SwingPerfect Training Aid Review

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The SwingPerfect training aid helps you to develop better posture during your swing and improve your rotation.  Can be used indoors or out, with or without a club and ball.


Many training aids makes big promises.  SwingPerfect puts the promise right in the name.  This new training aid promises better posture, improved rotation, and a more connected, powerful golf swing.

Set Up & Ease of Use

SwingPerfect is one of those devices where, at first glance, you know generally what the idea is but not specifically how to use it.  Thankfully the instruction manual is excellent.  It’s short, it has lots of pictures, and it gets its point across with very few words.  If you want to see SwingPerfect in use, there are instructional videos on their YouTube channel HERE.

Once it’s unboxed, you’ll be using SwingPerfect within a minute or two.  The concept is simple: hold the handles, get into a good golf posture, and make rotations while keeping the five “sensors” in place on your back.


The primary thing that I like about SwingPerfect is the ability to use it in different ways.  As you can see in the pictures, it works indoors without a club or ball.  For this application, SwingPerfect emphasizes moving at half speed with your eyes closed.  The reason for these adjustments is to stay mindful of the feedback from the “sensors” on your back (pictured below).

You can also use SwingPerfect with a golf club.  Slide the grips out of the way while keeping your thumbs hooked into the bands.  In this mode, you can hit balls or continue to make slow swings, training that improved posture and rotation.

I like both the concept and execution of SwingPerfect.  If you watch golfers on the range, you’ll see them making all sorts of unusual moves with their back and arms to avoid rotating.  With SwingPerfect, those moves get weeded out, leaving you with a “simpler,” cleaner looking golf swing and more rotation.


SwingPerfect has a lot going for it in terms of longevity.  It’s small and light, so you can keep it in your golf bag, your gym bag, or tucked away in your office.  The fact that you can use it indoors, outdoors, with a club, or on its own is a major plus.

The only knock on SwingPerfect is that it requires a good deal of discipline.  Making slow swings and paying attention to the mild feedback on posture is not as much fun as smashing drives on the range.  This is definitely a training aid for the more serious player.


The SwingPerfect retails for $95 through GolfPalNow [check it out HERE].  For a training aid with a good deal of versatility and longevity, I think the price is fair.  I also like that you can use it regardless of what swing method you subscribe to – good posture and rotation are universal.


SwingPerfect is a training aid for the player who wants to invest the time and effort into improving their swing and body.  It offers feedback on posture and rotation, two things any golfer can stand to improve.  Thanks to its great versatility, this is a trainer you can use in any location at any time of year.

Buy SwingPerfect HERE

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  1. Any difference between the SwingPerfect and the GravityFit? Seem like the same device. Do you have a preference of one over the other, if so, why?

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re right on, both devices are very similar. I prefer the SwingPerfect because it’s a bit easier to use and I could feel the feedback devices on my back a bit better.


  2. Was gonna ask that very same question; ie. this vs Gravity Fit – thanks for that earlier, helpful!, response.

    I can see how it can be helpful to build / maintain a better posture .. and who doesn’t need that?!? .. so I’m intrigued and may jump in….

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