Sun Mountain Kube Golf Travel Bag Review

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The Sun Mountain Kube golf travel cover provides plenty of club protection but folds up small for storage.  Lighter weight allows you to pack more.


Whether you use a hard case or a soft-sided travel cover, your golf travel bag probably takes up an entire closet when it’s not in use.  And, if you’re anything like me, you don’t have an entire closet to spare.  Sun Mountain’s Kube travel cover seeks to solve this problem by collapsing to a manageable size when not in use.


When folded up, the Kube doesn’t look like any other golf travel cover, which is exactly the point.  The hard shell looks more like your typical carry-on than a golf bag.  After you open it up, the Kube retains its unique appearance as the bright colored shell protects the top and bottom of the bag.  Sun Mountain kept the branding very minimal because when your product looks like nothing else, you don’t need to shout.

The Sun Mountain Kube comes in eight colorways.  They range from black, grey, and white, to bolder options like “Inferno” (seen here) and the lime green “Rush.”  Regardless of the exterior color, the interior is a dark grey.


Everything about the Sun Mountain Kube is top notch.  The shell feels like it could withstand the most careless baggage handler.  The interior is made of durable ballistic nylon, and the top is well-padded to protect the club heads.  Finally, all of the zippers and clips have a heavy-duty feel that made me confident my clubs would survive their journey.

Design & Performance

The first question I had when I saw the Kube was, “Once I unfold it, will I be able to make it small again?”  I was pleasantly surprised to find that folding and unfolding the Kube is extremely easy.  The Kube is held together with three clips, each of which has its own protective housing for when its unfolded (see it in action HERE).  The Kube can be folded up and secured in just a few seconds.

When it’s folded up, the Kube is extremely easy to store.  As you can see above, it’s a fraction of the size of your standard travel cover (9″ X 13″ X 14.5″, per Sun Mountain).  It’s also light – 6.8 pounds vs. 10+ pounds – which means you don’t have to worry about incurring extra baggage fees.

Of course, none of that matters if the Kube can’t hold your gear securely.  With internal dimensions of 52″ X 14″ X 14″, the Kube can easily hold any golf bag.  Internal straps can lock your set in place if you travel with a smaller bag like I do.

There are also two internal pockets for stashing clothes, balls, or whatever else you don’t want to carry on.  I was able to store my clubs, three dozen balls, a pair of shoes, and a week’s worth of clothes with room and weight to spare.


If your current golf travel cover is eating up all your storage space or attacking you every time you open your closet, consider upgrading to the Sun Mountain Kube.  In spite of its tiny folded size, this travel cover provides all the storage space and club protection that you need.

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  1. Richard Barajas

    Very cool! Price?

  2. Adam Aaronson

    How does the fabric feel as compared to the clubglove? #secretgiveaway4

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s not quite as thick, but it’s a very sturdy nylon. You’d really have to work to damage this.



  3. Can you comment a little more on the padding/protection? It looks as if there is no padding throughout the body and minimal padding around the top of the bag. Very neat idea, but I cannot imagine it protects like some other soft cover bags?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a hard case around half of the top and bottom. The padding is fairly minimal. In my opinion, padding is nice but it’s no substitute for a hard case. Said another way: what is padding going to protect your clubs from that a single layer of thick nylon won’t? If you pack your clubs well, the Kube should protect them from anything except truly negligent baggage handling.



  4. Hi, would a siff arm from club glove protect the clubs anymore? Or is there really no need for one? Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      The Stiff Arm is designed to give the case more structure and protect the shafts from breakage. The Kube’s hard top gives a little more impact resistance, at least on one side. I think having both is a fine idea.



  5. Did you lock the zippers? What did you use? Just got a Kube but finding nothing that will secure the zippers.

  6. Hello, how does the bag “drag” when you pull it for transport? Thanks!

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