SwingPerfect Stretch Training Aid Review

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The SwingPerfect Stretch is a simple training aid that blends fitness and swing-related uses.  Portable and easy to store anywhere.


For many of us, we’re in the midst of a long offseason.  In this time, we have a choice: we can let our bodies rust or we can put in the work to be more fit when the season starts again.  The SwingPerfect Stretch training aid is a simple, affordable device that can help us choose the latter.

Set Up & Ease of Use

SwingPerfect Stretch comes out of the bag ready to use.  It’s essentially a training grip attached to an elastic band, so there is no set up.  It does have a door anchor that can be used for certain movements.

There is a sheet in the bag that shows you several uses of the SwingPerfect Stretch, and you can add your own to the mix.  This device can be used for golf-specific movements or general exercises.


As with almost any fitness trainer, the SwingPerfect Stretch will be effective in helping you add strength and range of motion if you put in the time.  The Stretch doesn’t promise quick fixes, because there are none when it comes to fitness.

The main limitation of the SwingPerfect Stretch is that it has just one set amount of resistance.  If you already commit a lot of time to the gym, this could be used as a good warm up tool but it won’t push your strength to new levels.

One element of the SwingPerfect Stretch that I like is the molded grip.  Because the movements involve the band resisting your swing, the molded grip allows you to keep the focus on your turn rather than hanging on to the grip.

Overall, I like SwingPerfect Stretch as a way for golfers to start a fitness routine or get some light work in when they might otherwise miss out.


The SwingPerfect Stretch has a lot going for it in terms of longevity.  First, it’s small, light, and has its own carrying bag, so you can store or bring it anywhere.  Additionally, using it requires very little space and no additional equipment.  Finally, because you can do so many things with it, you can always find a new exercise to try.


The SwingPerfect Stretch retails for $45 through GolfPal [check it out HERE].  If you don’t have a gym to go to or a home full of fitness equipment, this is a very affordable way to get some exercise in your home and stay golf ready.


If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your New Year’s Resolution alive, the SwingPerfect Stretch is a solid choice.  It’s easy to use, and its portability allows you to get a light workout in no matter where you are.

Buy SwingPerfect Stretch HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Peter Simshauser

    Is that a Crossover Symmetry set-up in your background? Would love to hear how you use it (if at all) for golf-specific training!
    Thanks as always for your exemplary work.

  2. Todd Williams

    Interesting #SecretGiveaway2021

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