Test & Review the New Srixon Q STAR Tour

Test the New Srixon Q STAR Tour Golf Balls

Are you interested in trying the new Srixon Q STAR Tour golf balls and letting the world know what you think of them?  This is your chance.

We will be choosing eight golfers to receive both of Srixon’s newest golf balls.  Here’s how you can be one of them.

How to Enter

Step 1: Post a comment below with your name, location, handicap, and your current golf ball of choice.

Step 2: On Tuesday, April 18, we will contact eight golfers via email to get your shipping address.

Step 3: Test the Srixon Q STAR Tour balls against your current gamers.

Step 4: Fill out a questionnaire about how the Q STAR Tour performed.  Your answers will be shared on PluggedInGolf.com.

REMEMBER: If your entry does not include your name, location, handicap, and ball of choice, you will not be eligible.  Also, make sure you use your real email address when posting the comment so that we can contact you.

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  1. Bob Greenberg

    Q Star Tour review describes the type of golf ball that is compatible with my swing and falls within my price range.

    • My name is Bob Forberg and I’m from Michigan. I am currently a 5 handicap and am a avid golfer. My current balls of choice are the Bridgestone RXS, Srixon Z star and the Volvik VIBE. I would love to try out the new Q Star Tour as the original Q star did not quite have enough spin around the greens for me. I love Srixon and would hope this ball fits the bill as I do like the price range!!

  2. David Silk

    David silk
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Wilson staff DX3 Urethane

  3. James Nugent

    James Nugent, New York, NY. 15.9 HCP. I play the Srixon Q Star

  4. I like the super white look of the ball , have tries occasionally when I have found a new one but have played Pro V 1X for several years but could be persuaded to switch if ball is better

  5. Philip J Boyle

    Interested in testing Q Star Tour ball to compare w/ Pro V

  6. John Bumgarner

    Handicap = 9
    Vero Beach, FL
    Bridgestone B330-RXS

  7. Andy Greenwald

    Andy Greenwald, 11, Titleist Pro V1X or Callaway Supersoft (depends on weather)

  8. Sugar Land, TX

    Ghin: 8.1

    Current ball: Srixon Z-star (2015)

  9. Paul Sasaki

    I usually play with Callaway’s Chrome Soft ball but I have also played with Srixon’s Z Star ball. I haven’t played with the Q Star or the Q Star Tour ball. I would like to test the Q Star Tour ball vs. Chrome Soft.

  10. Steve Maragakes

    Doylestown (Bucks County) PA
    Callaway SuperSoft
    GHIN Handicap 8.2

  11. Ken
    New Jersey
    Bridgestone E6 Soft

  12. Andrew Stalboerger

    St. Cloud, MN
    Handicap index- 6.5
    Current ball- Bridgestone B330-S

  13. Ed Fiedler

    I would like to test the Q star tour. My current ball Wilson Duo Urethane. Ed Fiedler, Spring Hill, Florida. Handicap is 13

  14. Tim Rutherford

    Rhode Island
    Handicap – 9
    Nike RZN Platinum

  15. Joey Worley

    Joey Worley, Tri-County golf course Teague texas, 13, Pro-V1X

  16. Randall Dievendorf

    My index is 13.6. I currently use Chrome Soft. I winter in Tucson and home is East Amherst, NY

  17. Charles Bartholomew

    Yes, I’d love to test out the new Q Star Tour ball.
    Charles Bartholomew

  18. Jeff Hemphill

    Charsleton, South Carolina, 4.6 handicap, ProV1 X (Pre – 2017, as it appears the 2017 V1 & V1x are opposite from before).


    3524 S BERYL AVE TUCSON AZ 85735
    HCP 7

  20. Shaun Alons

    Handicap – 14
    Location – Troy, IL
    Current ball – bridgestone e6 soft

  21. Bill Kazakis

    I am 70 years old and play to 4.9 handicap index. I play at a private club. For years I played Prov1’s and recently switched to Snell MTB ball. They are both good balls that do different things. The Snell flies a little farther but does not spin around the greens that well. The Pro V spins great but is not as durable as it should for the price. I am looking for a better overall ball that cover spin rate of the the full shots and around the greens. I am still an average 270 yards driver of the tee ball so distance is not my major concern.

  22. Lou Guillen

    13 handicap
    Sunny Florida
    Q Star Tour
    Callaway Soft.

  23. John Wilson

    I have been playing the Srixon (yellow) soft feel golf ball around eight years. If I change to a different ball I would like to try another Srixon golf ball. Thanks John Wilson.

  24. Josh Giesige

    Located in NW Ohio. Golf season is here!
    Currently gaming Costco K-sig n Callaway Chrome Soft.

  25. Josh Giesige

    (Forgot handicap in last post…ugh)
    NW Ohio
    Handicap 8.8
    Gaming Costco Ksigs n Callaway Chrome Soft currently. Thx!

  26. John Sweat

    John Sweat
    Warner Robins, GA,
    Handicap: 18
    Ball: Supersoft or B330RX

  27. Anthony Malky

    I live in Oakmont, PA and I am a 10 handicap. My current ball is the Srixon Z Star.

  28. Greg Crowder

    Greg Crowder, I currently am playing the Callaway Chrome Soft. Changed recently from the Srixon Soft Feel. My current Handicap Index is 17.7. Summer 2016 ended at 12.7. Live in White Rock BC. Play 52 weeks a year. Winter play pushes our Handicaps up. I manage a Golf Group of 24 golfers. We play every Saturday and have a few local travel rounds to North Washington State. We also do a 4 day 6 round event at Desert Canyon in Orondo, WA. My wife and I spend a couple weeks in Palm Springs and Las Vegas every year. I play every day when we are there.

  29. Name: Ryan
    Location: Los Altos, CA
    Handicap: 17
    Ball of choice: Snell My Tour Ball

  30. Co. Kerry – Ireland. Hcp 8. Titleist PROV1

  31. Mark Ecklund

    Pick me for the Srixon tour ball testing. My name is Mark Ecklund, I golf in Moorhead MN and I have a 1.2 handicap index. My current ball of choice is the Titleist Pro V1.

  32. Jack
    10.3 GHIN
    Snell MTB
    This ball fits my swing speed of 87 mph with the driver. Would enjoy the chance to give them as go!


    your name, location, handicap, and ball of choice, you will not be eligible

  33. Michael Henkle


    My name is Mike, I’m sixty years young with a 12 handicap & currently use Bridgestone’s e-6. Playing two or three rounds a week I would love to put the new Srixon Q Star Tour Balls too the test. Living here in Downers Grove, just twenty miles west of downtown Chicago we’re just a short drive from several dozen top notch courses of every stripe where I can put the Q-STAR through most every conceivable challenge.

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Michael J Henkle
    A.K.A. 1GolfJones

  34. Susanne Dullack

    I am new to golf (~9 months) and do not know how to pick a golf ball. I have found one that I do not like, but that is about all I know. I have enjoyed playing with Srixon balls and have never been disappointed in the ball (just with myself) and would love to post a review of them I am still so bad, that I do not even have a handicap yet.

  35. Tim Rutherford

    Tim R
    Rhode Island
    Nike RZN Tour Platinum
    Handicap – 9

  36. Jake Jamison

    Jake Jamison
    Chico, CA
    Srixon z star
    Handicap index – 12.2

  37. Bret Van Riessen

    Bret Van Riessen
    Sioux Center, Iowa
    Callaway Chrome soft
    Current GHIN is 0.2

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Michael Cunningham

    Mike Cunningham
    16.3 HDCP
    Currently using Taylormade TP5

  39. Looking for pro v1 type that fits my budget and swing
    John Crow
    Louisville,KY 40220
    Pro V1

  40. Dennis Olson

    Srixon Q Star
    Dennis O.
    17.7 Handicap

  41. Nave El-Modigi

    Post a comment below with your name, location, handicap, and your current golf ball of choice.

    Nave El-Modigi
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Bridgestone B-330 RXS
    Handicap – 9

  42. Mark Matz
    Arlington Heights,IL
    HDCP: 20
    Current ball: B330RXSn

  43. Dan C
    Titleist NXT & Trusoft
    HC – 13

  44. Nave El-Modigi

    Nave El-Modigi
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Bridgestone B-330 RXS

  45. David Ball
    Atlanta, GA
    Volvik Vibe

  46. Lyle Bennewies

    Would love to try these balls
    Lyle Bennewies
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    20 HC
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  47. Dan C
    Titleist NXT & DT Trusoft
    HC- 13

  48. Tom Coffey

    My name is Tom Coffey and I live in Windsor, Ontario Canada. My handicap is 14 and I currently play the project A from taylormade. I will put the Srixon Q STAR to the test .

  49. Currently playing a taylormade tour preferred and am always looking for an extra edge. I am not fully versed in which ball I should be playing with so would love to know if I am missing a trick when it comes to ball selection.

    6 handicap, Cape Town, South Africa

  50. My name is Rick TALLEY, and I live in Granite City, Illinois (about 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Mo). I have a 6 handicap and currently play the new Bridgestone e6 Soft; which replaced the Wilson Duo. I’ve tried just about every ball on the market, and if it weren’t for price, I would be playing Snell’s MTB or the new Taylormade Tpx. Thanks for your consideration.

  51. Dillon Black

    Dillon Black
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Current Ball – ProV1x
    Handicap – 4

  52. David Lewis

    Brentwood, TN
    Handicap 12
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  53. Name – Allan K
    Location – North Jersey
    Handicap – 13
    Ball of choice – Snell MTB

  54. Allan K
    North Jersey
    Snell MTB

  55. Russ Benoit

    I’m in Dartmouth, MA, playing off a 22.5. My current ball of choice is the W/S Duo Spin.

  56. Anthony Tran

    Anthony Tran
    Location. Bismarck,ND
    Handicap. 29
    Current Ball Taylormade Project A

  57. Tyler Sauer

    Belle, Missouri
    Handicap: 12
    Callaway Chrome Soft

  58. Jack ONeal

    Great opportunity
    Jack O’Neal
    10.3 GHIN
    Snell MTB / 2016 B330 RX

  59. Charlie Pevcevicius

    Charlie Pevcevicius
    Mississauga, Ontario
    Handicap 19.3
    Titleist Pro V1 & V1X

  60. Kevin McCarthy


  61. Denis viola

    I currently play the zstar Iv
    I like the ball it performs well and is a great value but doesn’t seem as soft as the prov

  62. Jack Danciu

    Handicap is 5.0, current ball is Chrome Soft. Fort Smith, AR

  63. Charles Ricky Freeman

    I am playing Taylormade TP5X and it is great, it would be hard for any ball to bear the TP5X but I will give an honest appraisal. My HC is 13.9. I live in Elkin,NC 28621 I play at the Forrest Pines GC.

  64. Edwin Banks

    Edwin Banks
    HCP 9 Berkshire
    Ball of choice – Wilson FG Tour
    Would love to try the new Srixon Q ball and will fully compare it against others I’ve used in 30+ years of golfing

  65. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson
    Titleist Pro V1

  66. 76 yrs.
    11 hdcp
    Srixon Q Star
    Have been thinking of buying the Q Star Tour to compare to the original. I want a ball that holds well in the short game and feels relatively soft on the putter face.

  67. John Reedy

    John Reedy age 69
    handicap 13.7
    currently play Bridgestone b330rxs
    Compare to current ball.

  68. David Seward

    Dave Seward
    Orlando, Fl.
    7 handicap
    Ball of choice TP5x

  69. Manja
    Nijeveen, The Netherlands
    15.5 hcp
    Pinnacle gold

  70. Howard Mats

    Irvine, CA
    Bridgestone e6 / B330RX

  71. Thomas Brokl


    Currently playing Wilson Staff Duo Spin
    Previous Callaway Chrome
    Age 68
    Short Hitter
    Climate: Minnesota

  72. Pete Corley

    Handicap 6
    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
    Z Star and Pro V1

  73. Bonjour
    Handicap 16.8 je joue les titleist nxt tour, je suis en France, région ile de france. Je cherche ma prochaine balle après avoir essayé Bridgestone E7, E6, dunlop NZV9-V3, Callaway superhot, et bien d’autres…

  74. Luis Mariaca

    22 hcp – always use SRIXON balls sorted depending on course and weather conditions but mostly AD333

  75. Jason Norris

    Name: Jason Norris
    Location: North Carolina
    Handicap: 9
    Ball: Snell MTB

  76. Jack O'Neal

    Already lots of high marks for this ball from various sources!
    Jack O’Neal
    10.3 GHIN
    Snell MTB / 2016 B330 RX

  77. Brad Schut

    Brad Schut
    Grand Rapids , Mi
    Handicap 9.7
    Nike RZN Black/ Bridgestone B330S

  78. Edward Ahlstrand

    Ed Ahlstrand
    14 GHIN
    TM project (a)

  79. Dennis de Frel

    Bennebroek, Netherlands
    Handicap: 19
    Wilson DX2 soft

  80. I would like to try the Q Star tour.

  81. Earl Barner

    Handicap – 28.5
    Tiltilest Pro v 1
    Callawy soft
    Recently retired and playing at least 5 days a week. I only have about 40 games under my belt but i have already dropped 15 strokes a game averaging 105. My short game is the worst part and any help would be great!

  82. Andrew Marks

    Andrew Marks
    Mentor, Ohio
    Handicap – 9.8
    I currently game a mix of chrome soft, nxt tour s, and super soft in the colder months. Used to play trispeed tours but wanted to look for something softer so I’ve switched to the 3 above.

  83. Richard Pipon

    Hie! I’m a10 handicap player,I play with (C.supersoft and W s Duo )I play three game a week at different golf course in Quebec some green are hard some soft.But every year I’m in Ft.lauderdale for 5 month.I Think that I’m a good candidat To try the New Q star Tour but only the Q Star because my swing speed is not over 100 mph.I’m ready to send you my comment (English and French) as you.

  84. Vista, CA
    Hcp: 9.7
    TaylorMade TP5

  85. Jonathan Compton

    Pick me! Pick me! [seriously, pick me…I golf 2xweek, practice 3xweek, and am a total gearhead. My lousy handicap is due to poor approach shots. Got hcp down to 21; now working it back down].
    Name: Jonathan Compton
    Location: Albuquerque, NM (recent transplant from The Villages, FL, where golf is king), Moving to Tuscon in April.
    Handicap: 24,
    Ball of choice: Snell MTB-Black

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