Wichita, Kansas
    HDCP: 7
    Loft: 56
    Sole: Mid
    Finish: Tour Raw

  138. Art Burke
    Handicap: 11.2

    I would like to try the Satin 56 deg wedge with 8 or 10 deg bounce.

  139. Anthony Viola

    Anthony Viola Toronto Ontario, Canada ; 13 hcp. Would like to test a right hand 60 degree wedge ( I presently play a 60 Cleveland Rtx 588) high bounce in a black finish. Thanks!

  140. David C.
    Boston, MA
    Hdcp 5.5
    58*, mid, black satin
    Thank you!

  141. Larry Bremner

    Name: Larry Bremner
    Location: Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada
    Handicap: 18
    Sole: mid
    Finish: black satin

  142. Dene Bowe
    North Myrtle Beach,S.C.
    9.3 index
    Loft 58
    Bounce Low
    Tour Satin finish

  143. Rick S
    Dike, IA
    HC: 5
    52-Mid-Black Satin (RH)
    Currently use RTX-2; 50, 54, 58, 64

  144. Jake Schmidt

    Jake Schmidt
    Rockford, IL
    8.5 HC
    I would happily try out any version/combination, however preference would be:
    50, mid, black satin

  145. Carmine Piro

    Would love to replace my old wedges to improve my 18 H
    Toronto Canada
    Black Satin Mid 52 loft Left Hand

  146. Steve Otto
    St. James, MN
    mid or low
    tour satin
    Looking to plug into my short game more. Looking at 58, 54, 50 wedge lofts to help zero in the putting.

  147. Scott Torrence

    Love the RTX-3 Can’t wait to experience the RTX-4. Scott Torrence. Franklin, TN. Handicap 11.9. 60 degree, low bounce, black satin.

  148. Stephen Schmelz

    Stephen Schmelz
    Kailua-Kona, HI
    Loft 54
    Bounce Low

  149. Steve Gilchrist

    Handicap: 12
    Loft: 60
    Mid sole
    Your satin finish

  150. Approach wedge 54 or 56 degree, black finish,low bounce
    Used to play off 2, but packed it in in the 90’s, and been playing again for 6 months.Mojo slowly returning
    Trying to experiment with different clubs, as used to use persimmon woods and blades, so
    have so far tried Titleist Vokey, and Callaway wedges, plus British makes.
    Hve not tried a club by Cleveland, so will also let the pros at driving range try it, and can give a wide and varied verdict on the product which will be a bit different.


    Nice looking wedge!
    Darrell Nave
    Bristol, TN
    Handicap: 13
    Loft: 48
    Bounce: Mid sole
    Finish: Tour Satin

  152. Steve Zimmel

    Steve Zimmel
    New Berlin, WI
    Would like to try 56 degree raw finish mid sole.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  153. Russell
    Woodinville, WA
    52 Mid
    Tour Raw

  154. Ross B
    Location: White Rock, NM
    Handicap: 11
    Loft: 60
    Sole: Xlow
    Finish: Tour raw

  155. Randy Burchell

    William Burchell, Abilene, TX, 13 Hdcp, 56 degree, high bounce, black satin finish

  156. Matthew Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull CT
    Loft 58
    Sole Mid

  157. Scott K. Giles

    Would love to test one,

    Scott Giles
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Handicap is 6.6
    Let’s try a 56 degree, mid bounce in Tour Satin

  158. Ryan Sevier

    Ryan Sevier
    Arvada, CO
    54°,mid-sole, tour raw finish

  159. David Abrams

    David Abrams
    Melville, NY
    60, MID, Tour Raw

    I have a Ping wedge, but I cant get the bite or distance I think I should have. I had a Cleveland wedge years ago and liked it. I ‘d like to test their new wedge to see if they can prove they are better than a Ping wedge.

  160. william littleton

    Handicap: 15 Right hand
    Loft: 56°
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Black Satin
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  161. David Lichtenwalner

    Location: Clifton Park, NY
    Handicap: 13.1
    58 degree
    mid/2 dot
    Tour Satin
    I would love to test this new Cleveland RTX-4 wedge.

  162. Larry Hill
    Pittsburg Kansas
    Handicap: 10
    Low 56° Satin

  163. Christopher Shively
    High Point, NC

    Looking for 56*/mid/Black

    Please and thank you.

  164. Jim Fleming

    I have a 58 degree I love. I would love to try a 54, 56, or 60 degree.

  165. John McNeil

    Name: John McNeil
    Location: La Palma, CA
    Handicap: 11.1
    Loft: 60
    Sole: XLOW
    Finish: Black Satin

  166. Please Help save the day and my play…after someone picked up my Cleveland 60 and decided to keep it for themselves. . my h.cap fell to a 13. I would love to test out the xlow 60 in tour raw. Mike Dimeo Slc,UT

  167. Noel Guillaume

    Hi and thanks for the opportunity – here are my preferred specs;

    Noel….Emu Plains….NSW….Australia.

    Hc = 9……Full grind in Black Satin Lofts 50/54/60

    I play 4 times a week so the review will be extensive.

  168. Andy
    60, low bounce
    Trying to replace my 12 year old RTG’s, regrooved numerous, can find anything near as good.

  169. Dave Sanguinetti

    Dave Sanguinetti
    Livermore, CA
    HDCP 9
    Love to test a 56* Full in raw finish

  170. Lasse Koskela

    I’d love to test the RTX-4 as a replacement for my old lob wedge (I’ve played different models of Vokey 50/54/58 for the past few years)

    Name: Lasse Koskela
    Location; Brooklyn, NY
    HCP: 19
    Loft: 60
    Sole: XLOW
    Finish: Tour Satin

  171. Mike K
    Waukesha, WI
    18 handicap
    60* low bounce, black satin

  172. Currently play an RTX 3 50 degree It is the best club in my bag. Hit is high, with great bite. Looking to replace my 54 & 58 from another manufacturer. I know the new RTXs will be great.

  173. Tim Stewart

    Tim Stewart
    Culpeper, VA


    Thank You!!

  174. Marty Langford

    New golfer 2 years. Edgewood, Wa. I would like to try the new Cleveland wedge. handicap 32 rh 56 degree mid tour raw. Thanks for the opportunity.

  175. Terry Malone

    Terry Malone
    Olympia, Washington
    HCP: 18
    Model No: V-MG
    Black Satan Finish
    Would love to test this baby out!!

  176. Name: Todd Williams
    Location: Kenbridge, VA
    Handicap: 12
    Loft: 56
    Sole: low
    Finish: Tour Satin

  177. Chris Castro

    Currently play Ping 54 and 58 degree Glide Wedges, so this opportunity would be great. I’m completely open to switching should the RX-4 provide me with better results.

    Name: Chris Castro
    Location: Corona, CA
    Handicap: 12
    Loft: 54
    Sole: Mid Sole
    Finish: Black Satin

  178. Awesome! I am replacing my sm6 and the Rox-4 is on my radar.
    Name – Paul Kelly
    Location – Bridgetown, NS
    Handicap – 10
    Loft – 56
    Sole – Full
    Finish – Tour Satin

  179. Roman Stadler

    Roman Stadler
    Ontario Canada
    Handicap 24
    Black satin 52 or 54 or 56 preferred
    Would love to improve my short game and give a review.

  180. Mitchell Rothstein

    DesPlaines, IL
    Looking forward to testing
    56 degree, high bounce, black
    Recently replaced gap & lob wedge I need to find a new sand wedge
    Thank you

  181. Jim Berger, Toledo OH
    Handicap: 20
    Loft: 56 Degree
    Sole: Full
    Finish: Tour Raw

  182. Dave Lawrence

    Name: Dave Lawrence
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Handicap: 7.8
    Loft: 56
    Sole: Low
    Finish: Tour Raw

  183. Monty Morgan

    Monty M
    Ponder, Tx
    HDCP 16.3
    Black Satin

  184. Chris Howard

    I would love to try the 58 degree, Mid Sole, in Black Satin.
    Chris Howard
    Handicap 16

  185. John Tokarsky

    John Tokarsky
    Youngstown, OH
    56 – mid – tour satin

  186. Ed D
    Secane, Pa
    Handicap: 24
    Loft: 54 mid
    Finish: Chrome/Satin
    Would love the opportunity to test/own Cleveland wedges
    Thank you

  187. Robert Gittleson

    Rob G
    54 loft

  188. Cody Gebauer

    Cody Gebauer-Des Moines, IA-12 handicap- 60* – Xlow – Tour Raw.

    I’m currently gaming the RTX 3 58* tour raw and would love the opportunity to try the new model with less bounce.

  189. David Lichtenwalner

    David Lichtenwalner
    Clifton Park, NY
    13.1 handicap
    I would love to try a 58 degree RTX-4 wedge with mid sole (2 dot) and tour satin finish.
    Thank you.

  190. Melanie Robotham

    Melanie Robotham
    Dallas, Texas
    handicap 15
    46 degrees
    black satin RTX-4 wedge

  191. Ken Francisco

    #s cretgiveaway
    Ken Francisco
    Mission Viejo, ca
    Hdcp 30+
    60 degree
    Satin finish

  192. Mike M
    Scottsdale Az
    5.9 hcp
    60* highest bounce available
    Darkest finish available

  193. #secretgiveaway.

    Favourite wedges by a mile

  194. Joseph Loukota

    Joe L
    Plainfield, IN
    Loft: 50 degrees
    Sole: normal bounce (2 dot)
    Finish: Tour Satin


  195. I have Cleveland CBX wedges that I purchased this year and they are the best thing that ever happened to my wedge play plus watching the Phil Mickelson YouTube Hinge and Hold video!

  196. william littleton

    I would love to test one of these new wedges. I live in Maryland and have a 15 handicap . I would like to test a 56 degree, mid-sole black wedge.

  197. I love a #SecretGiveaway

  198. Good article.#Secret Giveaway

  199. Mitchell Holton

    #Secret Giveaway

  200. Marty Langford

    Marty Langford
    Edgewood, Wa
    HCP – 32
    Loft – 56
    Sole – Mid
    Finish – Tour Raw

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