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The Sun Mountain Tour Series outerwear does a brilliant job keeping you dry and comfortable in wide variety of conditions.


Whether it’s making your permanent Sunday tee time, finishing out a bucket list round on vacation, or not letting the good lord ruin the best game of your lifeevery golfer is going to play in the rain.  If you’re going to play in the rain, you should have good rain gear.  The new Tour Series from Sun Mountain is that and more: it’s rain gear that you’ll be wearing in a wide variety of conditions.

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My first round with the Long-Sleeve Pullover was a great test of its versatility.  When I teed off, it was sunny and 60+ degrees.  By the time the round was over, the sun was gone, the winds were howling, and the temperature had dropped into the 40’s.  I was equally comfortable the entire time.  When it was warmer, the jacket’s breathability kept me from heating up.  As it cooled, the wind resistance kept me warm.  As for how the jacket moved, I’ll say what I always do about the best apparel: I never noticed it.  At no time did the jacket bother my swing in any way, nor did it require any adjusting.

The Tour Series Rain Pants impressed me from the moment I pulled them on.  I immediately noticed how light and breathable they were.  In my experience, many apparel companies mistake rain pants for arctic expedition wear – they’re heavy, over-insulated, and stuffy.  Sun Mountain made these pants to protect from rain and wind in a wide range of temperatures (they claim 40-75 degrees), not just sub-zero temperatures.  In addition to being comfortable and mobile, these pants have a cleverly designed cuff that snaps up to shorten them 2.5″.  This is the kind of feature that was clearly designed by real golfers who understand what makes great apparel.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Sun Mountain Tour Series and have put it into my regular rotation.  It moves well, the waterproofing is excellent, and, most impressive, it keeps me comfortable in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

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For the Tour Series, Sun Mountain stuck to a handful of timeless color options.  The Long-Sleeve Pullover is available in grey, black, and the royal blue shown here.  The full zip jacket is offered in black and navy plus the grey/lemon-lime combo that’s so hot right now.  The Rain Pants are available in black.  Period.  Because they could offer other colors, and you’d still buy black.

The overall look of these pieces is utilitarian with some modest branding.

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Though we usually associate “Tour” with higher prices, the Sun Mountain Tour Series is actually very fairly priced.  The Rain Pants are $200 as is the Jacket.  The Long-Sleeve Pullover is $180.  Rain gear from first-tier brands is often $250-300, so, for apparel of this quality, the prices are quite good.  Add in the fact that this is outerwear you’ll wear regularly, not just in the rain, and it becomes a really good value.

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If you want outerwear that can keep you comfortable in everything from cold to wind to rain, the new Sun Mountain Tour Series is hard to beat.  There are few garments as versatile and high performance, and the value can’t be beat.

Matt Saternus

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