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TaylorMade M3 Rescue Review

50 Words or Less

The TaylorMade M3 Rescue is easy to hit and consistent.  Precise adjustability so you can fit the club to your swing and preferences.


A recent trend that I’ve remarked on is the popularity of driving irons or utility irons.  Why are they popping up so often?  Because many players have a hard time getting exactly what they want from a hybrid.  With the uber-adjustable M3 Rescue, TaylorMade is addressing that problem head on.


To my eye, no company has made more great looking hybrids than TaylorMade.  The thing that they consistently get right is the shape of the face: the tall, square toe makes the club look more like an iron than a mini fairway wood.

The two-tone crown enhances the iron-like appearance by making the club look smaller than it is.

Sound & Feel

The impact sound of hybrids spans a huge range, from the fairway wood “tink” to the solid knock of an iron.  The M3 Rescue resides squarely on the iron-like side of that spectrum.  There are no metallic notes at impact, just a deep crack that sends a powerful, solid feel through your hands.

One thing I appreciated most about the M3 Rescue is the excellent feedback.  From the first few swings on the range, I was able to tell exactly how well (or not well) I’d struck a shot.  Both the sound and the feel change substantially from flush shots to mishits.


Coming into the 2018 season, the only hole in my bag is between my 4-iron and my 3W.  Being a low launch, low spin player without big time swing speed, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a club that would produce the carry distance I needed while still being precise enough to give me confidence.  I started my testing of the M3 Rescue hopeful that it would fit the bill.

In my first range session, I was very impressed with the ball flight.  Pure shots launched on a mid-high trajectory with a strong, flat flight.  Just as important for me, thin shots got up in the air with plenty of ball speed.

When I got on the launch monitor, everything I was seeing on the range was confirmed.  My good swings were going the exact distance I needed.  Those thin shots carried only 10-15 yards less.  The importance of this can’t be overstated.  If you’re playing a long par 3, your thin miss is now on the front fringe, not in the water hazard.

The adjustability of the M3 Rescue is just as impressive as the forgiveness.  At the extremes, the sliding weight makes the M3 feel like two different clubs and has a massive impact on ball flight.  I suspect most people are going to favor a more neutral setting, using it to lessen the impact of their bad miss or increase their odds of hitting their preferred shape.  You can also change the loft and face angle via the hosel adjustment.


Before testing the M3 Rescue, I was among those players who was about to give up on hybrids.  Now, it’s a question of how I’m going to dial in the M3 hybrid to get the best results.  If you haven’t been able to find a hybrid that does what you need, check out the M3 before you throw in the towel.  I think it will change your mind.

Buy the TaylorMade M3 Rescue HERE

TaylorMade M3 Rescue Price and Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Terry Scanlon

    which one did you use and how far did it go Matt

  2. Mike Berlin

    Have you tested the 2017 M1 hybrid? If so, are there any noticeable differences between the two? The size and shape seem to be almost identical. Curious if the M3 is only a cosmetic update to the 2017 M1 or if there are actual benefits to the M3 over M1.

  3. I agree with your statement about how Taylor made has made their hybrids look more like an iron at address. That was the main reason why this is my first hybrid I’ve ever owned, others in the past just looked clumsy to me at address. I bought the 17 degree and once I hit it I fell even more in love it.

  4. Why is it easier to find a driving or utility iron that “does exactly what you want” but not a hybrid? There are more hybrids than these types of irons I suspect, so more chance to find the right one for you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I made that comment with better players in mind, as that’s who I see switching to driving irons. Those players may like the extra ball speed and higher launch, but they don’t want to left and right gear effect that you get from nearly all hybrids and the draw bias that many have.



  5. Bill Vostinak

    @MikeBerlin, I’m gaming the 2017 M1 hybrids (19° & 21° )and I am so happy with them, performance differences between M1 2017 and M3 are as much a shaft difference as I find the KK TiNi an extremely workable, versatile shaft, a favourite of mine. I’ve hit the M3 6 weeks ago, (about 10 balls, no monitor) and don’t have a reason to upgrade, but I’m guessing for most but the very elite, the differences will be moot. I like/personally prefer the solid colour head. The Blue and White Tensei I’m not as in love with as the KK TiNi, elsewhere you’ll see me questioning Matt as I’m searching for a Tensei Orange to try!

    Matt, if I’m out of line chiming in, please let me know, I’m really new on here.

    • Matt Saternus


      Not at all, we encourage everyone to participate as much as they want. Thanks for your thoughts.



  6. Hi Matt,
    Excellent review as always. Can I ask an opinion ? I’m similar in that I’m trying to sort out the gap from 3w to 4i at the moment. Currently I’m carrying both a 5 wood (TM M2) and a 21 degree (TM Rescue 11) but sort of feel it’s a bit of overkill having both. My Rescue 11 is a favorite club but getting a little beat up at this stage, so I was thinking the possible added ball speed off the more modern M3 hybrid (in 21 degrees) would plug the gap nicely while still remaining versatile, as opposed to the 19 degree which might be a little one dimensional. Obviously it’s totally subjective and there’s no “right” answer, but do you think that’s a doable combo ? For reference I’m off 5 h/c and driver SS is around the 97-102 mark.
    Many thanks !

    • Matt Saternus


      Are you thinking of doing the 5W plus the M3 at 21*, or just carrying the 21* M3?

      If you’re sticking with the 5W, I think adding more loft to your hybrid makes a lot of sense. If you’re dumping the 5W, I would just check to make sure the 21* will go far enough for whatever shots you need to hit.



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