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Sunice outerwear allows golfers to play in any weather.  Great performance and a bolder look than most outerwear.


When you hear the phrase “#1 on the PGA Tour” you typically think of a driver, a putter, or a golf ball.  In fact, we hear it so much, we’re almost numb to it.  However, when it was announced that Sunice outerwear was #1 on the PGA Tour, I stopped and took notice.  PGA Tour players have to play no matter the weather, so if this is what they’re choosing, I wanted to know why.

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Most outerwear comes in black and more black.  While you can certainly get most of Sunice’s pieces in black, they’re not afraid to splash around some color, too.  The Sutter pullover, seen above and below in black, is also available in a sporty blue or a bold lime.  The Carleton jacket in the first picture is a perfect example of Sunice’s ability to make a jacket that has character without being trendy.  The grey and white panels keep it toned down while the lime green accents give it some pop.  If you don’t like the lime, you have plenty of choices: the Carleton comes in twelve colorways.

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Even more than with normal apparel, performance is everything with outerwear.  Windbreakers that don’t keep you warm and rain jackets that don’t keep you dry simply won’t do.  When it comes to Sunice outerwear, each piece performs exactly as promised.

The Sutter pullover (above), is designed for warmth.  It can be worn as a top layer for mild weather, but the fitted design also makes it an excellent mid-layer for more extreme cold, wet, or wind.  Beyond the excellent fit, it’s loaded with smart features like stretch material, moisture wicking, and an “invisible” chest pocket.

The Carleton jacket is a waterproof jacket from the Typhoon collection.  The waterproofing is excellent, and the combination of good design and stretch fabric allows for ample movement.  It also has my single favorite jacket feature ever: a small towel tethered to the right pocket.

Beyond the function of any individual piece, what I love about Sunice is the scope of their collections.  Most companies make a single rain jacket and a layering piece or two.  With Sunice, there are four different layering pullovers, giving you the ability to buy the jacket that does exactly what you want.  Their shells come in different collections – Hurricane, Typhoon, and Tornado – so that, again, you get exactly what you need.  It’s this ability to dial in your outerwear that makes Sunice so popular with those that play golf for a living.

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Sunice outerwear ranges in price from around $75 to over $300 depending on what you’re looking for.  The pieces here can be found for $99 and $179, respectively.  These prices are right in line with most other manufacturers, and this is top quality gear that will last for many seasons.

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Even if you don’t plan to have a closet packed with a jacket for every occasion, you certainly have preferences when it comes to your outerwear.  Some people need a little more warmth, others prefer to keep it light.  No matter your preference or the conditions, you can get exactly what you want from Sunice outerwear.

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  1. Just wondering can I purchase a few of the pocket towel in the right pocket?
    I’m after loosing my own one.
    Very handy when playing a round of golf.

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