Test & Review the Cleveland Frontline Putter

Test the New Cleveland Frontline Putter

The new Cleveland Frontline putters are loaded with performance enhancing design that you can use to sink more putts.  From the new SOFT Face technology to the tungsten weights loaded into the face, these flat sticks will have your playing partners begging for mercy.

Want to see the results for yourself?  PluggedInGolf and Cleveland Golf are teaming up to give ten golfers the chance to choose their own Frontline putter to test and keep.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment.  Your comment must include your name, location, handicap, and the model (including length and neck configuration) that you’d like to receive.

Check out all the models HERE

Step 2: Make sure you’re subscribed to the PluggedInGolf newsletter.  Subscribe HERE

That’s it!  On Friday, September 20, we will contact ten golfers via email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

The winners will be expected to test the Frontline putter and fill out a short questionnaire about how it performed.  Those answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

The putter is yours to keep.


  1. Your comment/entry will not be visible immediately.  We need to approve all comments, so it may take a few hours before you see it.  Please DO NOT double post.
  2. Please leave the “URL” or “Website” section blank
  3. If your entry does not include the required information or violates 1 or 2 above, you will not be entered.
  4. If you do not enter your correct email address, we will not be able to contact you, so you won’t be able to win.
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  1. Jason Crowder

    Jason Crowder
    South Boston VA
    21 handicap
    Left handed 34inch 4.0 plumbers neck.
    Recently purchased a new ping sigma G putter and would like to test the new Cleveland putter to compare the two to give a honest comparison to the average golfers who are about to make a new putter purchase.

    • George Christie

      I have a twelve handicap, use an Oddessy 330 and would love to test the plumbers neck, right handed, 35 “.

      • George Christie

        Live in New Vineyard, Maine. I have a twelve handicap, use an Oddessy 330 and would love to test a 35″ plumbers neck.

  2. I would like to test the FRONTLINE CERO SLANT NECK PUTTER, 35 inch with an oversized grip.

    Lee Bulluck
    Pittsboro, NC
    17 Handicap (15.7 index)


  4. Michael Graham

    I would love to test the new Cleveland putter. I have used the Huntington Beach & was impressed. I would certainly like to give this technology a try. I’m Michael Graham from Charleston, SC with a current handicap at 7.8. I would like to try the Elevado single bend 35″ long. Thanks for the awesome oppurtunity

  5. Doug. Ohio. 24 handicap. you normally don’t think of Cleveland for putters but I have been using a smart square for several years and love it. I get a lot of comments on the looks (people ask if that is a solar panel on it). I would love to have the frontline cero straight neck.

  6. Kyle
    ELEVADO SINGLE BEND, 36″, 1* up

  7. Randall Matheny

    Always like to try a new putter
    Randall Matheny
    Tallahassee, FL
    9.2 Index
    Mallet Putter, 33 in., length, and center mount for neck configuration

    handicap, and the model (including length and neck configuration) that you’d like to receive.

    • Michael Kopaczewski

      Hello. Mike Kopey here, from Hammond, IN.
      I’m returning to golf from a hiatus due to injuries. Handicapping around 20. I use my trusty Bullseye. My putting stroke is straight, so I’d love to try a 35 inch Elevado single bend, as recommended.

  8. Craig Goodwin

    Craig Goodwin
    Colfax, CA.
    11 Hcp
    4.0 model, 33 inch with Plumbers neck

  9. Scott Kefalas

    Scott Kefalas
    Thomasville, GA
    Handicap: 5.3
    Desired Putter: Elevado Slant Neck 33″

  10. Richard Moore

    Richard Moore,
    Columbia, Tennessee,
    Handicap +25
    Model: ELEVADO
    Shaft: Single Bend
    Length: 35

  11. Dave Sampson
    Greenville, SC
    11 Handicap
    Elevado Single-Bend 35 length

  12. Terry Murray
    Coral Springs, FL
    6 handicap
    Elevato 35 in single bend
    Love to try your new offering

  13. Umberto Bianchi
    Toronto, Canada
    Like to try Elevado single bend in 33 inch

    • Robert Sutton

      Robert Sutton
      Belleville, IL
      HDCP 15
      33″, Frontline Elevado Slant Neck

      Been playing a Cleveland Classic 2 my dad got me as a gift back in ’08. Figured it’s time to look into a new putter, and like the looks, tech and the uniqueness of gaming Cleveland’s putters.

      • Chad Miller
        Elevado single bend 33.5
        6 handicap (tournament)
        Orlando FL
        I would like to compare it to my tommy armour impact 3 that my golf spy highly rated with a very similar design.

  14. Name: Brandon B
    Location: Bothell, WA
    Handicap: 11.7
    Putter Length: 33in
    Putter Style: 4.0 Plumber’s Neck

  15. Name: Robert
    Location: Columbus, OH
    Handicap: 1.4
    Model to test: Elevado Single Bend

  16. Paul Kielwasser

    Paul Kielwasser
    West Monroe, LA
    GHIN: 7
    Iso Slant Neck, 37”

  17. Ken Mykietowich

    Ken Mykietowich
    7 Naskapi Crescent
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Hdcp 13
    Frontline 4.0 34″

  18. Mike Hernandez

    Mike Hernandez
    Castro Valley, CA
    Elevado slant neck 34”

  19. Andrew Schinkai

    Would love to be a tester for these new putters!

    Andrew Schinkai
    Chicago, Il

    Elevado single bend neck 34”

    Hope I get picked!!

  20. Donald W. Craig

    I love testing different putters. Curently own 15 various brands and styles of blades and mallets.

    I play a different course each week, because I can via the VSGA.
    17 Handicap in Spotsylvania, Virginia

  21. Pontus. K
    Västerås, Sweden
    Hcp: 13.3
    ISO slant neck, 33″

  22. Hi, thank you for this opportunity!
    Clay Causey
    Ormond Beach, FL.
    12 hcp
    Model: Elevado, slant neck, 34”

  23. Ted Kus
    Oakville, Ontario


  24. Robin Owens
    San Jose California
    12 handicap
    Blade model 34 inch plumbers neck 4.0
    I m looking for a new putter ,my old putter has ran out of birdies . I think I need a little more technology in my putter to help my scores.

  25. Robin Stewart

    Robin Stewart
    RH Cero Single Bend 34”

  26. David Martindale

    David Martindale, Bay City, MI
    33″ elevado single bend

  27. Craig Cunningham

    Craig Cunningham, Hove, Handicap 21, Elevado Single Bend 34’

  28. Dennis John
    Boise, ID
    18.3 Handicap
    35″ Cero Single Bend

  29. The looks of these putters are impressive (but no views at address that I could find?)
    I have an old putter that I put stick on wheel weights behind the face, similarly placed as these tungsten weights, that I use for practice. And occasionally take to the course when my stroke is off.
    I would enjoy testing the Elevado slant neck 34.5″ (left handed) or 35″ if they are not available in half inch sizes.

    Kyle Knutson
    Princeton Mn.
    16 handicap

  30. Shane Harms
    Eugene, OR
    ghin – 20.8
    I would love to test (and review) a 35″ Frontline 4.0

  31. Robert Klein
    New York City
    34” Cleveland Frontline Elevado

    I had a fitting tomorrow for one :( lol now I don’t know what to do.

  32. Mike in Arkansas
    Would love try the Frontline Elevado Slant Neck, 34 inches: and compare it against Odyssey # 7 “O” Works.Have tried Cleveland in golf shops and seems fantastic.

  33. Thank you for the opportunity! I am currently using Cleveland HB Launcher irons, SW-4i, and love them. A Cleveland putter would help complete my set. I would be interested in the Cero Slant neck 35″ putter.

    Kevin Smith
    Citrus Heights, CA 95610
    15 handicap

  34. Scott Bourgeois

    Scott Bourgeois, Michigan. 15 handicap. Elevado single Bend 35”
    Would love to test out the new Cleveland putters.

  35. Robert Klein
    New York City
    Cleveland Frontline Elevado 34” Slant Neck

    Sorry for the second post 😬 forgot to add which neck.

  36. Carlton Durham

    Carlton Durham
    Vineland, NJ
    ISO Single-Bend 34″ RH

  37. I would love to test the Frontline 4.0 putter with a 35 inch shaft here in Sweden. I’m a 2 hcp player and play with my two boys every week so I have plenty of time to test it.

  38. Tim Keller
    Hilo, Hawaii
    HC: 25
    Frontline 4.0
    Plumber’s Neck
    34 length
    Ionic Red Grips

  39. Terry Marshall

    I look forward to testing the new Cleveland ISO Frontline putter.
    Terry Marshall
    Kentucky, United States
    Handicap 3
    Frontline ISO Single Bend 35”

  40. Garen Eggleston

    Garen Eggleston hcd- 13 Lady Lakes Florida

  41. Hi, Mike with handicap of 16 from Palm Coast, Florida here. I would definitely prefer to demo the ELEVADO SLANT NECK as I have a slight arc putting stroke.

  42. Jonathan Vorhis

    Jonathan Vorhis
    St. Louis, MO
    11 handicap
    Elevado single-bend, 34 inches

  43. Gary Garmon
    Tompkinsville Ky
    5 handicap
    Elevado slant bend

  44. John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA
    16 handicap
    Frontline 4.0 Plumbers Neck if I was fortunate enough to be chosen.

  45. Josh Giesige
    Edgerton, Ohio
    HDCP 8
    Elevado Slant Neck, 34”
    Thanks for great opportunity! Love to compare this with my Odyssey Versa and Tommy Armour #3

  46. Joe Loukota
    Plainfield, IN
    Cero Slant Neck 33″

  47. Daniel Cooper

    Cheshire, England
    6 Handicap
    Elevado Slant Neck

  48. I would like to test a 35″ single bend face balanced Elevado frontline putter.
    My handicap is 17.5 and I live in the The Villages, Florida. Currently I use 35″ Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab putter, and I am excited to try the new frontline design. The Odyssey #7 has always been my favorite configuration.
    Thank you

  49. Todd Williams

    Todd Williams
    Kenbridge, Va
    Hdcp 12
    4.0 Plumber 35”

  50. Trevor Stoutt

    Hello, my name is Trevor stout. I’m from Knoxville, TN and would like to test a 35-inch cero slant neck putter. My handicap is 4.8.

  51. Craig Dedmon

    22 handicap

    Plumbers Neck 4.0
    35 inch shaft

  52. William Nettleton

    William Nettleton
    Macon, GA
    HDCP: 12
    34″ ISO Single Bend

  53. Rick F. 4.0 35 inch, currently rotating between SeeMore SB1 , Ping Signa 2 Tyne and Scotty Newport. Would love to compare. Love the forward thinking (pun intended)

  54. Michael Long
    Charlotte, NC
    HDCP- 12
    4.0 Model 33 inches single bend

  55. Mike McHugh
    Jessup, MD
    HDCP 13

    Thanks and look forward to possibility of testing/reviewing

  56. Randy Agapito

    Randy Agapito
    Raleigh, NC
    HDCP 15
    FRONTLINE CERO SLANT NECK PUTTER, 34 inch with an oversized grip.

  57. Rowayton CT
    Hcp +1
    Elevado Single Bend 35”

    Although I would be remiss to deviate from playing my current favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach, I am curious to see how these new Frontline putters play. In theory it all makes sense from a physics standpoint, but golf is all about proof on the course. I have moved from being a solid Scotty fan to a fully committed Cleveland advocate. I have also gone over to all Cleveland wedges, Srixon Irons and Srixon golf balls. This company is really taking off. I should probably become a rep.

  58. Eric Kundinger

    9 Handicap
    Stevens Point, Wi
    Elevado Slant Neck at 35 in

    Love the all black look and the tech they are bringing at this price point.

  59. Derik Davis
    Peachtree City, GA
    ELEVADO SINGLE BEND, 34”, 1 degree flat

  60. Brandon Cox
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Hcp 20
    Single-bend Elevado 35”
    Looks like a great putter! Would love to try one out!

  61. Al Leeper
    Tucson, AZ.
    HCP 16

    I play golf 3- times a week, and the putter to me is the most important in scoring. I own Bettinardi, Odyssey, and Ping putters. I strive to find a mallet putter that is stable enough to produce solid performance for my stroke.
    I would very much enjoy testing the new Cleveland Frontline putter and compare its overall results to my existing putters.

  62. Christopher Shively

    Christopher Shively
    High Point NC
    Handicap 18
    Cero single bend 34 inches
    Please and thank you!

  63. Joe Givhan
    Mobile, Alabama
    HCP 18
    Elevado slant neck 34″
    Would love to compare the Cleveland with my Odyssey 7s. They look great.

  64. Benny Mosiman

    Benny Mosiman
    Charleston, SC
    HCP 5.3
    Cero Single Bend 35″ RH

  65. Craig Knowlton

    Craig Knowlton
    Charleston, SC
    20 Handicap

  66. Daniel Scott
    Jacksonville, FL
    Elevado 35inch single bend

  67. Tom Duckworth

    Tom Duckwortrh
    Kansas City, KS
    Hdc 11

  68. Dylan Byrd
    North Little Rock, AR
    13 Handicap
    I’d love to try the Slant Neck Elevado in 35”. Cleveland putters have always caught my eye but none have had me dying to try them until the Frontline line was announced. Always wanted to try their Elevado style and would be thrilled if I got the opportunity to also test and review for the website! Here’s to hoping!!

  69. Rob Dennison
    Langhorne, PA
    23.4 handicap
    Elevado Single-bend 35”, RH

    I’ve been eye’ing Cleveland putters for a while, and this looks to be the one!

  70. Name: Arun Aharam
    Location: Clifton, VA
    Handicap: 12.1
    Model: Would love to test the Elevado Single bend neck (Face Balanced) in 33 inchs

    I’ve been playing a mid-mallet Cleveland TFI 2135 for the past several years. I also game Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl irons. Been considering a putter switch when I saw the Frontline and became very curious.

  71. seth peterson

    Seth Peterson
    Baldwinsville, NY
    Index 9.9
    Elevado slant 35″ RH

  72. Nicole Bowers

    Nicole Bowers
    Dallas, Texas
    25.8 handicap
    My father, a retired Dallas policeman, loves to golf and whenever possible I go with him. I’d really love to try the Right-handed 35inch Slant Neck Elevado, please!

  73. Name: Nolan Clark
    Location: Birmingham, AL
    Model: 4.0 Plumbers Neck, 34 inch
    Handicap: 18

  74. Margaret Smith

    Margaret Smith
    Oconomowoc, WI

    Handicap: 18
    Elevado Slant Neck 33″

    Would love to try a new putter-especially one that would look great in my new Cleveland golf bag that I had the winning bid on in a golf outing last weekend.

  75. Dean Jacobson

    Dean Jacobson
    Burnsville, MN
    Index 8.4
    Cero Slant Neck 33″

  76. Pat Robbins
    Daphne, AL
    Handicap 19
    Elevado 35″ Single Bend
    Would love to test against my Odyssey

  77. Kip Johnson
    Akron, OH
    6 hdcp

    I would like the Cero, slant neck, 35in.

  78. Brad
    North Carolina
    Hdcp 6.5
    I would like to try the ISO single bend RH model 35″.

  79. Elevado Slant Neck 34 inches
    14 Handicap
    146 Calumet Ct
    Crestview Hills, KY

  80. Lee Brown
    Taylors, SC
    5 .1 Index
    Elevado 34″ Slant Neck
    Great looking line of putters

  81. Mark Nicholson

    Mark Nicholson
    Hampshire, United Kingdom
    Handicap 19.0


  82. Bill Zovko
    Right hand 4.0 Plummer’s Neck
    20 handicap

  83. Ashley Schroth

    Ash Schroth
    Bellevue, NE
    Handicap 10.5
    RH Cero Single Bend 33″

  84. Curt Flournoy

    Curt Flournoy
    Milledgeville, Georgia
    17 Handicap
    Cero single bend 35” RH

  85. Michael Pettey

    Michael Pettey
    Athens, AL
    Hcp: 14.7
    Elevado single bend putter 35″

  86. David M Bushey

    David Bushey
    Chester, va
    handicap 24
    evalado single bend
    35″ also wanna test against my stroke lab 7

  87. My name is Steve Rhodes i would like to test your putter. I now use a taylormade putter 34 inch straight shaft. My handiecap is 15

  88. Lloyd Davis
    Flower Mound, TXHandicap 12
    Frontline Elevado Single Bend
    35″ Length

  89. Philip Chapman

    Philip Chapman
    Bryan, Tx
    Handicap: 7.2
    Elevado 34″ Single Bend
    Been a Scotty user for the last few years. Wouldn’t mind putting it to the test.

    FRONTLINE 4.0/35′

  91. Joe Marty
    Murfreesboro, TN
    Handicap 15
    34” Elevated single Bend
    Looking forward to testing this new putter

  92. Dave Simon
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    12.3 HDCP
    ELEVADO Slant neck 32”

  93. Jack Civa
    Frisco, Texas
    7.2 Handicap
    ISO Slant Neck – 35.5”
    I can’t wait to putt it into action!

  94. Larry Hill
    Pittsburg KANSAS
    Handicap 10
    Frontline ELEVADO single bend 33”
    I changed to Cleveland wedges from Vokey, now I would like to kick my boutique putter out and give a putter designed to work, not a putter with a fancy name on it! I want to make putts with proven designs as Cleveland has had in the past. I’d absolutely love to give ELEVADO a go.

  95. Steven J Cudney

    I believe it’s time for me to test a different putter. Currently I’m using a 1970 stock Ram putter. I’m a 14 handicap and would like to test a 35” RH Elevado single bend putter. I play Overlook in Hollis NH plus numerous other courses in the lakes region of NH.

  96. James Greenfield


  97. Charles Wilson

    Charles Wilson
    East Jordan, Michigan (summer)
    Crystal River, Florida (winter)
    12 handicap
    Would like to test the Cleveland Elevado 35” single bend putter.
    Currently use an older 35” White Hot Odyssey mallet.

  98. Arnie Merriam

    West Palm Beach FL
    HDCP 7.5
    Cero single bend
    Using a TM ARC1 now and would love to upgrade to this new Cleveland putter, great looking technology and lines, putting is the single biggest stroke leak in my current game.

  99. Arnie Merriam

    forgot to say length:
    West Palm Beach FL
    HDCP 7.5
    Cero single bend 34 inch
    Would dearly love to upgrade to this new Cleveland putter, great look technology and lines, putting is the single biggest stroke leak in my current game. I need this magic badly!

  100. Richard Miller

    FRONTLINE CERO SLANT NECK PUTTER, right hand 35 inch
    R. Miller
    Caledonia, MI 49316
    Hcp 17

  101. Joseph Segarra

    Joseph Segarra
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    HDCP 24
    Cero Single Bend Putter, 34inch
    My putting stroke is straight back and through. I think a Frontline putter would work well for me. Hope I will win one to test and review.

  102. Ed C.
    Charleston SC
    Hcp: 4.7
    Elevado slant neck 33”

  103. Tom DeZarn
    Frankenmuth, MI
    Handicap Index 13.6
    Right handed 35 inch 4.0 plumbers neck

  104. Philip J Boyle

    Phil Boyle
    Bluffton, SC
    Frontline 4.0
    35″ Plumber’s Neck
    Thank You

  105. Stefan J Hansson

    I live in Michigan and am an avid golfer. I currently belong to two 18 hole leagues and and rarely take a week off as we move to indoor simulator golf when the climate chases us inside. I would love to try to blade version with a 35″ center mounted shaft with slightly oversized grip. I currently carry a 9.5 handicap. Thanks and hope to hear from you.

  106. Maria Hill
    Wyandotte, MI
    Handicap 26
    4.0 Plumbers Neck, 33″

  107. Monty Morgan
    Ponder, Tx
    HCP: 20

  108. George W Aaron

    George Aaron
    Charleston, SC
    HANDICAP: 19
    Iso single bend face balanced 35” length will be perfect.


  109. Always used a Ping Putter,would enjoyed testing a Elevado mallet,Slant Neck, 35″.Thank you.

  110. Rick Humphreys

    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Handicap: 9
    Elevado Slant Neck, 33 inches

  111. Robert Schwoegl

    Bob Schwoegl
    Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
    HC 4
    Model Elevado
    Length 35”
    Shaft Single bend
    Been using your HB irons for 5 years and made some of friends switch. Been putting with Odyssey putters and would love to switch

  112. My name is Michael Hill and I’m on the cart staff at a prestigious Tom Fazio design CC in Hendersonville NC. My handicap index is currently 6.2.
    I would love to try a 35″ RH single bend Elevado model on the lightning fast greens here to compare against my Odyssey White Hot RX. Thanks for your consideration!

  113. Currently using a Cleveland Huntington Beach blade putter and play twice a week at Apple Greens and McCann Memorial courses. Heading to Myrtle Beach in October and would love to try this putter down there.

    Neil McCourt
    Wappingers Falls, NY
    Handicap 22
    Cero Slant Neck 34″

  114. Tim Chaffee
    Brookville, IN
    Handicap 18
    Elevado 35″ Single Bend

  115. steve doyle
    iso single bend 35″

  116. Dennis de Frel

    Name: Dennis de Frel
    Location: Bennebroek, NH the Netherlands
    Model: ELEVADO SLANT NECK, 35 inch
    Handicap: 9.9

  117. chris kearney

    These are fine looking putters and I need a spark in my short game. Dying to replace Odyssey 2Ball

  118. Christopher Costa

    Christopher C.
    Haddonfield, NJ
    Handicap 19,
    Dunlop NP-1
    The Dunlop is smooth, but ancient. Provides great feel with the polymer face, but it would be nice to see how new face technology compares to the NP-1 and Wilson 80.

  119. I would like to test the Elevado slant neck 35″ left hand model putter. Putting is not very consistent at the moment , looking for help, maybe Cleveland is onto something.
    Ron Epping
    Ancaster On. CA.
    7 handicap

  120. Need an advantage over my 15 year old son!
    A new putter could do the trick.

    Doug Jaworski
    Hayden, ID
    8.5 handicap

  121. kevin richmond

    Please consider me for testing the Cleveland putter.
    Kevin Richmond
    Hcp. 8
    4934 Heritage Plains Drive,
    Friendswood, Texas

  122. Edward Overturf

    My name is Ed Overturf from Des Moines, Iowa. Have started playing again after an extended absence due to work, health, etc. Various aspects of my game are more than just rusty! And putting is the worst I have experienced. Used to be a 10 hdcp. , but now more like 20-25. Would like to try out the Elevado single bend in a 34″ length. Any help from a club is appreciated.

  123. Need an advantage over my 15 year old son!
    A new 4.0 Plumbersneck might do the trick.

    Doug Jaworski
    Hayden, ID
    8.5 index

  124. Roger Chang
    Cincinnati, OH
    Handicap 16
    4.0 plumbers neck 34″
    I have used mallets for forgiveness, but the extra weight makes shorter putts hard. Would like to see what a forgiving blade style would help

  125. Need an advantage over my 15 year old son!
    A new 4.0 plumbers neck 33’’ putter might do the trick.

    Doug Jaworski
    Hayden, ID
    8.5 index

  126. Cleveland makes great equipment and their putters (Huntington Beach series, Nev Comp Dinero series)) are every bit as good as the top name brands . The insert and forward weight technology is interesting and worth testing. They definitely have caught my attention and thanks for the opportunity.
    Ont, Can
    hdcp 11
    RH 35” Elevado Single-Bend

  127. David Schwytzer

    Dave Schwytzer
    Louisville, Ky
    Hdcp 18
    Elevado Slant Neck 35” with oversized grip
    I would like to join this group and review this new putter. I constantly leave my putts short and push/pull them. I feel this putter may help me take strokes off my game. Now that I have retired I have more time to dedicate to the game of gold.

  128. Tom Weirich
    Cleveland, OH
    Handicap 16
    Elevado 33″ Slant Neck

  129. Colin Leather

    Cero single bend RH 35” please. I am Colin Leather playing off 12 at Banstead Downs GC, Surrey, England.
    If the putter is as good as Cleveland wedges – and I am sure it will be – then every day will be Christmas Day!

  130. Brian Barnes
    Locust Grove Va,
    HC 17
    Model: 4.0 Plumber 35”
    Time to retire my Nike IC 20/ 20

  131. Dave Tracz
    Parma Heights, OH
    Handicap 19
    Elevado 35″ Single bend

  132. Scott Coldiron

    Love to be a tester.

    Scott Coldiron
    Glen Ellyn, IL
    6 handicap
    Elevado 34 inch, slant neck

  133. I think it is time to retire my 15 year old Scotty. I’d like to try a 35” Elevado Single Bend (Right hand). Thanks for the chance .
    Rod Wilson, Greensboro, GA, Handicap 11,

  134. Doug Fox
    South Lyon, MI
    16 Hdcp
    FrontLine Elvado Slant Neck Putter
    33″ Oversize Grip Right Hand

  135. Rob – Wake Forest, NC
    HCDP: 1.5

  136. Adam Aaronson

    Adam Aaronson
    Arlington, VA
    Index – 14.1
    4.0 Plumbers Neck, 34″
    Bored with my Scotty – psyched to try something new!

  137. remco emanuel

    These new Cleveland putters look very promising, i also checked out dave pelsz’s comment. Straighter puts with off Center hits, i would really like to compare this model against my oddysey and scotty camerons putter…
    Model: 4.0 Plumbers Neck, 35 inch

    remco emanuel
    Warmond, the netherlands
    Hcp 10.1

  138. I would like to play the Elevado single bend model. 33 inches.
    My name is Jim Claycomb and I live in Summerfield, Florida. I am a 9 handicap.

  139. Steve Gerardot

    Strongsville, Ohio
    Handicap Index 5.7
    Elevado single bend shaft 35 in
    Would love to test the new Cleveland Frontline putters. Thanks

  140. I would love to try the front line 4.0 33 inches as that looks like my favorite one. Have been playing Ping and Oddesy the past couple of years and love the look of these new offerings, Especially the face.

    11 handicap. Play three times a week in Lakewood Ranch, Fl.

    Thank you.

  141. Dave Clark
    Keswick, VA
    HDCP – 4.8
    I would love to try the Frontline CERO Single Bend (RH), 34″

    Thanks for the opportunity and the great newsletter…….dc

  142. Jonathan Blum

    Can’t wait. Jon Blum. Shavertown , Pa . 8.2
    Elevado slant neck. 35in.

  143. William Steck

    William Steck
    Santa Rosa, CA
    16 handicap
    left-handed, 34″ Elevado Face Balanced , Single-Bend Hosel

  144. Stephen Crimmin

    I’m from Stratton Mountain, Vermont and play to a 9 HC. I’d like to test a Cleveland Frontline Elevate Slant Neck putter – 35″

  145. Joseph Barrett

    Love to give anyone of these beauties a try!

  146. Hi. I am a 10 hc and would like to compare this putter to my ping and my Scotty Cameron putters

  147. Joe
    19 HC
    Kansas City
    Elevado Slant Neck – 35″, Plumber’s Neck Hosel

  148. Thanks for the opportunity to test. I would like to test the RH Frontline ISO Single Bend 35”.

    Ken Bush
    Slinger, WI

  149. Gary Folz, Princeton. Illinois, 12 handicap, i would be interested in the elevado single bend, 35 inch length (rh)

  150. George Nix
    Dacula GA
    HC: 8.3
    4.0 Plumber’s Neck 35 inch

  151. Mike Magurany

    Mike Magurany
    Milwaukee, WI
    7 handicap
    Elevado Slant Neck

  152. Ian Gerrish
    Stanwood, Wa.
    Handicap 17
    Frontline 4.0 34″ shaft
    Lie +1, loft 4 deg. (+1 ?)
    Oversize grip
    Can it replace my Muzzy custom made wood putter?

  153. Donald Toy
    Yorba Linda, CA
    Handicap 15
    Elevado Slant Neck 33″
    Would love to go head to head against my Odyssey Works Tank Versa 2-Ball Fang putter

  154. Frank McDonough

    Cleveland Fan
    Frank McDonough South Yarmouth, MA
    Index = 14.7

  155. Tom Donnelly
    Monrovia, CA
    24.2 index
    Frontline 4.0 (34”, RH)

  156. Roger Sorey
    Springboro, OH
    Handicap 9.9
    Elevado Slantneck 33″
    After a year of good putts with Spider Tour, I think I can make a very relevant comparison.

  157. Jesse Dula
    Warren, MI
    4.0 Plumber’s Neck
    26 Handicap

  158. Scott Clark
    Houston Tx
    Handicap 19
    Elevado 35 inch single bend right handed
    I currently have the prior elevado model and would like to see if there is a difference

  159. Michael Gurgol

    I would like to try the ISO single bend , RH 35″ oversized grip
    22 Handicap
    I love playing all my cleveland clubs. I think I am ready for a change in putter and these sound amazing.

  160. 18 handicap, playing at Prestatyn GC in North Wales, one of the 246 true links courses of the world.
    Be interested to see how this performs compared to my Nike Method as I’ll need to swap from Nike at some point.

  161. Michael Graham

    This is Michael Graham from Reno Nevada. My index is currently 5.7 and would like to try the Elevado single bend at 34”.

  162. Chuck Warner
    Schnecksville, PA
    Hcp: 5
    Cero 33″ single bend – right hand
    I’ve tried them all and in the end, I’m still using a mallet I bought at Walmart about 25 years ago…cost me about $12 if I remember right. Goes where I aim it…although my aim could use some help (lol).

  163. Hello, thanks for the opportunity. I’d like to try out the ISO SLANT NECK at 33inches and 1 degree flat, thank you

  164. michael mcferron

    Mike McFerron
    Prescott, AZ
    8.7 USGA index
    34″ Elevado Single-bend shaft

    Could it possibly get the Evnroll out of the bag?

  165. Peter Arffman

    I would like to test the Frontline putter with a plumbers neck hosel at 35”. My current handicap index is 5.7. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  166. Peter Gilcoine

    Peter Gilcoine
    Quincy, MA
    15 handicap
    Elevado, single bend neck, 34 inches

  167. Wally Sabati
    Las Vegas, NV
    13 hdcp

    I like the theory having the weights in the face. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to test this model.

  168. Murray Miles, Hallandale, Florida, sadly a 23 handicap these days. Been playing an old Cleveland Classic III putter for years. I’d love to try the Cero Slant Neck at 34 inches. Looks gorgeous!

  169. Love your site. I would love to try the ISO (square model)….35 inches – with a bend shaft. Looks like what I’ve been looking for.

  170. Thomas Brokl
    Pensacola, Florida

    Handicap 18.0

    Right-Handed, 35″ Frontline Elvado Single Bend Putter (SKU# MFELEVSB)

  171. Danny Bonin
    Bakersfield, CA
    0 Handicap
    35″ Plumbers Neck 4.0

    Playing an old Scotty, would love to make a change

  172. Jerry Payne
    Wingate, NC
    14 handicap
    Love your site. I would love to try the ISO (square model)….35 inches – with a bend shaft. Looks like what I’ve been looking for.

  173. Ed Whiteman fayetteville, nc 14 Hcp model150

  174. Rick Gehrke
    Meridian, Idaho
    Elevado , 35 inch, single bend, RH
    I currently use a 8 year old Odyssey I have been thinking of replacing. Thank you.

  175. Stephen Moss
    Bryn Mawr PA
    USGA Index 13.0
    ISO single bend 34″ RH

  176. john wallendal

    John Wallendal
    Arkdale Wisconsin
    6 HCP
    34″ 4.0 Plumber Neck
    Test against a Circa 62 6 series Scotty

  177. Rick Mindak
    Munds Park, AZ
    Handicap 22
    Elevado Slant Neck, 33″
    I would to compare to my Odyssey

  178. I’d love to compare this putter to my Ping Anser.
    Gil Bloomer
    12 HDCP
    FrontLine 4.0 Plumbers Neck, RH, 35″
    Thank you for the opportunity

  179. Tim Stewart
    Culpeper, Virginia
    Cero – slant neck – 35”

  180. Richard Stalberger

    Richard Stalberger
    Dike, IA
    Handicap: 5
    Elevado Single Bend, 34″

  181. Richard Ragasa

    Rick Ragasa
    Carmichael, CA
    Handicap 24
    Elevado single bend 33
    I need all the help I can get, please help!

  182. Juan Jose Ortiz

    My name is Juan Jose Ortiz, live in Granite City Il., 60 years young, have a 16 handicap, play league golf 3 times a week(9 holes), some weekend tournaments, have 3 golf vacations a year for the past 3 years and would like to try the 4.0 plumbers neck 36″ against my Taylor Made Spyder Blade with a Super Stroke 5.0 Fatso grip

  183. chris kearney

    Chris Kearney
    Dunmore, PA
    Index 6.8
    Cero slant neck 34″LH
    would love to try it vs. my Odyssey 2 ball

  184. Jamie Katz
    Lexington, MA
    Handicap index 12.9
    Slant Elevado, 24″

  185. Bellamy Jerry

    Port Saint Lucie, FL

    • Mike DiLonardo

      Mike DiLonardo
      Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
      Hdcp 16
      Cero single bend 35 inch putter
      My original post was not to be found on this website. Is there a conspiracy against Canadians lol. We are not all like our prime minister.

  186. I would enjoy testing the 4.0 plumbers neck blade, left handed, 35”.
    My handicap is 6.4
    I currently play an older Cleveland plumbers neck and it would be interesting to see the improvement.

  187. Cliff Lattanzio

    Cliff Lattanzio
    Suffield, CT
    Handicap 10.7
    Elevado Slant Neck, 35 inches, 2° loft, 70° lie

  188. David Bieritz

    Dave B., Illinois, 22 Handicap.
    Elevado, face balanced single bend.

    Thank you for this opportunity, good luck to all.

  189. Michael M
    Oakdale, MN
    Handicap – 11
    Model – Elevado, 34″, single bend

    Current flat-stick is 10+ years old and would love to see if the technological improvements in putters between then and now is worth the purchase for your readers.

  190. Deron Sizemore

    Deron Sizemore
    Lexington, KY
    0.0 GHIN
    35″ Cero Single-bend

  191. Mikael Sinclair

    Mikael Sinclair
    Djursholms Golf Club, outside Stockholm, Sweden
    Handicap 3,9
    Elevado single bend, 34″
    My hope is that this putter will fit me as good as the Cleveland RXT 4 wedges and Srixon Z 765 irons I already have and love!

  192. Chuck
    Huntington, NY
    No HCP / lo 90s (and slowly improving)
    Elevado RH, 33″, Single Bend, Lie +2 up
    * If custom grip is an option would like the WinnPro X 1.6

    (- have read about this previously and would like to compare it against my ER5)

  193. Scott Torrence

    Scott Torrence
    Franklin, TN
    14.5 HI
    34″ Elevado Single Bend

  194. Jason Barbieri

    Jason Barbieri
    Logan, UT
    Handicap 10
    Elevado Single Bend (35”)
    Would enjoy seeing it performs next to my ol’ trusty Ping putter

  195. Ralph Currier

    Frontline 4.0, 34″

  196. I’m Albert Frank, located in Kingston, PA.
    I’m looking forward to replacing my long-time Cleveland Classic blade, which I purchased with my CG16 irons, with the…
    Frontline 4.0 Blade, 34 inches with a straight (standard) neck.
    My handicap is approximately 20

  197. Herb Gates
    Gaithersburg, MD
    hdcp 22

    Would love the Elevado Slant Neck at 35′ length

  198. Erik Ferner
    Frisco, TX
    Single bend
    18 handicap
    Love the look of this Frontline putter and would be very excited to test this out!!

  199. Ryan Bluffin
    The Woodlands, TX
    10.3 handicap
    Frontline 4.0
    Short flow neck

  200. would like to try the Elvado ,left hand, 34″
    currently putting with Ping Sedona. Would like to switch to a “mallet” style putter.
    Ronnie Woo
    HCP 25

  201. Artie Blair
    Parrish, Florida
    Cero Frontline Mallet, 34 inches
    I use and prefer a mallet, and would like the opportunity to make the comparison. Thank you .

  202. Nick Billman
    Lake Quivira, KS
    Handicap 18.4
    Elevado 34” single bend

  203. Dan Corun
    Honoraville, Alabama
    Elevado Slant Neck 35″

  204. Jim Dolliver
    Sedona AZ
    Handicap 12
    Cero Slant neck 34.5 inches
    I’d love to try this model.

  205. Gilles-Marie Tiné

    Elevator slant neck 35 inches
    Index 6.5
    Paris, France
    I have a Scotty Cameron California but would very much like to try this new Cleveland model

  206. Russell Graves

    My name is Russell Graves and I’m very excited about the Frontline forward weighting technology. I’d love to test a 35″ right-handed Elevado, or any other Frontline model, and compare it to Taylormade and Odyssey putters.

  207. Rick Saunders

    Rick Saunders
    Savannah , Georgia
    6.4 Index
    I would love to see how the Frontline 4.0 Plumber Neck (Right Hand/35′) can improve my game!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  208. Bob Orminski
    Southampton, Pa
    Handicap 16
    4.0 Plumbers neck putter

    I could really use a new putter and this sounds and looks perfect.

  209. Curt Backhaus

    Curt Backhaus
    Placerville, CA
    Handicap – 18
    6 handicap
    Elevato 35 in single bend

  210. Gary Thomson
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    10 handicap
    Would love to try Elevado slant neck 35”
    Currently using Rife 2 bar mallet

  211. David Wojton
    Las Vegas, NV
    Handicap 17

    Would love to test the Elevado, slant neck, right hand, 34 inch.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  212. Michael Pasvantis

    Michael Pasvantis
    Boca Raton, FL
    Handicap: 10.9
    Putter Model: Right Handed Elevado-Single Bend, 34”

  213. Dave Sanguinetti

    Dave Sanguinetti
    Livermore, CA
    HDCP 10
    Elevado slant neck 35 ”

    Love to try the new tech of front weighting

  214. Charles W Keller

    Charles Keller
    Skokie, IL
    HC 18

  215. LJ Janiec
    Downingtown, PA
    13ish handicap
    Elevado slant neck 33″

    I have never won a give away and I’m a nice person

  216. Seth Reynolds

    Would love to try the Elevado (Right hand, 34”) to compare it to my Odyssey O Works #9, and my TaylorMade Ghost Tour Maronello 81. Fellow golfer won an Elevado and raves about it
    Handicap 3.7 index
    Upstate, NY

  217. Marcus Bagley


    Marcus Bagley, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    I’ve been using the same Taylormade putter since 2013 so would relish the opportunity to trial this latest technology, high end putter by Cleveland.

  218. Scott K Giles

    Scott K. Giles
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Handicap is 7.4
    Let’s try the Plumbers Neck 4.0 at 34” and see if it’s better than my Scotty Cameron

  219. Cleveland Frontline Cero Single Bend Putter


  220. George Burnett

    George Burnett
    Statesboro, GA
    Handicap 12
    Elevado Single bend
    Length 35″

  221. I would like to try the Elevado single bend, 34 inches. I am a 27 handicap and currently use an old MacGregor Bobby Grace blade. That putter has a small head but great feel.

  222. Samuel Challgren

    Samuel Challgren
    Minneapolis, MN
    2.9 Handicap
    34.5 or 35, 4.0 model, long hosel if available and plumber-neck if not.

  223. Enrique Gonzalez

    Enrique Gonzalez
    Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain
    Hap 11.2
    I would like to test Huntington Beach 6C putter in right hand 34¨.
    Currently using a Mizuno Bettinardi C1.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  224. Sam
    2.9 hdcp
    4.0 model, 34.5”, long-hosel if available and plumber-neck if not

  225. Matt Schairer

    Matt Schairer
    Trumbull, CT
    4.0 Plumbers neck 34″ RH

  226. I love putting, and would love to try the Cleveland Frontline.
    Paul Kelly
    Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Handicap, 11
    Right Hand, Frontline 4.0, Plumber’s Neck 33”, jumbo grip.

  227. Currently use a Cleveland Classic 2 bought 10 years ago, great putter but would like to try the new technology
    Rob Mitchell
    Sydney Australia
    Handicap 12

  228. Rob Mitchell
    Sydney Australia
    Handicap 12
    Cero single bend 35 inch

  229. Noel Guillaume

    Great and thanks for the opportunity – here are my (hopefully) winning specs :

    Noel G – Emu Plains – NSW – Australia


    4.0 Plumbers Neck – 32 “

  230. Ross Beattie
    Los Alamos, NM
    10 hcp
    Right handed Elevado 34″ single bend

  231. Jack Chin
    Fairfax, VA
    HC Unknown
    Plumbers neck 4.0

  232. Brian Kleveland

    Frontline 4.0 – 34″
    A Cleveland putter for a guy named Kleveland sounds like a good review fit. Would enjoy an opportunity to test and provide a review.
    Brian Kleveland
    Columbus, NE
    Handicap – 8.1

  233. Chris Gordon

    Looks awesome!

  234. Ron Vaive
    Charlottetown, PE
    Frontline 4.0 Plumber Neck (left handed. 34’)

  235. Nestor Villanueva

    Nestor Villanueva
    El Paso Texas
    33′ Right hand
    Looking to get back into the swing of things and would love to test out the Elevado

  236. I’m a 8 hcp and used the same Cleveland putter for 10 years. You don’t change in less the feel leaves and it has finally left.

  237. Brendan Quinn

    B Quinn
    Frontline 4
    R/Hand 33″

  238. Matt Rhoden
    Monroe, North Carolina
    11.5 hdcp
    Left handed Cero single bend 35″

  239. Willis Nielson

    willis Nielson
    KC, MO
    handicap 12
    evalado single bend 35″
    Have had odyssey 7’s, SC 5w, ping tyne, want to test against these.

  240. Michael Trautman

    Mike Trautman
    St Louis
    Elevator single bend. 35 inches

  241. Glen Koeske from Bath Mi
    Hdcp: 7.9
    Frontline ISO slant neck
    right handed – 36 inches

  242. Michael Atkins

    Live in Western Mass, handicap is 15. would like to try the Elovado 33″, left hand, single bend putter.

  243. John Toenjes
    Champaign, IL
    9.4 Hcp
    Elevato single bend 34″ RH

  244. mike ellenstein

    I have always liked the feel of Cleveland putters. I am planning on testing the Elvado slant neck 34″ RH regardless of the contest. It will be interesting to see if reducing the back weighting works as described. Sarasota Fl. 3.3 index

  245. I’d like to try the plumber neck 4.0 34 inches.
    Handicap is a 6.
    Love the chance to review and report on this putter

  246. Drew Fink
    Dunedin, FL
    34” Cero Single Bend

  247. John Noboa
    Chicago, IL
    14 Hcp
    ISO single bend neck

  248. Brandon S Price

    Brandon Price
    Kennesaw Georgia
    HDCP 0
    34″ 4.0

  249. Hunter keefer

    8 handicap
    34” 2.0
    I would love to test this putter out, it’s a great opportunity and would give good feed back.

  250. Kevin McGallion

    Kevin McGallion
    Beaumont, TX
    7.6 Handicap
    I would like to test the Elevado Single bend.

    Thank You

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