Swing Beep Training Aid Review

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The Swing Beep is a versatile training aid that provides audio feedback.


Every year, the PGA Show is home to a wealth of new training aids.  Most are derivative, many are unitaskers, but the Swing Beep stood out as being potentially helpful and versatile.  I tested it to see if those things are true.

Ease of Use & Setup

At it’s core, setting up the Swing Beep only requires putting one of the magnetic rods into the Swing Beep module.  When the rod gets hit, the module beeps.  This couldn’t be easier.

Figuring out where to go from there, however, is another matter.  Because Swing Beep offers so many options, it’s easy to get paralyzed by choices.  My recommendation is to bring it to your instructor and have them recommend one or two uses that target your problems.  Alternately, watch the video on the Swing Beep website and copy some of the drills you see there.


The Swing Beep is an effective training aid because it provides unambiguous feedback.  If you set it up on your wrist, it will beep when your wrist extends, end of story.  This unforgiving, black-and-white approach can be frustrating, especially if you’re making a tough change, but it’s the best way to improve.

One thing to keep in mind is that setting up your drill correctly is critical.  If you’re working on shortening your back swing with the putter, for example, the place where you set the magnetic rod is key.  If you set it too far back, the drill will be meaningless.  Similarly, if you move around in relation to the rod, you’re muddling your feedback.  Precision in set up will dictate the effectiveness of the Swing Beep.


Since you can work on every facet of your game with Swing Beep, the longevity is quite high.  It’s also a device you can use indoors because it doesn’t require you to hit a ball.


You can buy the Swing Beep for as little as $60 (support PluggedInGolf, buy it HERE).  Additional accessories like a tripod, additional magnetic rods, and wristband are available at prices ranging from $10 to $30.  Even with a couple extras, the Swing Beep comes in below the $100 mark and has great versatility.  I think the Swing Beep is a solid value.


If you spend a lot of time practicing and want to get more real-time feedback, Swing Beep is worth adding to your arsenal.  It’s an aid that can work with every club in your bag and can address nearly every flaw in the swing.

Buy Swing Beep HERE

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  1. Great !!!!
    I’ll buy it.

  2. Claude Brousseau

    Aloha Matt, Thank you so much for this great review. You are absolutely correct SWING-BEEP is very efficient. The golfer stop wasting his/her time practicing the wrong moment. Warmest Aloha! Claude

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