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If you want to add some character to your bag, no company provides as many headcover options as Sunfish Golf.  High quality and great custom options.


Though many OEMs have been making better efforts in the last couple years, stock headcovers are awful 99.9% of the time (0.1% reserved for people payed to play them).  They’re even worse when you consider the high quality, affordable options you get from companies like Sunfish Golf.  So, until that big sponsorship comes through, take the opportunity to show a little personality!

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In my many travels (around the floor of the PGA Show), I’ve never seen a company offer the variety of headcovers that Sunfish Golf does.  It all starts with the classic wool headcovers that come in every color of the rainbow.  It continues with high quality leather headcovers, and the line up is completed with Sunfish’s animal headcovers.  While I’m sure the (overly) serious golfer will turn up his nose at tigers and elephants protecting drivers, the young and young-at-heart will love them.

Sunfish also does special Limited Edition runs that includes different animals and unusual color combinations.  The best part of their Limited Editions is the lack of limited edition pricing – they cost the same as standard covers.

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The first thing I noticed when I took my Sunfish Golf headcovers of out the box was the weight of the knit covers.  Each driver cover tipped the scales at nearly 6 ounces!  That may not sound like a lot, but, believe me, it’s a lot heavier than you’d expect a headcover to be.  These covers are made from 100% New Zealand wool and are guaranteed not to stretch out or fade.  There’s also elastic stitched in to help them keep a firm hold on the club.

The leather covers are equally impressive.  They’re made of 100% genuine leather, have a strong fit on the club, and the stripes and stitching have a quality feel.  Regardless of which style you choose, you can expect these covers to last for a long time.

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If the myriad of choices on the Sunfish Golf website isn’t enough for you, they also offer loads of custom options.  With the knit covers, you can choose a classic (thin stripe) or multi-stripe (two or three wide, alternating stripes) style, and then pick from a rainbow of colors.  You can also choose to top the cover with either a pom, tassel, or nothing at all.  There are even more options for the leather headcovers, and you can see them all HERE.

For those interested in putting a custom logo on their covers, Sunfish make this easy and very affordable, too ($35 set up and $10 per cover).

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If the variety of styles and high quality don’t have you sold on Sunfish Golf, the prices will surely convince you because they are some of the most affordable I’ve seen.  Their knit covers (animals or traditional) are just $30 for drivers and $25 for fairway woods and hybrids.  Their leather covers are $40 and $35, respectively.  Custom covers start at $30 for wool and $45 for leather.

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Whether you want to represent your favorite team, your alma mater, or your power animal, Sunfish Golf has got you covered.  You can also use them as a memento from your bucket list courses as Sunfish covers are available at 20 of the Golf Digest Top 100 courses.  With all these choices, the only mistake would be going to the course with stock headcovers.

Matt Saternus

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