TaylorMade SIM Max D Driver Review

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The SIM Max D driver is the draw biased version of the SIM MAX.  Forgiving.  Feels very different than SIM MAX – make sure you’re comfortable with it before buying.


The TaylorMade SIM MAX D driver continues a long line of TM drivers designed to help fight the dreaded banana ball.  As TM has moved through years, they’ve offered golfers varying amounts of help, from drivers that hit only hooks to ones with very slight draw biases.  I tested to SIM MAX D driver to see how much it will help the slicer.


Where the SIM and SIM MAX have fairly similar profiles at address, the SIM MAX D is noticeably larger.  It’s longer from front-to-back, and the shape is more triangular than the other two.  You can also clearly tell that the face is taller and that it sits closed, even in the neutral setting.

Though the shape is different, the design is the same: a carbon fiber crown fronted by a stripe of white.  When you flip the driver over, the sole looks almost identical to the SIM MAX.

Sound & Feel

The TaylorMade SIM MAX D driver is the loudest of their three SIM drivers.  While it’s not ear drum shattering, the increase was noticeable in head to head testing.  In terms of pitch, it has the same mid/high character as the SIM MAX.

As I’ll discuss more in a moment, I had real trouble with the SIM MAX D, and that extended to the feedback.  I had difficulty figuring out where the center of gravity (“sweet spot”) was and how my strikes related to that.


I know going in to any review of a draw-biased driver that it’s probably not going to be for me.  I’m a reformed hooker, and I hate seeing the ball fly left.  That said, I’m usually able to make some adjustments and get them to work well enough.  That wasn’t the case with the TaylorMade SIM MAX D driver.

For whatever reason, I fought the SIM MAX D like few other drivers like I can remember.  I was getting along with the SIM and SIM MAX, but the SIM MAX D and I could not be friends.  I had no idea where the face was during the swing and even less idea where the ball was meeting the club.  I was able to hit a handful of shots well, enough to confirm TaylorMade’s claim that the SIM MAX D is the highest launching driver in the SIM family.

Why was this such a struggle?  The most obvious culprit is the center of gravity.  This club feels dramatically draw-biased, which may be great for some players, but it wasn’t for me.  Additionally, I didn’t like the look.  The size I can deal with, but a closed face is a non-starter for me.  Also, I was surprisingly turned off by the larger face.  The SIM MAX D has a face that’s 18% larger than the SIM.  I thought I would like that but I didn’t.


The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver is not going anywhere near my bag, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  If you struggle to control the club face of your driver, perhaps the dramatic draw bias of the SIM MAX D will be just what the doctor ordered.

Whether this driver intrigues you or not, the one thing I hope you take away is that it is essential to test clubs and be fit before you put down your money, lest you end up in an unhappy driver marriage.

TaylorMade SIM Max D Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Robert Cook

    I currently use the Taylomade M4D in the neutral position. What would be the advantages of the Sim Max D?

    • Matt Saternus


      Per TaylorMade, the SIM will create more speed and be more forgiving, but those are claims I would test for myself before making a purchase.



    • I tested all types and confidently bought the Sim Max D. Works for me well compared to other expensive Japanese brand drive. I got the investment back in 1 play with friends. Thank you TM. You did great job !

  2. Matt I agree with your assement of Max D which I currently use. It is essential you try before you buy. When I went shopping I tried 8 drivers ALL the SIM and it was D that best suited me

    • Justin Gustman

      I agreed with the original assessment, I was unable to tell where the club was with my swings and zero feedback and unable to get it to perform as advertised balls all over the place, my old R-15 is better…

  3. I’m a tailor-made player and all my clothes are Taylor made, but my question is before the Sim model came out I bought M5 irons, Driver and 3 wood. Should I stay with him five or move up to the Sim model?

    • Matt Saternus


      As always, I would suggest that you test the new clubs against your current clubs to see what performs better.



  4. Acheter sim max bois 1 bois 3 Et 19 degré très content de mon achat fer p790 des Miller grind52 56 60 parfait

  5. So TaylorMade said that the Max D does not sit closed at neutral, the bias is internal and in the shape, but neutral is neutral.

    I had the MAX, disliked it, so picked up the MAX D (my mishit is ‘normally’ on the toe). Have to absolutely agree the feel for a sweetspot so far is non-existent. Can’t tell you where it’s going half the time. Mishits and good hits all sound the same. Getting frustrated enough by it I may either give the Mavrik a ride or fall back into the M4 (which I was hitting well before switching). :- \

  6. Brian Doyle

    I wish you or someone who test drivers would test at the spec’s on the different drivers and test at the same mph. Doing so would really tell the story as to which club actually produces the most total distance.
    The taylor sim driver has been tried by several of my good playing friends and they all agree, no feed back or its all the same, did not like the noise and same with the marvik ? too new to fast? Cobra seems to be liked ? what are yr thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      The driver that produces the most distance will vary by the individual. This is why we are constantly imploring golfers to be fit.


  7. Thank you for always reviewing the draw drivers, even though they do not fit your game. The information is always appreciated.

    I am currently trying to decide between the Ping G410 SFT and the TM Sim Max D and your reviews have been very helpful.

  8. mark briskin

    I find it very difficult to place my feet correctly using the sim max2 d driver. aim right, left, back foot behind

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