TaylorMade PSi Irons Review

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50 Words or Less

Compared to the RSi2, there isn’t much new in the TaylorMade PSi irons.  Solid look and performance for the aspiring or better player.


“Demand More.”  That’s what TaylorMade’s ads for the new PSi irons implore you to do.  Demand better looks, better feel, and better performance.  We set out to test whether or not you get any of those things compared to the last generation’s RSi2 irons.

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I have a fairly discerning eye when it comes to golf equipment, but, if you took the badges off, I doubt I could tell the difference between the new PSi irons and the RSi2 irons that they’re replacing.  That’s not necessarily a knock – the RSi2 and PSi hit that middle ground between giant shovel and butter knife.  The offset, top line, and sole width are all exactly what you’d expect from a club meant for the 10-15 handicapper.  The one thing that may bother some players are the slots in the face, but if these clubs perform well for you, it’s something you can get past.

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Sound & Feel

The impact sound and feel of the TaylorMade PSi irons is hard to put a label on because it’s very “in between.”  It’s not hard, but it isn’t soft either.  It’s not loud, not mushy, nor is it crisp and sweet.  It’s just in the middle.  I can’t see anyone hitting this and being disgusted, but I don’t imagine people will fall in love with the feel either.

Feedback on mishits is moderate.  You can tell when you miss it if you’re paying attention, but the sound and feel of misses is similar enough to pure strikes that you can be deceived if you’re simply pounding shot after shot.

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Typically a company has 2-3 bullet points on why their new product is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  For the PSi irons, TaylorMade has listed over 7.  True to my nature, I’ll boil it down to one: these irons are good, but no different than the RSi2.

Compared to similar irons, the forgiveness on mishits is as good if not a bit better.  I continue to be impressed with the ability of the sole slot to make thin shots perform more like pure strikes both in terms of launch angle and ball speed.  Please do keep in mind, however, that when I talk about forgiveness, that only relates to distance.  No iron, regardless of how many slots it has, will straighten out hooks, slices, pushes, and pulls.

In terms of distance, these irons can compete with just about anything else in this category.  TaylorMade actually increased the loft on most of the irons by 0.5 degrees compared to the RSi2, but few, if any, 10 handicaps will notice that difference.

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The bottom line with the TaylorMade PSi irons is this: if you’re a 10-15 handicap player who needs new irons, these are definitely worth a look, but they’re not significantly different than the RSi2.  If you need to have the newest thing, prepare to spend an extra $300 over the last generation.

Buy the TaylorMade PSi irons HERE

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  1. It appears that you like the RSI 2 irons more then the PSI. Are the PSI and RSI 2 the same size?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t prefer either; I think they’re the same iron and the RSi2 costs $300 less.
      Yes, as I explained under “Looks”, these irons are virtually identical.


  2. Terry Scanlon

    Thanks for that Matt, a very honest opinion and one I will take on board.

  3. Hi bought the psi and the MP4 mizuno (blade).
    I hit both clubs the same but with less distance with the blade. I am a 12 handicap and both irons feels good. I only practice them on a matt. My question is , if I do the same hit miss (slice or hook) on both clubs. Do they react the same?

    • Matt Saternus


      Assuming contact on the CoG, every club will produce the same hook or slice given the same club face and club path.


  4. I’m used to better reviews than this from you. I doubt you even tried them out.
    I would’ve been interesting, as they are always dishing out a different stock shaft with each release. It’s not an exact KBS c taper light as far as I can ascertain because the weight is different. Why do Taylormade not let you know the Specs of their OEM shafts?

    • Matt Saternus


      Is there something specific that leads you to the bold assertion that we didn’t even test these clubs? Or does our review simply not match your preferences and therefore must be wrong?
      As for TM’s stock shafts and specs, that’s a question you’d have to direct to the company directly. I don’t know.



  5. If you did in fact hit them then I’m sorry. I just found the article lacking in info compared to your usual high standard.
    For many of us, we read these articles down the line a couple of years and we’re buying them of the shelf with their OEM shafts. That becomes almost the selling point. They changed the shaft from the RSI 2 to the PSI irons. If they’re almost the same irons then that’s the thing I want to read about. NO review I’ve read has really detailed that.
    I just read and viewed your piece on the Alpha driver and that was great!
    The photos on your reviews are always the best too….

    • Matt Saternus


      It would be ideal if we always had access to previous models and comparable current models, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Alpha driver review.



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