TaylorMade M6 D-Type Fairway Wood Review

By: Zack Buechner

50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade M6 D-Type fairway wood is the ideal club for the golfer that misses to the right.  The closed face and increased loft add forgiveness while keeping the club face square for straighter shots and better misses.


More golfers struggle with a slice or a right miss than any other shot shape.  To combat that, Taylormade introduced its M6 D-Type fairway wood with its patented Twist Face technology.  The D-Type works to close the face through impact producing a straighter or more right-to-left shot shape.


Although the D-type and original M6 look almost identical, the D-Type shows more offset at address compared to the standard M6.  The silver and carbon crown frames the ball well and helps boost confidence knowing you are set up square to the target.  The matte finish reduces any glare you may encounter even on the brightest days.

Sound & Feel

Before ever hitting a ball with the D-Type, I could feel the face rotating as I took some practice swings.  On contact, the face was hot, and the ball felt explosive.  The feeling of the face squaring up through impact is hard to fully describe but can’t be overstated.


The results with the D-Type were as expected.  My dispersion chart on the simulator was clustered left of the standard M6.  Even with my typical fade, the M6 D-type prevented any miss from going too far to the right.

My worst shot of the day was still left of the worst shot with the regular M6.  I noticed a slight increase in back spin compared to the standard M6.  This certainly can be attributed to the higher loft.


While the D-Type is not for everyone, the newest M6 fairway wood from Taylormade can solve a case of the rights for any golfer.  Whether it’s a slice or simply leaving shots straight right, the D-type might be a great option to try.

TaylorMade M6 D-Type FW Price & Specs

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  1. Larry Shapiro

    I am considering purchasing a M6fairway 7 wood. I presently own an M6 D type Driver with the ProjectX Max Carry shaft.
    Should I look to buy the DType fairway wood as well with the same ProjectX Max Carry shaft or stick with the Atmos senior shaft.
    My swing speed is in the 75-78 mph range

    • Matt Saternus


      With regard to the D-Type, do you slice your fairway woods? If so, the D-Type might help. If not, you might hook the D-Type.
      As for the shaft, if you like the Project X in your driver, that’s a good place to start with the fairway wood.
      Ultimately, you’ll get the best, most definitive answers to these questions from a quality club fitting.



  2. Hi Just receive a second hand M6 D type just hit a few balls in my local park. It felt as described with a good launch and what felt like good explosive distance. I play draw basis everything and cannot wait to try tomorrow on my golf course. I had epic but I think this will slove my gapping problem between driver and 5 wood sure hope so. Also a really nice looking club.

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